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  1. my heart skipped a beat when I saw this updated... HP pls
  2. If there's one reason to buy this console, it's mario maker. Holy shit that shit is amaze
  3. One of the few cool things this year for sure
  4. This must be his son: http://www.cringechannel.com/2014/10/01/video-birth-of-a-pretentious-organ-player/
  5. The environments look great and interesting, I feel like I want to explore the world. But the gameplay feels very overpowered and gimmicky. From a purely technical player point of view there is never a need for the player to use any of the complex abilities, it seems they only exist to show off instead of acting like tools intended for players to use in different situations. In the end, after the initial buzz over trying out a new ability fades, it just becomes a tool that can do the exact same thing many if not all the other abilities can do. I'm also not entirely sure what to make of the Corvo skillset. I hated the blink in the original Dishonored because every time I used it, it felt like I was breaking the game. It took me out of the game, and made the gameplay stale and boring. I tried playing without it, but there are just too many situations where it was necessary to use in order to overcome a challenge quietly. I sometimes ended up attempting to break the AI instead, just to try a different approach. A shame it doesn't look like much has changed for this new iteration.
  6. Man the gameplay looks so much less interesting than its predecessor. It seems they are going the Dishonored way of just giving players EVERY option out there to "play as you want" (aka making the player too strong). Ironic how it is detrimental to the game.
  7. I've been saying this for years! Really solid talk about a really important topic that is too neglected in this industry. It's all too frustrating to see developers glance over the pipeline when there is real work to be done. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Sentura

    Euro 2016

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2016/06/12/euro-2016-uefa-investigate-violence-between-england-and-russia-f/ World War H, let's go!
  9. Pretty sure that's to avoid bot users to spam threads. Since you posted a post, I think you should be ok to create a thread.
  10. Level design is another part of a design process. If you understand design fundamentals, you understand a good part of level design fundamentals as well. There's certainly things you could look into regarding design language and similar topics, but all these require that you think about what kind of space you want to make first.
  11. Study some architecture or civil engineering courses, see if you can get a feel for how they do spaces in buildings or in a public area.
  12. Out of interest, did you ever think of virality as a way of doing marketing instead?
  13. My question to these kinds of thing is always: What do you do in encounter design to pace out combat fatigue? Usually encounters get stale fast, and I find that the introduction of new enemy types (and their quantity) accelerates fatigue rather than creating counter pacing. I see this problem in pretty much every shooter out there, so I assume it's largely unsolved in these kinds of games?
  14. Just got my copy today, but probably won't be able to play it for a while =( On the other hand, I got 2 gwent decks I'll play around with for sure!
  15. A good enough market for what though? What will they achieve with it? I don't see VR having an effect at all in the games market, because it won't be a replacement for monitors.
  16. In terms of comparison, is it even worth comparing this game to TF2 in anyway? Does it share similar mechanics or is it completely different?
  17. probably not much at all, VR is hugely niche and to be honest the hype will probably fade once the tech gains some footing. Until game designers find out how to not make it into a gimmick it will not be particularly interesting for games outside of the VR niche. I certainly can't see myself playing first person or third person games requiring clutch actions or timing while at the same time trying to adapt to the screen also being part of the "gameplay". On the other hand, I have seen some really interesting uses for it in real life, such as VR mounted on a drone, allowing you to see as a drone would see... in 360 vision.
  18. Directed by Michael Bay
  19. sounds like the jaw nerve, had some similar "phantom" pain after I got a wisdom tooth removed. It hasn't come back in years now though
  20. Reminds me that I need to get glasses as well. The joys of old age.
  21. guys I don't think it's the community that's toxic, it's just people in general that are toxic
  22. Saw this movie, it was like I was watching kids on a playground playing superheroes. Maybe I am getting too old for this shit.
  23. He's lying, he just doesn't want you as a competitor!
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