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    The random model thread!

    Guys, I'm on my way to bake a normal of my x-com rifle but as I'm reading I'll gonna make it wrong Should I set smoothing groups to 1 and add support edges so the gradients will be fine or maybe set custom smoothing groups and get hard edges - maybe there' a better tool to bake? xNormal will do the job?
  2. Still in progress. It went from small mod to a big title. I have no idea when it will be released
  3. Quake 1, late year 2000 - A medieval tower, water pit at the bottom, few platforms, fullbright. Made with Worldcraft 1.6, pirated. Great times. After this I made something like "my imaginary house" with bed, traps, doors, little garden... Crap as hell but so fun! My first released map was MatDM1: http://www.quakewiki.net/archives/retroquake.planetquake.gamespy.com/blog/index5f87.html?p=110
  4. Actually we're making Dying Light on both PS', XBoxes and PC and it can be done. I'm not saying that it's a easy ride but it CAN be done if you have resources and possibilities, mostly engine related.
  5. I'll wait with judging until I'll get my hands on that game. Hope to see PC version, any info there will be a PC "port"?
  6. seir

    Q1 - In the Shadows

    Voted! I've seen on Tweeter that Daz was also voting on ITS
  7. I don't know what you're trying to achieve, you've playing with light without any textures so with on this state I can't tell you what is wrong because it's hard to see what you wanna do. Right now it's overburned so it mostly look like one strong light on few meshes without any textures. About the meshes: the roof construction is weird, giant roof is hold by few metal pipes. The regularity of cable composition feels like it's a "German chaos".
  8. Looks like something with compilation went wrong. You need to work on less killer stylization I guess...
  9. 2007's COD engine. Early WIP, mostly propless:
  10. Forget about mapping! Anyway, you'll be really happy Good job!
  11. Yep, water low = better! You'll need some nice decals and details on the wall to get a less generic feeling there Edit: BTW there are some problems with proportions. This is a flood duct and there's a tunnel that will be always flooded That car is too big for this tunnel or the tunnel is to small? The wooden bridge is stolen from Japanese garden, it's completely from different story. I guess you should place a metal catwalk or concrete bridge there. Will be more coherent. That metal walkways right next to the river also is a bit bad, it will turn rusty after the first bigger water. If there's no big water then why building such a big walls?
  12. I think so. I'm using http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjuHiEKYb9k. It's the same shit?
  13. Guys, how portals work? func_detail should be applied to every brush that isn't creating a wall or can I make whole building as detail and but there one portal?
  14. seir

    [Skyrim] Delera Dungeon

    How hard is that? I mean when comparing to other tools how much it will take time to learn new tool and get used to workflow, shortcuts etc.? Nice job there, looks like you know what you're doing Lighting time now, right?
  15. Overall it's cool, it lacks detail and polish but it's still WIP so I understand. Anyway, you can put pipes where roof support should meet the wall. It's non-sense. BTW most metro tunnels doesn't need any pillars - that's why it's round, the soil load gets through the construction of the roof to the ground via the curves, no need to hold them but as you found some ref pics with that so it's fine. There COULD be such a situation, it's not usual but can be. Good luck with the level, keep up a good work!
  16. seir

    Unit size 3dsmax -> hammer

    Maybe you can use cm scale in 3DSMax? It will be easier to get proper dimensions when modeling. ~480 cm is 256 units in Hammer but I'm not 100% sure. Here you go: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Dimensions
  17. seir

    [TF2] koth_brazil

    Dish is in the ground? Exactly on the edge? Well that's not usual, I'm not a dish expert but that looks like a cheap solution. As PyroGXPilot wrote, make it bigger. This can be a "level about the giant dish radar" and that's good, you have identity, thing that most of custom TF2 levels doesn't have. Don't waste it Good luck and have fun mapping!
  18. Graphics on MP are not the problem right now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSZq68Ph0rA BTW most of COD:G maps reconcile a nice aesthetics and clear layout, it's not so clean as CS:GO or BF4 but it's still fun to play without frustration.
  19. Very nice! I hope to see all the modular pieces! Good job, man!
  20. Weird, I had everything turned to extra and this is how it looked like:
  21. seir

    [CS:GO] De_marquis

    Nice work! Can you post a screenshot of that corner with and without meshes? I'd like to see how much brushes you've used
  22. Is that a problem with my sound card or that "music" is stuttering?
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