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    Yeah I'll cede that I only watched a few scenes, but even so because of the acting it just made me not care about it. I always feel subject matter related to comic books should be treated with the best acting possible to counteract the inherent tackiness that comic book lore offers.
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    Saw this and the commentary, got interested and went to watch some of the daredevil stuff with punisher. Got a bit disappointed, didn't feel very punisher at all, was more just random kills without meaning or intent. Yeah yeah punisher kills people, but IMO he's one of the best examples of a guy that kills for a reason. here it just seemed more like killing for the sake of killing, and that feels like its betraying the depth of the character in favor of a shallow bloodbath.Plus, in the scene in the prison with kingpin it felt like both characters were reading from a script. I'll try watching it when it comes out but I'm not holding my breath for it being good.
  3. what did I miss? certainly not another battlefield game AYOO
  4. Yeah I've taken a back seat with all this "new old" FPS stuff. I feel the market's already getting oversaturated with this stuff... and to be honest, it wasn't all that great to begin with. Where are the people that want to create the next half life 1 type game instead? That would get my nostalgia dollar.
  5. Feels like the game would have been better off as a third person game. The melee system seems to take up a lot of screen real estate, and it seems weird that we have to see the takedown in third person after you perform all your actions in first person. First person view also seems to unnaturally restrict vision, to the point where I could see running around in a hectic environment being nauseating for some people. Also as a general note for a lot of games that do this, I really dislike when characters run (or are performing an action) in a cutscene, only to see them return to idle, beginning to run or perform the exact same action afterward. But hey, maybe it does have that little slice of fun that will make it worthwhile.
  6. I would be so interested in this if it wasn't an mmo. The STALKER series were great games, but not because of their multiplayer.
  8. LFS is a piece of crap to get to work properly. Use P4. If you want a server, assembla.com offers free p4 space.
  9. I always felt left 4 dead was fun for 30 mins then it got extremely repetitive. I do get combat fatigue fast though. Also fucking lol, the VNN video confirms there's a material for Half-Life 3 from anonymous source. The video sounds like something from the X-Files, as if HL3 was this mythical legend that was unconfirmed until we saw this material. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE, TYLER.
  10. Yes, no other companies other than Naughty Dog, Valve and Thatgamecompany have ever used these techniques! Most game developers have no clue what they are doing! How dare they use other navigational tools?! Showing players the way with a reticle is so clunky! Aside from the smug, patronizing intro - yes, these are important elements to use, but that doesn't mean that they can't be used in conjunction with other navigational tools. Most if not all tools have trade-offs that should be weighed against each other by the designer for the context of the game or level. A linear game works differently from a sandbox or even an open world game, so why would you apply the same rules to all 3?
  11. It just got released. Is anyone playing?
  12. Probably the best TV spot I've ever seen. If there ever was a case where I didn't want this game before, I'd be buying it in a heartbeat. EDIT: Added HD version
  13. Just to get an idea about this - how often do you guys buy stuff from the marketplace? And if you've bought items, are you satisfied with them?
  14. Black Mirror. If you haven't watched Black Mirror yet, you should.
  15. Third person games require you as a designer to think about spaces differently, since the camera and the player character are not the same entity. Because of this, game spaces need to be scaled to fit the camera more than the character, resulting in larger spaces.
  16. ugh Kant... The first SJW to exist
  17. Here's the TED talk. EDIT: Googled for the website for these kinds of foods: http://www.eattobeat.org/food
  18. Don't really appreciate him as a youtuber but it's still sad to see it happening. I'm of the same opinion as HP, people have lived past expectancies and I'm certain that if he has the will there is a way. There's actually a good TED talk that talks about how you can kill cancer by starving it to death, by way of angiogenesis. I'll post the link when able. Not because I think he'll see it, but because it could happen to any of us. Besides that, isn't the title a bit clickbaity and misleading? Technically we're all dying...
  19. Sound like the game equivalent of autoerotic asphyxiation...
  20. I have a lot of drive most of the time, but it all depends on different factors. Some days I have no drive whatsoever, and those days I just can't do personal projects. On the other hand, most days I feel inspired to work and spend a lot of time thinking about side projects etc. I think the most important thing in understanding what motivates you is what removes the motivation you started out with. For me, that's when I face problems (in e.g. a side project) that are overwhelming at first. Sometimes the problem isn't consciously presenting itself, for me it's often something that just feels "off", as if it was in the uncanny valley. So I stop working on the affected project for a bit - sometimes an hour, sometimes a few days. That doesn't mean I stop what I am doing, it just means I'm putting the actual work aside as I'm attempting to figure out the problem. This works for me because I don't like having unsolved problems in my head, so I almost automatically attempt to look for solutions whenever possible. The process I use to figure out is just trying to isolate the problem by looking at it from different angles, see if I can assess it differently. I ask peers about the problem, see what their insight is. If I can't figure it out, I'll look at references to see if I can glean from them. It's pretty basic stuff, but eventually after either seeing a tv series or a let's play or playing a level in a game or some such, my mind will suddenly make the connection to the problem and I'll get inspired/motivated again. Once the first bit of motivation is there it's much easier, since every successful step just makes the motivation greater. So in summary: If you're motivated - get shit done, do small things first, then move onto greater things once you have enough motivation. If something is overwhelming, back away and think about what you're trying to do or use references to figure out the problem. Pretty basic, works for me, might not work for everyone.
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