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  1. I'm following a lot of Level Designers and thank God there's no way to post long text. Some of the guys are really annoying with their "What should I play?" or "I have 5 bucks" tweets... Anyway, Twitter is cool, way better than FB and G+.
  2. Nice! I'll downloading it right now!
  3. Now that's an unexpected situation. There had to be a lot of rush out there, I can't believe how bugful the game is
  4. Nah, it's not time. After work I can't get myself to mapping...
  5. I've summed up how much cash I've spent on games. I tried to buy only the cheap and really good games... It's... 100 euros. Well, the good thing is that I sold my cards for about 5 euros so it's 95 euros, not so bad
  6. Banner thing is a good idea! Oh damn, I wanna make a Q1 map so much!!!
  7. That's nice: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2013/12/27/valve-previews-steam-holiday-sales-for-day-11-and-12.aspx
  8. It's a sin that I haven't played FC3: Blood Dragon before. It'a really nice game, it's a well designer and funny as hell! The one problem is with that save block at the start, sad thing that there was no other way. That somehow shows up how messy the engine/scripting system is...
  9. We all agree like in gay marriage. Lovely.
  10. Here's my Hitman for 5 euros! EDIT: ...aaaand the Blood Dragon!
  11. That was my first playthrough with real people. I have no idea how to shoot someone, how you're doing it? Go to 7:50 cs_insertion: - performance problems - not enough covers - I'm not sure about the fog distance, it will be cool to check some farer distances
  12. I've recorded some AVIs, will upload them on YT.
  13. ...and the best thing is that the more you know, the more you feel you don't know. Or something like that. You know what I mean... Anyway, that's good, you're entering a level where you're solving problems by your own, not using others' ideas and solutions. Why you're asking? Any bad feelings?
  14. Technology is changing so fast that you can't be confident that your knowledge will be up-to-date in next few years. As an example: physically based rendering is becoming very popular but it's a completely different story with the speculars, diffuses etc. As Helder once said (or posted someones quote on FB) something like: soon the internet will be full of messed up metal materials in PBR. Damn it's true.
  15. OK, how to join? Seriously... Is there an auto-download option or I have to download the maps?
  16. But how... But... Why? That game is always on sale, it costs less than a pizza and still there's so much interest when it's for free? I thought everyone already have it
  17. Sweet! I'll try to connect tomorrow. It will be my first time, what should I know?
  18. Same here, I only got only few 2-3 euro games, nothing big. That sucks, where's that Christmas Steam Sale Spirit I wanted?! Right now I only want to get Hitman: Absolution and maybe COD:WaW it had to be super-cheap to make me buy it. And it will never be. Have you noticed that most of Dooms, Quakes and Call of Duties aren't so cheap when comparing to other games?
  19. Same here, I want Brothers! I can't get any cool game on sale... I hope to see new Hitman!
  20. seir

    Random games concept art

    Say your mate that he did a great job, concept root is my favorite!
  21. Reference Database hits +18 000 images!

    1. seir
    2. Buddy


      Good job man! You found a nice niche there!

    3. seir


      Thanks, I'm planning to add some neat stuff (own collections, share collections etc.) so it will be more useful.

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