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  1. 9 hours ago, laminutederire said:

    Damn 7 min and 48 seconds to complete this game. That's some insanely glitchy way of playing it. How long is this game in a normal playthrough?

    Took me about 28 hours or so. I just finished it basically.

    On a closing note, the game is superb at almost every level. It asks the right questions, the gameplay is some of the best, the levels and environments are solid gold. Spacing walking was great, even if rolling around made me queasy. The only thing I would say is that the game desperately needed to add more mineral resources, because even at the end game when I had tons of other resources, there was just:

    But seriously, GOTY contender. I don't feel like I've been this immersed in a game in a long while.

  2. 11 hours ago, FMPONE said:

    My criticism of the combat reminds me of all the reasons they cut the water tentacle octopus things from HL2, that they were hard to track because you lose perspective when the tentacle flies at you. The enemies in Prey are just weird to fight, but that definitely has some upsides from a horror perspective

    I get what you're saying and I agree to some extent. I don't think it's great when small enemies suddenly lash out with tentacles because it seems like their hitbox changes weirdly. I still don't think I've had many cases where small enemies have been an issue, mostly because I back off a bit and shoot them instead of letting them get the better of me in melee range.

  3. I picked up this game yesterday and it's sick. It's everything I wanted from a AAA production. Love the architecture, love the themes, loved the intro. It's really what I was hoping Dishonored 2 would be I guess.

    On 5/12/2017 at 6:52 PM, [HP] said:

    Really loving the game, combat's mediocre so far, but I'd say as a whole package the game really delivers!

    I personally really like how combat is structured. Even on normal enemies are hard to kill, so you have to find ways around to kill them. I usually sneak up on them from behind with a shotgun and unload in stealth for the bonus damage, but sometimes even that isn't enough. I've also used turret setups to bait enemies to attack me only to get destroyed by the turret. It's more of a puzzle than going straight into it guns blazing, which is much much better than any other shooter game where combat is one dimensional.

    I'm not too sure about the enemies running from you at low health, but at the same time it does add another layer of tension while you try and figure where they went so you can finish them off.

  4. 1 hour ago, KoKo5oVaR said:

    That's like having the choice between aids or cancer for the second turn. I don't want to see the scam of the far right leading the country, and i was out in the street 9 months ago when Macron was minister of the economy.

    I have no idea what to do.

    Tempted to go vote white, or pound what will do the less damage in the long term.

    come back to britain? :D

  5. Hah, I was gonna say the anomalies from Stalker.

    But really, the best environment hazard in that game (and possibly ever) is the Zone Blowouts. Global event that kills everything not in some sort of solid cover/building. The entire game world starts panicking (even NPCs!) to scramble for cover. It gives you enough time to react and find a place to hide, and sometimes add the challenge of having to fight someone for it. It's even balancable by level design by creating less or more shelter locations. It's pretty much a given that every time it happens you'll be faced with a new unique challenge because of where you are in the world. Oh and it's beautiful to watch:


  6. 4 hours ago, (HP) said:

    No, I'm glad we're talking about it man, this exact same topic has been on my mind countless times before, and i do have my probs with it. It's definitely an interesting discussion to have because it delves deep into what makes these kind of games fun. 

    In the end of the day, it's all down to choice. In the perfect world, if you do do opt to go all the way the pacifist route, it should probably be the harder way to beat the game, but it should also be possible. 

    One thing both Dishonored games did really well though, better than any game in this genre is that it doesn't necessarily penalize you too much for killing one NPC. In any other game, it's usually game over, you have to restart the level.

    In Dishonored, at least the first one, if you start to rack up too many kills, the game will react to it, if my memory serves me right, you had thougher enemies and more rats. If you go pacifist then the game won't do that, but it also wont ruin your game if you do need to kill a guy or two per mission. I loved that about the game, I'm not sure Dishonored 2 does that since i only played it once, but I'm assuming it does. 

