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  1. best game ideas come after nights of being drunk

  2. Finally caught onto doing spitpaints, feels good man

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    2. KoKo5oVaR
    3. Sentura


      I'll share the progress when it gets good enough to share... or, alternatively, once I have a big enough collection to show progress ;)

    4. Em'


      I'm also trying myself at some spitpaints, let's share those in a thread ?

  3. Here I thought Full Spectrum Warrior was good, then the sequel just comes and blows everything out of the water. It's a goddamn treasure trove of inspiration

  4. I live on the top floor of a building. The roof is inaccessible. Pretty much every night I hear *heavy* footsteps coming from above, despite knowing that nobody could be up there.

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    2. Sentura


      Tormented because it's too fat to get off the building, presumably

    3. KoKo5oVaR



    4. Thrik
  5. Masa Harina is apparently a godlike substance.

    1. Pampers


      which Pokemon is that?

    2. Sentura


      #9001 on the list

  6. My current state of mind can only be described as HNNNNNNNGG

  7. play small with big cards

  8. Replaying Full Spectrum Warrior... I love this game

    1. blackdog


      Bought it on Steam Sale like 2 years ago, still to be able to install it :(

    2. Sentura


      Yeah unfortunately there's a lot of problems with the game (my sound is still super fucked), but the gameplay works. I heard people generally fare better with the expansion/sequel/add-on

    3. blackdog


      My problem is more tragic: don't have a gaming PC :( (yet)

      Maybe it would run on the old laptop i have but i didn't bothered.

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