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    Los Angeles

    Feb 14th? Cool! Isn't 16th a President's Day? That's a holiday, we can hang out!
  2. seir

    Los Angeles

    * Compton - Nice architecture, cool guys, exotic cars and friendly chicks. * Watts - Nice sculpture and surrounding architecture. And they have a TRAIN TRACKS! * South Central - You can see nice cars, meet friendly people, buy cool stuff That's joke of course, I mean you can go there and you'll be fine but it's actually nothing special unless you like rap music and you wanna see where guys from NWA were running from da police Fo realz: * Santa Monica Pier * 3rd Street Promenade in SM * Rodeo Drive * Hollywood - as Minos said but actually take a look at the Walk of Fame but don't buy any CD's, don't take pictures with people, just run through! * Hollywood Sign * Griffith Observatory * Downtown - some buildings like Disney Concert Hall, Angels Flight elevator-o-train. It's rather boring if you don't like architecture and... concrete. * Venice Beach * La Brea Tar Pits and Dinosaur Museum * Getty's Museum - it's free! It's a trip for few days tho You should get a car. Driving in LA is cool, way better than Poland, similar to Germany but 3 times more space/lanes but still there's no rush and speeding to much. ~70mph on highway (10 above limit) is standard but I seen maybe 2 or 4 guys speeding way faster. Aaand I'm doing about 150 miles each weekend, mostly from Santa Monica to Long Beach area, sometimes Downtown, Hollywood Hills... Let me know when you'll be in LA, we'll get a beer. I hope to see rest of MapCore LA Team, right now Irvine is out of my range because this city is really HUGE and it takes long time to get there!
  3. Welcome to next gen! It's all about PBR, particles and models made with "Add more geo" ideology For all that stuff you have almost 4 gigs of RAM now so yeah, it's a big step from less than 0,5 GB but you don't have to be very creative to fill that mem hole with stuff
  4. This image isn't mindblowing but it' a big step when comparing to DX:HR. I'd be very happy to have a chance to play with their level editor. Imagine new Deus Ex game with modding tools and I'm saying about 100% modable content, not like in Rage but like in HL. That would be sweet! Anyway, I won't believe until I see that in move, with dust particles, sparks all over, leaking water, volumetric stuff in 60 fps
  5. Wow man, nice improvements. You did the job with WordPress! You have Professional/Personal Works but I miss more info in screenshot description. Could you include something like: Game, Engine, Release Date (if people will see that some stuff is from 2010 they will understand how your progress looked like).
  6. Congratz to Chris and all the participants, really nice levels!
  7. Nice! I'll write a word on LD.org about that soon!
  8. You can rip any 3D stuff from games that use a DX renderer with 3D Ripper DX and then retopo it a bit and export to Pepakura designer and bingo!
  9. I've completely forgotten about that game. Damn, it's really risky to keep the development of Xen levels and the rest of the content so quietly. Seriously, I lost attention and will to play it again, it was so long ago... I'm worried that there could be some more people like me.
  10. Find me on QL: mjens http://www.quakelive.com/#!profile/summary/mjens
  11. seir

    Fierox's Gallery

    Damn, this looks really nice! Well, what can I say. Keep up a good work, you're on a good road!
  12. It might grow into something big, it's a good idea to get a community early and find a path to progression. The problem it's there's literally nothing that is better then in UDK/UE4, Unity or CryEngine... And as I can see, there's a lot to do. It's a WYSIWYG editor but still it will look completely different in the engine...
  13. Thanks FrieChamp! Right now I want to finish that alone, it's my personal project Yep, there are only 2 articles available, most of the pages are filled with stuff in Polish and without any pictures
  14. New article about Composition in Level Design! http://level-design.org/wiki/index.php?title=LDWiki:Composition You can also read it on Gamasutra: http://gamasutra.com/blogs/MateuszPiaskiewicz/20140817/223513/Composition_in_Level_Design.php Thanks Sprony for help with English!
  15. Hi man, it looks really nice! Here are some of my thought about your portfolio: - The title banner is extremely big. It's unusual but not so bad I missed the menu bar with "Resume" etc. - Maybe you could provide an English version of your resume? - I didn't understand that network traffic warning, there's no need to put so many screens without captions or sense of what you want to show. It looks like a one location pictured from a lot of angles - I don't like that you've merged all your personal work levels onto one page. You could make a separate bar for each level and there would be no problem with the "network traffic"
  16. Hi MapCorians! I'd like to share the news about my current project. I've started to write about my work and processes I use when designing levels. It started from few pages and ended up as a website based on MediaWiki engine. I tried other engines but MediaWiki seems to be the quickest and very flexible. From now on you can visit LEVEL-DESIGN.org Knowledge Database: http://level-design.org/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page Here's what I wrote about the website on "About" page: Most of the books and articles I've read were very game- or engine-specific. I was looking for a very universal knowledge that shows very detailed level production phases from video game development. I couldn't find any so I've decided to pick MediaWiki engine and write down everything I know about making levels. The results are what you're reading right now, LEVEL-DESIGN.org Knowledge Base. This website gathers information about all the aspects of the level creation process and is prepared for both aspiring and experienced Level Artists & Designers. In my series of articles I'll try to explain principles of Level Art & Design on neutral ground, without technical requirements and capabilities. I'd be very happy to hear comments from you, guys! Regards! Matt
  17. I had few AMD's and the problems and artifacts I had are countless. I will never buy AMD again. Ever.
  18. - get married - DONE - get a new job and move to lovely place - get a Mustang without roof - have a baby - start with own game prototypes - finish all my current projects
  19. This was presented on GDC 2014. Joel's presentation from '13 was about modular construction - http://blog.joelburgess.com/2013/04/skyrims-modular-level-design-gdc-2013.html. Here's '14: http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1020171/Level-Design-in-a-Day
  20. Bullshit no. 1: "gamers hate Crytek for what it did to the Crysis series" What? Is that wrong that C3 was not in a jungle? :/ I hate talking like "It sucks because it's the same" and then "It sucks because it's different". Bullshit no. 2: "gamers can now say to Crytek “We told you so, you had to keep Crysis exclusive to the PC and keep pushing the graphical boundaries.”" C3 and Ryse did a great job with pushing the gfx boundaries, still PC platform is not a place where you can earn a lot $, it would be plain stupid to keep all the IP's on PC... Too bad Ryse production was so long and expensive. Spending time on different products like G-Face etc. was a flop. Looks like there was too many ideas how to spend/invest money at one time...
  21. Nothing for me today but yeah, yay for steam sales
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