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  1. I can't seem to run it on Cs2 and CS5. I get this error. Error 1302: No such element Line: 639 -> activedocument.suspendHistoryy(
  2. yo peris. that quadrangulate step in the pic you posted. is that a function of 3dcoat, or you made a retopo of the basemesh by hand?
  3. how does this gun work? where do i put my hands?
  4. It does it quite well to be honest is that inside crysis jeanpaul? and is that your map? would like to see some more. love abandoned buildings settings
  5. needs a blimp hovering the track
  6. Rendering->Effects->Effects Tab->Add... Add blur then scroll down and go to the Blur Parameters rollout and set blur only to work on Luminance. Set Brightness to 100%, Blend to 60%, Min 60%, Max 100% and Feather Radius to 100%. Go from there. Use the "Update Effect" to update the effect whenever you change a value. yeah.. no. i didnt do that. what i did was.. i went to the utilities tab.. the one where you fin the polycount counter and whatnot. and then i added a new button. i added the tool Scene Effect Loader. With this tool you can add post effects to the viewport. load the effects which are under maps\fx\scenes on your max directory. then just activate the effects ticking the checkbox that says effects. if you wish to edit the fx file. just double click the effect on the list. and bam!
  7. thanks zete. i guess im done. added some bloom on 3dsmax viewport using the scene effect loader and took some shoots
  8. hey man i liked your videos on your site. the video tutorials.. to bad i dont know german, or else i could have learned something. ever thought of making them in english?
  9. just need to do the green thingie on the last bin. and then lowpoly+normal mapping. its not that great. but hey its just a prop.
  10. This trio of bins are called ecoponto. and you can find them here in portugall all arround. they used for recycling. each bin is used for one kind of trash. yellow: plastic and metal green: glass blue: paper and cardboard they are approximately 1.70m high. i used 3dmax
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