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  1. Cool stuff dude, hope to see some gameplay coming in soon! Good luck with the tools!
  2. Wow, you're ultimate badass, so many things on your head, year 2014 is yours! Congratulations and best of luck!
  3. It's more about constant loading and streaming, that ruins the immersion for me I wouldn't say megatextures are bad. I like the idea but it's just one from several ways to handle texture memory and speed loading. Many other engines can easily render beautiful levels without that tech so that pretty sums up what I think about megatextures... The game looks nice, it's not mind blowing, it's just OK and passes the standards. I think that hardware defines the tech and right now we have way more memory and way faster hard drives/RAM to use usual streamed content and megatextures is not needed so much as it was when we had less than 500MB of GFX memory.
  4. seir

    The random model thread!

    That will do the job, nice!
  5. seir

    The random model thread!

    Stylish, I really like it! Watch is an important object? That yellow color and over-sized proportions say it's almost like pipboy for Fallout guy. If it's not so important you could pick more subtle color and make it a bit smaller and bang, we have a guy with gun and the game/animation is all about What do you think?
  6. Yep, I don't get it but it's marketing, they can make pink rockets to sell your game
  7. seir

    Camera Info Thread

    How much $ you have? What kind of pictures you're in to?
  8. I'm currently lead env artist but my heart goes where level art & design is so I'm always writing "senior level designer & artist". Luckily I'm doing all the LD/LA stuff PLUS the leadership stuff. Thanks for the kind words Good luck with your folio and work seeking. I know it's hard, man!
  9. The header - try something bigger and not Times New Roman-ish. I always use Verdana which is simple but yet not so "classic". Get out with that "-= =-" dude, how old you are? Just type who you are, a Level Designer or Level Artist/World Builder? I dunno... Try to sort your personal works from professional experience. Check out my portfolio of some others to get the idea. I couldn't find information about what kind of job you're doing (except from some descriptions under the pics which I don't know what pic you're referring to). Try creating a pattern of project presentation so: start with the name of the project and your role, provide additional details etc. You can describe that with few lines of text or table with text in cells which is more logical but also looks a bit to simple. I've picked the cells way because writing in English is not my best part I can't see the links for your folio and stuff. I mean it's in the same style as your usual text so you need to move your mouse cursor over the text to "find" a link. It would be awesome to see your email Good luck, man!
  10. I was thinking about making such survey on Level-Design.org. I have a lot of LD visitors so this could actually be trustworthy. SurveyMonkey is better IMO, you can't fill the survey few times. So, stay tuned for survey update
  11. Yep, lighting is quite flat. You can use it as an advantage but it doesn't work here
  12. nope just tax +mandatory retirment fund +mandatory unemployment fund +madatory health insurance That's crazy man, I know that it will make you a nice retirement but damn, it's like half of your cash!? I won't talk about my salary cuz I'm from PL and I'm shy, salary here is silly but life is way more cheaper than in DE or UK so it's not that bad. Still I get twice more than average salary in PL so I can't complain. For instance - I started with about $800 "on hand" but it changed pretty fast
  13. LD and GD is pretty close when it comes to "making games" but not so close when comparing salaries. Check Glassdoor, you can see annual salaries for exact jobs. Here's some numbers: Blizzard - Senior Level Designer ~$84,000 - http://www.glassdoor.com/GD/Salary/Blizzard-Entertainment-Salaries-E24858.htm?filter.jobTitleFTS=level+designer Ubisoft - Level Designer ~$58,000 - http://www.glassdoor.com/GD/Salary/Ubisoft-Salaries-E12717.htm?filter.jobTitleFTS=level+designer
  14. It can get pretty unhealthy. As I already wrote, some guys are getting, lets say $7000, they are awesome so they earn a lot. Other guy with the same work time (work time is not experience!) can get even $2000 less because he's silent and with no giant success or just bad luck... You know what would happen if the second guy knows that he could get more $ just because showing his work a bit more (or stuff like this)? Madness. If industry would get a better classification for pay there would be no problem. Intern will get $A, Junior $B, Regular $C, Senior/Mentor $D, Team Lead $E and so on. The problem is that a lot of guys would be hurt by such classifications. Anyway, smart guys could get more classes like Senior Environment Artist, Team Leader and Mentor = $A+$B+$C. I dunno, just thinking loud...
