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  1. I bought a new laptop! These are specs: Screen size: 14.1" Screen resolution: 1440 * 900 CPU: Intel P8400 (2.26ghz) Memory: 2x 2GB DDR2 800mhz Videocard: Nvidia 9300M GS (256mb dedicated) Harddrive: 160GB SATA with 8MB Cache (5400 RPM) Rest.. DVD/CD writer Intel 5100AGN 300Mbps WLAN Bluetooth, webcam (2.0 MP), Fingerprint reader, 7-in-1 card reader And that all for.. 714 euro's! I will be doing all of my school work on it (Software Engineer) + game development. I am sure my games wont use 100K tri's soon, but i do want to fiddle around with DX10.
  2. Gorion

    Error Message Hell

    I would make it so, that it will never fail, and if it does, it will crash and brick your computer.
  3. Hehe i submitted it to the biggest dutch tech website. Its on kotaku. Press enough i say But yeah this looks really awesome
  4. This game is good. Play it. Thats my 6 words review. (actually 5 because it aint a real word according to ali g) Edit: I am hosting a dedicated versus server, but its about 100% full always so, untill i get more bandwith (should be in a month) i cant host more servers. Also most of the time i am hosting my own game and everyone from europe should get between 20 and 100 ms (note, 200 ms is actually playable).
  5. goodjob! looks really good
  6. Awesome thread Sindwiller, your really helpfull here!
  7. delayed a week.. i suspect spore!
  8. Cool Punky To bad i was attacked by ninja's last night, so i cant offer the download anymore. (power short cut.. was caused by ninja's for sure!) If someone had downloaded it, could they send it to my email.. Its fixed now.. only my main computer
  9. This tool helps new users to install their new servers. It currently supports all games which can be installed with the hldsupdatetool, because its basically a GUI (User Interface) build for that tool. The current feature's are: - Auto Updates the hldsupdatetool on start up. - Currently can download and install any game that hldsupdatetool supports - Easy tracking of how far the installing/downloading is. (Progress bar and per file) - Easy way to select the folder where the server should be installed to - Easy to add new server types - Dynamic based menu's (XML based) Planned feature's: - Add "Help" info.. - Add Support for Source Mods - Add support for starting servers - Add support for configuring servers - Add Support for Server admin plugins Anyway, here is the download link : Source Server Setup.zip . Its currently downloaded from my home server, which has an upload of around 120 Kb/s, but because its a very small tool (zip file is around 600KB), that shouldn't be a problem. Source code can be asked, just send me a PM or mail me. It's programmed in C# and requires (minimum) .NET 2.0 to be installed. Updated the tool v0.6: Added support for Source Mods (download the zip files for the server and extracting them), this will be "fixed" in the next release. Changed the layout of the program to support starting servers. Made some changes to the layout of the XML file. fixed some bug's which could crash the application Some Screenshots.. Main Screen, installing TF2: Setup Server menu:
  10. Wow that car is amazing, looks so cool Keep it up!
  11. Yeah, teddy does look like a girl.
  12. Gorion


    Outstanding quality
  13. i got myself this one: Because my old samsung just died.. TWICE on me for no apperent reason. I can say this phone (HTC Touch Diamond) is really great, interface works perfect, cristal clear sound quality (while on the phone, i didnt test any music as i wont use it as a mp3 player). On screen keyboard also works really nice (full qwerty keyboard if wanted). Camera is really great (not in the dark though). Only thing what kinda sucks is the battery life i guess,but then again i have been playing with the thing all day long and when i shutdown wifi and stuff, i am sure that it will be prolonged. Also, i got myself 8GB of ram (which is nice i can say ). And some more harddisk space.
  14. yep that should do it indeed. (right click desktop -> properties -> theme's -> pick classic from the dropdown box. wait a couple of seconds and do the samething but pick windows theme (or any theme you want..))
  15. Damn, skills right there! Also ship looks really nice
  16. yeah we don't have many programmers on this board, more on IRC though.. oh well
  17. In my daily IRC chatting someone gave me this link: http://www.ai-blog.net/archives/000145.html Its pretty interesting and shows what kind of questions you can expect while applying for an AI programmer position. Should also make it a bit easier to know what you should/could study on. Anyway go read it if your interested.
  18. So how was your week in greece?
  19. Gorion / Lerupu @ Crom (PvE) Aldanon @ Fury (PvP) tbh, i like it allot, just because their is actually a story.. Thats what i missed in wow, and also somehow i don't find the quests that boring compared to wow (or even guildwars). Launch is a little rough, i remember guildwars launch, and that one was pretty smooth. But i heared that wow's launch was really rough, so i guess its ok, atleast i am still enjoying the game
  20. Gorion


    yeah i noticed a bug idd, but maybe its me. It was a problem when on the bridge, shooting someone who is on the other end, my bullets weren't hitting him. I was a sniper, and i am pretty sure i was hitting the guy. Still need to do a test when someone is not moving, maybe it was lagg or whatever.
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