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  1. I have no idea, nobody seems to be responding. @Thrik @FMPONE ?
  2. JUST A PSA Apparently Mapcore uses cloudflare, meaning it was subject to the Cloudbleed leak, meaning there is a chance people's passwords have been leaked. @Thrik can you confirm or deny whether this has affected the site? EDIT: If you're unsure whether you have been compromised on other sites, you can use this site to check whether it uses cloudflare: http://www.doesitusecloudflare.com/
  3. Finished ori and the blind forest. Pretty decent game overall, I like how the game progresses most of the time and the challenges you face for the abilities are great. I just wish they would have made it so you don't have to almost complete the game to get all the abilities, would have been amaze to see them try to put all of the abilities together in some gauntlet style execution loops. Still, great game.
  4. I assume it's laid out in the documentary but as a tldr, why was blackroom canned?
  5. Sentura

    POTUS 2016

    I wonder how far he'll go before we'll see a revolution...
  6. your linked in link does not seem to function
  7. must... not... get... hyped................. fuuuuuuuuuuuuug
  8. almost sounds like a return to the good old goldsource days... I miss those and the weirdness that came with them
  9. I was actually thinking about having a GDQ thread, but I guess it's a bit late. DRAM world was HYPE
  10. There are plenty of reasons there shouldn't be shield enemies in any SP game ever. But the fact that they are in Doom is so much worse. Doom is a symbol of careless, coverless combat where you rely more or clutch reactions and instinct rather than thinking. Having shield enemies in Doom is an antithesis to what the game is about.
  11. I finished the new Doom. It was an ok experience, but two things really got in the way of the experience: The level design and shield enemies. The level design because even though it was linear, it just didn't feel fun to explore every alcove just to find the security key or skull or whatever to continue. I don't play point and click adventure games for the same reason, it's just not interesting to click everywhere on the screen on the off chance that there is an item I need there to be picked up. Shield enemies felt unnecessary and completely out of touch with the franchise, especially when they mix together with the tougher enemies in the game. I don't really enjoy combat where I'm already busy staying alive by doing glory kills while at the same time being forced to deal with random charging mobs that can't be damaged until they attack. By the end of the game I was feeling a lot of combat fatigue (either I am just getting bored of combat in general or it wasn't the best pacing), but at least the boss battles were really enjoyable. I feel the game suffers a bit from too much hype for what it delivers. I felt like I enjoyed Mankind Divided much more than this.
  12. probably the only one here waiting for the mario maker announcement. I would buy a WiiU for it but I feel like I'm better off waiting for a Switch version right now.
  13. About the story taking itself too seriously: I'm just going by what the in-game dialogue is. I've noticed the text on the loading screens is way more over the top, which is great and hilarious. I guess there isn't a happy medium
  14. Finished the new Deus Ex, was enjoyable despite the camera issue. Gameplay felt great in the main areas and the side missions. Wasn't too much of a fan of some of the main missions, but those were in the minority. I didn't feel the whole story was comprehensive, and the ending was a bit meh since there were so many loose ends that weren't tied up. Also in some places I didn't feel the level design was the best because guards were able to see me despite me being far past their patrol areas. Oh and the loading times between levels was way above what it should be. Anyway. nothing gamebreaking. Overall a nice experience that took me back to the original game and even had some of the original thief influence in the design. Playing the new Doom now. So far I'm liking it, combat doesn't seem to cause too much fatigue because you can do the glory kills and it's refreshing not having to sit behind cover waiting your turn since every demon is a health kit smuggler. My one negative is that it seems to require a LOT of processing power in some areas. Some places drops me down to 5-10 fps while it seems for the remainder I'm hovering around 45 (which is entirely manageable). Oh and I kinda wish the story wouldn't take itself so seriously.
  15. Insert appropriate image of victory champagne and balloons May you all fulfill your resolutions this year!
  16. This is why I can't play this game. I really want to play planet coaster as well, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be the same thing.
  17. HL1: Blast Pit, Questionable Ethics, Surface Tension all had amazing maps, Crossfire from the multiplayer. CS: Italy HL2: Ravenholm Thief series: Shalebridge Cradle, Life of the Party, Casing the Joint, Constatine's Mansion, Sabotage at Soulforge STALKER series: Lab X16, Wild Territory, Yantar, Lab X18, Zaton, Pripyat's Kindergarten, Yanov's Jupiter Factory and underground Fallout: New Vegas's Dead Money DLC - especially the village part. Dark Souls 1's Blighttown (part 2) and Dark Souls 3's Untended Graves EDIT: Completely forgot Bioshock 1's Arcadia and Fort Frolic. Also Bioshock 2's Pauper's Drop (don't hate) and Bioshock Infinite's Burial at Sea DLC (part 2).
  18. since it's holidays and I finally got some time to play games I'm going through some big releases this year. I finished Inside, but it didn't do that much for me. It felt like it borrowed heavily from Half Life 2, borrowed some things from Half Life 1 then turned into Katamari Damacy for the last 30 mins of the game. I still don't know what they wanted to say with that last part, it was just weird. A lot of the parts felt very scripted and that made the world lose its authenticity, which I feel should never happen in a game that relies so hard on said authenticity to tell a story. I felt the same loss of authenticity with the 2D sidescrolling part - if I can just conveniently remove an oncoming threat by going right (or left) then the threat just doesn't feel real after a few attempts (hi dogs). There's also quite a few places where I felt lost because the level design didn't describe the problems/puzzles well enough, so I just went around in circles trying everything until I found the solution. On the plus side I liked the minimalist presentation and the fact they made some of the environments have real depth even with simple colors and lighting. And also the shockwave area was pretty fun (even though I have no idea what it was about). I started playing the new Deus Ex, took me a while to get back to the controls and the settings. Maybe it's because I got older, but I feel like certain elements of the game are more grating now. Like the switch between first and third person constantly just becomes tedious. I would much rather keep it third person all the time because I would feel like I have the better overview of what's going on... and because some 6 hours in I still haven't fired or plan to fire a single weapon. I really want to play this game on a controller, but because the camera shifting like it does and the game's constant complex mechanics, it feels like the game just doesn't want to let me. Also, you know you're getting old when you stop to admire the kitchen in Jensen's apartment Here's hoping I can make this and the new Doom before the year is over.
  19. Sentura

    Goals for 2017?

    work on personal thing travel more find ways to enjoy the misery of adulthood
  20. Sentura

    Merry Christmas

    I'm sure 2017 has its own slew of famous people lined up for death. They're getting to that age...
  21. any eta for release? I'm about to hit that magical limit where I have to replay HL1 again. Or I guess in this case Black Mesa
  22. Sentura

    POTUS 2016

    I think you underestimate how many people have no self respect
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