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  1. yeah it doesn't dick around...
  2. Rarely play nowadays unfortunately. I've mostly migrated my entire online multiplayer time to Street Fighter 5. I'll probably check play some matches here and there since my girlfriend is huge into dota tho
  3. I dunno, I felt there were only 3-4 releases that got something out of me this year, but then I haven't played CIV 6 or Planet Coaster Anyway, my choices are Street Fighter 5, the new Hitman and Dark Souls 3... and DS3 really only because it felt like there weren't better contenders.
  4. gotta admit this looks really awesome in terms of gameplay. Not sure I am a fan of letting the player turn into objects, but the rest seems pretty cool. Here's hoping the abilities aren't too overpowered, or at least overpowered at the cost of valuable resources.
  5. Hard to find mirrors for articles like these, but you can try downloading it as a PDF from here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/227487130_Cognitive_tools_for_game_world_designers Couldn't get your dropbox to work. Maybe permissions are wrong?
  6. The first problem with design is that it is mostly tacit knowledge, and therefore difficult to pass down to others on paper. It would be the same as trying to write down a manual for riding a bike. You can highlight the instruments and what they do, but beyond that how are you going to communicate the part where they have to balance while starting and stopping, while riding straight, or attempting a turn? The second problem with design is that it is contextual. Making a level in a horror game isn't the same as making level in a multiplayer FPS, which again isn't the same as making levels for an open world game - although they may all share similar processes. For whichever type of design you want to get into, reading through post mortems/presentations as well as analyses of past projects are a good resource for getting more knowledgeable on the field, but in the end you may find that little of it applies to what you do. The best course of action is to just make games or levels or whatever it is you want to be good at. Just in case you're looking for more reading material, I got some old Hitman analyses made by a guy I worked for while at Uni: ftp://ftp.repec.org/opt/ReDIF/RePEc/rau/jisomg/WI09/JISOM-WI09-A1.pdf Be aware that the language is academic, so it may be hard to read or understand or full of filler stuff, but between all of that there is some interesting thoughts to be had.
  7. Trailer felt like what it would be like if you gave a film student a multimillion dollar budget. Let's hope it's not 80% cinematics and 20% gameplay
  8. I figured it was jodorowsky in some shape or form, would have been way funnier if it was dune tho Also, this (skip 1 min in for the best parts)
  9. ... and the sequel! http://www.jnd.org/books/the-design-of-future-things.html
  10. I had one yesterday. COINCIDENCE??!
  11. If we're talking boss fights in general, Iudex Gundyr from Untended Graves in DS3. Completely optional, but hands down one of the best boss fights I have ever had. Even getting hit and knocked down was cool because he'd immediate go after you and you would feel like the underdog hero rolling away from the supervillain's next attack. I actually felt sad when I finished it, it was a pretty zen flow experience. EDIT: As for end bosses, I think Thief 2's Sabotage at Soulforge was a masterpiece and the ending is great.
  12. I remember watching this, definitely one of the more important topics to debate. Not strictly talking as a level designer either, I think in general everyone's tools should focus on letting you stay in the zone as much as possible.
  13. Fair enough, I guess that's different from the first. However I find it incredibly hard to believe that each encounter has been balanced both with and without powers. Either way that point may as well be moot since we've seemingly established that I'm no longer in the target demographic.
  14. yeah except encounters/solutions are designed with the powers in mind. Besides that, "don't use it" is a terrible excuse since the experience is ruined by the time your suspension of disbelief is lifted as you realize you can basically no clip levels to the finish line. Certainly not something that screams 60 bucks to me.
  15. Of course it's to do with the money, but that doesn't really excuse anything. Dark Souls made a bunch of money, the new call of duty is essentially an old deathmatch multiplayer game among other things. There is a slight evolution happening, and imo games like Dishonored should be there at the frontlines capitalizing on it. It isn't. Then come the comparisons by reviewers that are basically lying about what the game is about. What really bugs me is that there is a great game underneath everything, but it just feels over designed. At a certain point they should just have started culling abilities and features instead of adding them. The blink and the shared fate abilities instantly come to mind as the worst of the bunch. Completely unnecessary and detrimental to the experience.
  16. They sound good! IMO do a bit more research and if you don't like what you find you can always go back to one of these.
  17. IMO none of the names you picked really stand out as something that is for a furniture company. I think Atlas came the closest. Perhaps you want to look into stuff carrying some more meaning. For instance like Kintsugi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kintsugi (not saying that Kintsugi would be appropriate for a furniture company, but the word does carry a strong definition with it - perhaps you could find a word that defines your work/company/brand?). See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wabi-sabi; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shibui
  18. Watched the first minute and got turned off so badly when they started talking about the abilities. It already feels like the player is going to be the living embodiment of a power fantasy instead of focusing on what seems to be an otherwise well constructed immersive sim experience. Maybe I'm just not in the target demographic anymore. Saw another review calling it a "worthy sequel to Thief". I don't think they remember what Thief was all about:
  19. Sentura

    POTUS 2016

    Some good points being made in this thread. I agree 100% with @FrieChamp - let's see how it pans out. @D3ads, pretty solid analysis, I came to many of the same conclusions. I definitely think if HRC had been elected and had opted for the NFZ we'd be closer to a nuclear war than ever. Even if a nuclear escalation wasn't in the cards, the destabilization of the area would cause Europe to be under much greater pressure than what we already have today. There are of course (many) negatives to his presidency, but overall I just hope he has the mind to put his business above his personal beliefs. In which case everything is probably not going to be as bad as we imagine.
  20. Sentura

    POTUS 2016

    Bernie should have fought after the DNC revealed how crooked they were and continued as a candidate
  21. yeah looking forward to it, but at the same time I know it's never going to be as good as soma...
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