    This obviously doesn't apply if youre going for achievements, but who cares about those anyway. 

    Ok... I'll bite. I think if we have to talk about choice, we need to talk about stealth.

    I assume we all know why stealth matters for player choice, but just be sure: Stealth creates a playable space that the player has more options in that one where players are forced to fight. But stealth comes with certain caveats that make it an inherently flawed mechanic. For instance, once you break stealth, getting back into a stealth state becomes near impossible, or at the very least time consuming, making things like save-scumming a more attractive choice for players. Most stealth games, perhaps with the possible exception of Hitman seem to encourage save-scumming, which I don't necessarily think is a good way forward. Why? Because save and load are meta actions that take players out of the game and push them out of being immersed in the game.

    I think stealth is the reason designers have had to come up with the "powers" in the Dishonored series, as a means to get around breaking stealth at inopportune moments - but I think this approach is flawed because instead of allowing players to focus on understanding their own mistakes (e.g. what made them break stealth), it only allows players to deal with the situation that arises from breaking stealth. Usually that solution leads to killing/subduing the NPC that spotted you before any alarms are raised. It also causes other issues to arise, such as letting the player become vastly overpowered - which is the same as removing the fun of being challenged in the game. Because if you can solve almost every situation with a bullet (lethality optional), where does the challenge come from?

    I kind of understand why the game was designed with this intention: It's attempting to hit the biggest demographic of players. Most players want to let loose with an arsenal, even if they make use of stealth a lot of the time. It's a kind of reward for being quiet all the time. Meanwhile, the players who would like to play the game on a "true" ghost setting (e.g., no friendly/enemy NPC interaction, no spots) are probably <1% of the playerbase, so it doesn't make sense from a financial and time perspective to account for them. Which is probably why the choices were eliminated.

    Personally I think if the choices were there and stealth had better support for staying hidden without killing or subduing NPCs (for instance by cancelling out being detected), I think more people would attempt to stay stealthy, simply because it would offer a more reasonable challenge, with better pacing built into the mechanic. If you get spotted you aren't forced to reload the game or fight, but you can revert to your previous state and be a bit more catious for a while. Naturally that would also require the level design to follow suit and remake the spaces to fit this type of sandbox gameplay. Which is another topic in itself, and another production time reason we won't be seeing any changes to the gameplay in the next Dishonored... or for that matter, in most future stealth games.

  7. 1 hour ago, (HP) said:

    You trying to beat the game without even using darts? I think you'd need some serious OCD and patience to do that lol, but it sounds feasible.

    I think you're trying to use a way to play this game that it's not very fun and you're blaming the game for it. The game allows you to do that, but let's be honest even tho I'm sure the game was designed to let you do that, if you're not having fun doing it just play the game differently. I always do this in these kind of games (deusex, dishonored, etc) I start out sneaking then eventually I amassed such a bad-ass arsenal on me it'd be a shame not to use it! xD

    EDIT: Accidentally posted too fast.

    It's not so much a question of using darts or not using darts, it's more a question of considering nonlethal takedowns to still be too much - because really, what is the difference between killing a NPC or knocking them out in-game? The game might register them differently, but on the whole they're essentially the same type of playstyle.

    Ideally a "ghost" playstyle should be not touching any NPCs (unless they are your objective) at any point. As far as I remember, this was possible in DX:HR and in the first Deus Ex. I even remember playing it like this in the newest Splinter Cell. I also remember playing the first Dishonored similarly, albeit with powers - so maybe you do need powers to be able to play like that.

    I did cede and started to do nonlethal takedowns though, because I realized they probably took ghost to mean nonlethal takedowns. In the scenario I mentioned, I would have used sleeping darts if I had them available or if I could have found any in the area I was stuck in. I stuck around for a while and explored as much as I could, but there weren't any available and I had none left. In either case though, being forced into a playstyle like this - doesn't it basically break the game's promise of being able to play it your own way?


