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  1. I hope that Steam will block most of the crap so there won't be another Google Play case. Well, it's not good for schools. Students should get a 100% free licence without a source code so the UDK was perfect. Now kids will get a source code for few bucks and waste a lot of time on checking code/codding bullshit stuff then working in UDK.
  2. I'm only worried that the market will be flooded with a really bad games... Lots of kids from EU and US can pay for the licence from their spending money and the engine is pretty easy, so yeah, I'm worried.
  3. The engine is so big that you need few months or even a year (noob) to make something decent. Still there's a chance that you'll fail after few months. Anyway, it's only $20, I monthly pay more for a cable TV. Time to chose what's more important
  4. I don't understand kids these days.
  5. Their iteration process where ideas just come and go took them to a disaster. There's always a point with no return when the budget is too high and the game have to be shipped NOW and cancel/layoffs is not an option but it went way to far at IG. 5 years man, 5 years! Did they work without a vision and story?!
  6. True, it's good to show in your folio that you actually know how to create a scene as it is on the concept. I saw a lot of folios where guy shows concept and the final work is a bit similar, seriously. I know that concept is not always working in game but for a portfolio purposes pick one that will show your "reading" skill, not that "you know better and add some to the scene". In such cases why making concept if you would change whole shit out of it?
  7. Maybe they left DDS exporters at IW and use raw PSD instead If it's seriously MP-only game with 15 levels then... something went just wrong.
  8. Once again Mapcore saves the day!
  9. Well, I agree that there will be tons of little mods that change almost nothing and actually ruin the balance but still it's a cost of giving ability to make awesome things by awesome people. Map tools soon after the release would be nice, it's easy to see what level is cool and what is not... aaand it's actually doesn't ruin weapon balance etc.
  10. Can I maybe get in on dat? Me too!
  11. Damn man, you have a serious problem with sleep. It's a matter of time when someone will draw a willy on your head
  12. Images on main page are not working EDIT: Now the whole site is down
  13. I'm accepting checks Image-Based Collision Generator is one of my favorites! EDIT: 20 GB Bird Bitmaps Offline Fish-Eye In C++ Realistic Memory Visuals
  14. I've made a generator of Next-Gen technology names http://level-design.org/nextgen_generator Let me know if there are some words that can be added to the script! Have fun!
  15. I've never trusted trailers but still this one looks very interesting. Definitely will put my hands on the demo but not sure it it will deliver...
  16. Well, you're right Still, I build a list of people that don't spam and yes, I was rude and unfollowed a lot It's their choice to post about bullshit. I have no idea who would like to read that...
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