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  1. seir

    The random model thread!

    but the height of that sign is also not in correct place
  2. seir

    cartoon textures

    Its a soil I don't know how to say it in right and proffesional word (non english ), so I will try to describe where to find it You have to dig a big hole in ground to see the layers of humus and types of soil and thats what this texture show. I hope you understand what I mean BTW! Really great textures - when they will be available for download?
  3. sad to say - I'm not form US I know some guys form the team and it's - looking forward for more info about that game :>
  4. seir

    The random model thread!

    yep, it is too low. maybe try make it higher - we will see how it looks like...
  5. doh I got the same idea... I've even used same rock texture
  6. oh BlackPope! heh... old times mapping with worldcraft and Q1...
  7. where these photos was taken?
  8. seir


    yep, good work so what you will do next?
  9. exactly but there is sill a lot of custom maps - more than on Q1 and Q2 in his "good times"... is it popularity?
  10. more on the "bad" side I gues... best solution to "fit" into textures and brushes is to watch other maps and look for details, textures and other little things witch makes map less "crappy"... I see you don't have problems with editor so its not a long road to make a good looking map - just observe and make own ideas in 3D bricks
  11. we dont have snow - its not fair Spellbinder: its only na bit crappy
  12. thanks for advices! This model is only for portfolio but I will try to do as you said becose maybe I will make models for games in future... Thanks again!
  13. nothing I was watching for tutorials but most of them are for one small mesh. I have most of the parts saparate so I think I should make texutre for each part and put it on model. I used "Render to texture" method and then make texture in Photoshop. Is it good?
  14. very nice! my first 3D model (in 3dstudio4) was a car created with boxes
  15. I almost finished my model - a bit too high poly but its very detailed. I have no idea how to texture it? any ideas? each part separately?
  16. I usualy go for a walk (I just moved into new place so I dont know the hood ) and watch for sometching nicely done in architecture or I go to backery, buy some donuts, go to home and draw ideas and visions while drinking mountain dew when I was working as a level designer I had the same problem as you have but I even don't try to make something - I just sit and relax or go somewhere...
  17. seir


    last photo is great, its realy reminds silent hill nice...
  18. if the deadline will be moved to march 1st maybe I also make a map for that contest
  19. it's not a Stalker themed picture it's one of the districts in Wroclaw but it's similiar i will upload more photos from Wroclaw soon btw Wroclaw (Breslau) was German city before the war edit: ok, here it is - some photos from breslau i've made last few months. i even found old carriage with reich symbol
  20. first of all i want to say hello its my first post here i was on game convention 2006 in germany - ive made that photos with pentax mz-m so its very 'grainy'... ok now some photos form breslau (pl: wroclaw) trains, rails... 'warning - train' unlucky and a big one: http://zdolnyslask.org/mc/panorama.jpg
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