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  1. Hi guys, 

    I finally found time to record the first episode of LEVEL-DESIGN.org Videos. In this episode, I talk about a really important design principle I use: Familiarity. Here's a link to the video page:


    I already prepared scripts for the next episodes but I have no idea when my private life will let me record it :) 

    Anyway, enjoy the show and let me know what do you think! :)


  2. Yes, focusing portfolio is not a good idea at all. If you can make a 3D art, show it. If you can make nice pictures, make sure to put that somewhere in your folio. When I'm checking someone's website I want to learn as much as I can to know if you'll fit into the team. Often it's not experience and your levels but your "kind of being" - if you're easy going, finishing projects, willing to learn and accepting feedback then you're on a good way.

    I mean, it depends actually on the employer. Some companies, or I would say, serious leaders will take your different experiences and skills as an advantage (photography will prove your art and composition skills/understanding; adding your steam account link will allow us to take a look on your gamers you play and if we want an active player then this is how it can be judged on the first time - before the call or studio interview), lazy or uninformed bosses can be like "Get rid of it, you're LD and it stays like that". As you can see, it comes to the responsibilities. If someone want to make you a cog in the huge machine, they'll check your most important and main skill. If someone wants to build a team of experts that will work smooth and independent then probably they'll be looking for people with leadership skills and positive attitude, knowing many different aspects of working in the industry etc. It's hard to find that kind of people and I think that only huge companies can effort to hire such guy when they already understood their value (the candidates of course, not employers ;)). So when making a portfolio, create an image of a great employee, not a cog in the machine. It's not like you should be a one-man-army kind of designer but the openness for new experiences and skills should be somehow presented. It shows how you're wired, it's a part of your attitude.

    In short, imagine that you start with 100 points and you're getting negative points for anything that you don't need for this current dude you're applying to. One can leave you with 5 points left because you have crap that he's not interested in (which can be really wrong idea for hiring) or someone can give you 85 points because of some minor stuff and he actually liked it and he found what he was looking for.

  3. As much as I loved both FC3 and 4 (and 1 and 2 tbh), I think it's safe to say 4 was just 3 in Tibetan clothing. Yes it brought some new things to the table, but then so does COD with each iteration.

    I'm not sure I like the look of this, it's like they've taken the Shangri La part of FC4 and expanded it into a game. But the video looks uber scripted so I shall reserve judgement until gameplay.

    Well, I don't know what to tell you about that "the same over and over" thing. I'll maybe pass my comment on this topic but when BO3 will be out, please, play it and let me know if it's again the same game.


    And yea Jacko i kinda know the topic, it's my job ...

    There's a job to judge damage on internet forums based on videos? How much they pay? It's only for student job? I believe that your gut feeling tells you it's fine but you can't be 100% sure. Nobody can. There's too many factors that can change a lot and you can't tell it from a video. Spreading so confident opinions around feels like lack of experience, I remember when I was a student, I thought I know everything and I wanted to help everyone but damn, I was wrong. You can talk your opinion all over internets and it's fine because nobody have to and should trust you to pick a choice on your judgments.But imagine if your "It's a minor crash, it's fine, we can fix that" opinion would be listened and later that guy had a crash with casualties because fixing such a complex construction can do wrong. You would be screwed, dude.

    I guess you're young - maybe not your body but your soul is young ;) Once someone told me that because of my young age I need to "shape my moral spline". I'm not sure if it's an international thing but it comes to figuring what crap people say when being young, how easily they judge or trust crazy people etc. It changed my point of view of what I think and talk so... here I am asking you about your moral spline ;)

    I'm Polish so I know what means to drive a crappy car after a few crashes. All the junk after an accident lands somewhere behind northern German border. People buy that like a fresh and hot French bread. Everybody's like "It's fine, it's fixed!" but dude, it's like a domino effect no matter how awesome handyman your mechanic is. One hit and it's getting worse and worse each month. From serious construction issues, through ignoring minor things that grow in time up to small details like rust that can mess your car in few rainy years.