  15. It was different in UK, not a rule but there was some info about the salary like pounds a day or annual salary. I think they're already in a better times, the crisis is gone and you can pick from decent candidates. Check some offers from UK. I remember that most of offers on OPM was with a value, now it's mostly a value to negotiate but no idea from what were starting. I guess you should ask about $ before the art test. You won't waste your time. If you have a lot of experience and nice folio, forget about doing tests. It's better for you.
  16. That's right, most of the companies pay for the trip/hotel. If they want to give you less money for first X months just make sure you'll get it on paper.
  17. First of all you need to be sure when this salary will be raised. It's usual to give lower salary for the first 3 months as for the test and if you'll pass it you'll get ~500 bucks more. When you're switching jobs you need to be consistent, if you want to work in other city/country you'll need $800-1500 for apartment, and $2000-3000 for your stuff so you need like, lets say, 3500 bucks and if they can't pay you that it's not worth moving unless it's burning in your current job but it's not a good thing to look for a job desperately because you'll say that $2500 is fine, you'll pay for dept, apartment rent and you're out of cash... If the new place is worth the effort and lower salary then there's a small conflict like "Come on, you're working at X now, it will be better in Y even with lover salary!". Actually you can land in way worse company so it's good to do some recognition. When it's OK then I guess it's worth to move to better company and do your best to get a pay rise in next few months by doing great job, not by just talking "I wanna $". We should talk privately
  18. That only shows how bad we are at recruitment (as leads trying to find an employee). In my opinion most art test just doesn't work and there's to many "he's/she's different/better so..." situations. We don't have any standards like in movie industry and it's particularly good. Good for guys that can create their image better than real and bad for guys that are good but shy and have no idea about how much they can get. About the art test: some companies are willing more to hire a senior guy when he refuses to do the test. It depends on the reason and there was a nice discussion about that on other dev forum. Anyway, it's not good but still hiring process is just bad.
  19. Cool once again Thrik saved the day
  20. Thrik, A lot of people are writing answers by answering the mail and it never gets to the recipient. Can we make something with that? About the messages: damn, I had a lot of chats with Buddy
  21. Minos - Sure, I understand this and you're 100% correct.Polishing talent and looking for a career direction is really important AND UE4 is perfect for it. I just see some changes on the market and that new UE4 licence (is what people want, a reaction for need) is a part of that BIG change: "What people do play now, how much they pay and how do they appreciate it". Just what Hourences said - I hope not to see gamers that pay $8 for a AAA title, play 3 hours and throw it away to play another AAA title. I know that games like COD, Starcraft or Diablo 3 will never/rarely cost less than $20 but take a look at, lets say, Square Enix and their Thief or Deus Ex: HR. There's no massive hiring and excitement for next project because $$$ are not correct. Check it: https://www.indiegala.com Indie Gala, small games, not so bad, made with love (not that they had to do it), pay almost nothing for it.You know any titles from the sales? I don't. But every single title is on Steam. And you know what? It's not bad for me but for the authors. You need to be awesome or rich to put your game on Steam main page. As a customer I'm not worried because free/cheap tools won't change that devs need to do awesome things to be seen and earn good money for that. Better quality + Low prize = happy seir playin'. Problem is that the small indie teams will need more marketing money to get to their customer because there will be so much titles in the offer. There's no way that customer will check them all. For some indie teams selling few games on Steam sales is "to be or not to be" and I'm saying about small companies like "Happy Games" or "Backpowder Games", not guys that have a full-time game dev job and do stuff at home just for fun. Games are getting ultra cheap, it makes gaming more like a toy in Kinder Surprise or a bonus from a pack of chips. It hurts AAA right now and flooding with more games that cost almost nothing won't help.
  22. Why would you need to code to do level design / env art? I know such ambitious guys that wanna make everything but doesn't finish anything. Making a scene/presentation of your env arts doesn't need that but I'm not talking about such case.
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