  8. 17 minutes ago, grapen said:

    No kills at all. Except mosquitoes. Those fuckers doesn't count :)

    Sleep darts and generally just hiding in high up places. There are a lot of ledges and stuff that I imagine most players never even see.

    Right ok, but you had to use sleep darts or knocking people unconscious (as in, nonlethal takedowns) to get through

  9. 9 minutes ago, grapen said:

    I finished the game with 100% ghost and 100% pacifist on no power mode. It is designed to be solved that way.

    What i'm referring to is that I got stuck because I choose an initial path that lead me nowhere despite leading to a separate area, then basically closing the door on me once I went in. I get that you did something different, but that's not the point here. The point is getting stuck and having to get out by breaking playstyle in a game that rides on the mantra that every playstyle is possible isn't a situation that should happen. Even in the case that there was one specific solution for this type of playstyle, is almost not enough, because a game like this needs multiple ways to get through areas with multiple playstyles. If you have just one way of getting through with one specific playstyle then it's basically linear gameplay. I get that you experience with the game was positive, but that doesn't mean mine magically gets better with you telling me about it.

    But I do have one question: By pacifist, does this mean you didn't perform any nonlethal takedowns whatsoever? I did complete the first few missions with ghost, but I had to do nonlethal takedowns in some situations to avoid getting spotted or use certain paths - again something I would have liked to avoid, but didn't seem possible.

  10. 5 minutes ago, grapen said:

    Every level has a solution in no powers mode. I've done it and the devs even acknowledge it in this thead :) 

    There were potential "solutions", but they required me to kill or get spotted, as I wrote above. So yes, maybe it is possible to complete the game with no powers, but in my case I got stuck in an area that I couldn't exit unless I broke my playstyle. A case like that doesn't exactly scream good design.

  11. On a different note, I really tried giving this game a chance... but it's just not working. I attempted it with the "no powers mode" and ended up just being frustrated, because none of the levels seem to be designed with no powers in mind. In addition to that, on the third mission I got stuck and had to restart because the path I had chosen lead to a dead end without powers. When I tried to go back my path was blocked by a guard that I had no way of getting around without either getting spotted or killing him from a range. Both of which aren't the ghost way I would have liked to play the game. Beyond that, the world feels empty and soulless, the story is boring and inauthentic (immediately upon a new contender for the throne, all the guards switch loyality without needing further proof? really?) and the AI feels gamey. I kind of wish I had given it less of a chance, because then at least I could have gotten my money back. Oh well.

  12. 21 hours ago, Puddy said:

    There was an update recently but the performance wasn't bumped enough unfortunately.

    Did you update you graphics driver? I bought and tried the game with and without updating the driver. With the newest one I got an increase of about 15 frames on a 770.

  13. Surprised nobody posted about this yet...

    It's like metroidvania + a little bit of dark souls + bugs... lots of bugs. As in, real insect bugs, not game bugs.

    I played through it, gotta say it's pretty enjoyable. Story is pretty good. The only thing bad was that there were a few times where I felt like my inputs were being eaten, but that disappeared after v sync was turned off. Otherwise pretty excellent.


  14. On 3/14/2017 at 5:20 PM, (HP) said:

    This game is one of the purest "video games" I've ever played. I'm sure we're gonna be talking about this game for decades.

    I usually stay away from trailers and spoilers so It took me a couple hours to realize what kind of game I was playing, when I died of hypothermia dozens of times on the snowy mountains, i thought there has to be a easier way. Turns out there's many ways to survive, clothes, eating peppers, lighting a torch or fire, lighting a wooden meele weapon on fire, sitting next to a campfire, etc, rtc. That's when it clicked for me, it was like, shit I see... the game wants me to think! :0

    This is exactly what I feel is missing from many modern games. Thinking and being able to formulate a plan, then actually attempting the plan and dealing with the consequences.

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