    I would never buy a car after an accident and I would never drive a car after the crash. I did that for many years. So do my friends from our funny country. It's not cool and nobody does that because he likes to do it. It's cheap, risky and stressful but you know what? A lot of my friends don't care, they are simply poor and it's turning them to a crazy and angry assholes on roads. They even don't care about brake pads or new tires. That's why my country is leading in casualties on roads and you can't change it. It's baked into these people's minds, to save cash because they barely pay rent. They shouldn't drive, they can't effort car but when you can buy a crashed vehicle for $1000.

    I've heard hundreds of stories about guy moving from Poland to UK to get cash (and being a jerk about it, acting like a king), coming back to Poland with a "brand new" Opel, VW, Audi or BMW from around 2005 that was "a great offer", "diesel without filter for additional HP!" and "only a bit crashed but it's fixed". Now they can't pay of the gas and periodic repairs, car looks like a nightmare but hey, it's a BMW! Wealth is here! Most of the times these cars end up in a crash after all. There's no day without information in Polish news that a drunk guy or junk-car driver killed someone. That's crap but really, it's baked into mentality. The worst thing is that innocent people die :/

    Anyway, that's my opinion about cars after accidents. I've been there. I've tried because I had to. I was earning crap money when comparing to UK, France or Germany so yep, I'm guilty as charged. I hope people will learn on my and my friend's mistakes.

  5. Well, when it comes to Early Access, people say that games have only one release date and it's very true. By picking EA you should know that after a final release the peak won't jump dramatically because it's no longer EA, it's tested etc. so if you fail at the beginning, the result can be very bad even after the "real" release. I would suggest to make a closed beta and polish the game as much as you can. Then run the game in EA or Greenlight with cool updates and marketing in mind but make sure your start will be kicked. The other thing is, if you need cash for voiceovers or music then EA would be nice. Anyway, good luck man and think twice! It has a huge potential! :)



    I guess you know this article but if not, take a look [link].

  6. Amaran: It feels like Quake 1, great mood. A bit dark, you could decide what you want to show in the composition and light it a bit. Snow on stuff could be more consistent, some elements are covered with snow and some are naked, looks weird but dude, I'm waiting for more screens, it got me excited! :)

  7. * Compton - Nice architecture, cool guys, exotic cars and friendly chicks.

    * Watts - Nice sculpture and surrounding architecture. And they have a TRAIN TRACKS! :o

    * South Central - You can see nice cars, meet friendly people, buy cool stuff ;)


    That's joke of course, I mean you can go there and you'll be fine but it's actually nothing special unless you like rap music and you wanna see where guys from NWA were running from da police ;)


    Fo realz:

    * Santa Monica Pier

    * 3rd Street Promenade in SM

    * Rodeo Drive

    * Hollywood - as Minos said but actually take a look at the Walk of Fame but don't buy any CD's, don't take pictures with people, just run through!

    * Hollywood Sign

    * Griffith Observatory

    * Downtown - some buildings like Disney Concert Hall, Angels Flight elevator-o-train. It's rather boring if you don't like architecture and... concrete.

    * Venice Beach

    * La Brea Tar Pits and Dinosaur Museum

    * Getty's Museum - it's free!


    It's a trip for few days tho ;)


    You should get a car. Driving in LA is cool, way better than Poland, similar to Germany but 3 times more space/lanes but still there's no rush and speeding to much. ~70mph on highway (10 above limit) is standard but I seen maybe 2 or 4 guys speeding way faster. Aaand I'm doing about 150 miles each weekend, mostly from Santa Monica to Long Beach area, sometimes Downtown, Hollywood Hills...



    Let me know when you'll be in LA, we'll get a beer. I hope to see rest of MapCore LA Team, right now Irvine is out of my range because this city is really HUGE and it takes long time to get there! ;)

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