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    I wouldn't say this is an archipelago, this is more of an atol. Archipelagos are actually larger islands spaced closely together rather than just sandbanks that stick up above water. The 3d sky could also be nice if you did a sort of island feel putting some islands around and unending water in all directions.
  2. Yeah the maps people made here looks really good, but the question now will be: how do they play? Even though I'm not entering the contest, I have a HL2DM map that is almost ready for release. I might be able to throw it in at the playtest...
  3. now that i think about it, yeah... if you could make it more so it looks like it's cut out sprayed it would be cool
  4. the second hurg one looks really nice imo...
  5. Why don't they release longer series of good games? I'd enjoy having thief 4, fallout 3, rune 2 ea can lick my shaft D;
  6. r type had it's bad moments, but that was no worse than r type 3. holy fucking shit. it's pretty much one continuous level, where you go into this huge space structure body, kill bosses, progress further inside until you get to a point where you have to reverse. and by reverse i mean the whole map going backwards and you can only shoot forward. that's not the worst part though.. the worst part is after that, there the last section where you have to float around in a circle around 50px wide so you dont get crushed by various walls. this circle moves completely random around the level. to this day i dont think i have met a more frustrating level. i mean, even the 94th mission of jetpack wasnt that bad, and it was bad (i didnt complete it). also, bosses/jump puzzles in devil may cry 3 are a pain in the ass. beowulf is fucking impossible D:
  7. Sentura

    Roskilde 2007

    I was just wondering if anybody from here is going? Probably mostly scandinavian people. For those who haven't heard about it, go http://www.roskilde-festival.dk/index.php?code=1
  8. I think we can all agree on that nobody cares...
  9. the word. I'll try and make up a map for this contest. I might not be able to since I have alot of work, but given it's relatively small, I'll try.
  10. Class. Pure class. The video that is.
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