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  1. Masa Harina is apparently a godlike substance.

    1. Pampers


      which Pokemon is that?

    2. Sentura


      #9001 on the list

  2. Finally caught onto doing spitpaints, feels good man

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    2. KoKo5oVaR
    3. Sentura


      I'll share the progress when it gets good enough to share... or, alternatively, once I have a big enough collection to show progress ;)

    4. Em'


      I'm also trying myself at some spitpaints, let's share those in a thread ?

  3. Here I thought Full Spectrum Warrior was good, then the sequel just comes and blows everything out of the water. It's a goddamn treasure trove of inspiration

  4. Replaying Full Spectrum Warrior... I love this game

    1. blackdog


      Bought it on Steam Sale like 2 years ago, still to be able to install it :(

    2. Sentura


      Yeah unfortunately there's a lot of problems with the game (my sound is still super fucked), but the gameplay works. I heard people generally fare better with the expansion/sequel/add-on

    3. blackdog


      My problem is more tragic: don't have a gaming PC :( (yet)

      Maybe it would run on the old laptop i have but i didn't bothered.

  5. I live on the top floor of a building. The roof is inaccessible. Pretty much every night I hear *heavy* footsteps coming from above, despite knowing that nobody could be up there.

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    2. Sentura


      Tormented because it's too fat to get off the building, presumably

    3. KoKo5oVaR



    4. Thrik
  6. best game ideas come after nights of being drunk

  7. My current state of mind can only be described as HNNNNNNNGG

  8. play small with big cards

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