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  1. a brand new skybox i've changed the cinema lighting... a bit. i have no idea how i could replace the lit windows...
  2. east south west new cinema complex new cinema complex dont care about the police cars and the skybox, i will replace it later.
  3. i know the police car is too undetailed but i havent found a better one :roll: i would require a swat car... update:
  4. i cant find better stonefigures for the hospital. : /
  5. Cubemaps turned down to 16x16. Now it doesn't look so cleaned up. Needs a better lighting.
  6. because "milupa baby oil" is my hardware sponsor.
  7. well, i have to find a new floor texture. the billard pics are just placeholder, i will replace it later. I've changed the lighting and the fog from green into blue.
  8. i've changed the lighting today, made it more darker.
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