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    Having it as a single player BM level like you wrote there sounds even more amazing actually, haha I've been playing Brutal Dooms single player campaigns recently and I'm falling back in love with great big combat areas and corridors between them, being free to be tackled in any order and from many different entrances/angles, with a few keycards or doors to gate the players progression through the level here and there. Something like that but for BMSP would be very very cool I'm imagining some non-linear back-and-forth between the sections which are filled to the brim with enemies, with a
  2. It's nothing like quake in it's heyday, but there's a few pickup games per night and I can always find a duel, it's gotten bigger the last few months! I wish there was a public ctf server going though. I even think there is a q3 .map converter somewhere that i read about, could work as a base, it should be on the reflex forums.
  3. Yeah, starting this fall at least. We're taking applications until the first of September.
  4. Reflex has made quite some progress the last few months, I'm bumping and attaching a video so you can see what it looks like. It's gotten quite fun to play now, and the graphical style I quite like, it's almost textureless and quite clean lowpoly decal meshes, making kitbashing and stuff like that great fun. I've been fiddling with the editor which is pretty smooth and fun, and you can multi-user-edit which is awesome. It also has steam workshop support, and any level that is uploaded to workshop can be changed to and loaded by any server, which is a great function for mods and getting your ma
  5. Ah Infernis rings more of a bell! Happy to see you still active and running Mapcore! I think it's probably the healthiest mapping community still around from back then Good to see you again!
  6. Hi! I don't think I know you! I've mostly lurked Mapcore on and off since many years. But yes, I am that dude from Promode I got my first job in the industry thanks to my CPMA levels actually, haha.
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    Hey, this looks really really sweet! Can't wait to play it. Also, this is probably not what you want to hear, but I can't help but think of HLDM while looking at it(especially with some of the verticality going on), maybe you should consider porting it to Black Mesa DM too? The layout looks like it'd be good for a higher player count FFA or TDM!
  8. Fatshark in central Stockholm are looking for a Level Designer with FPS experience for a 1 year contract to work on an exciting project! Fatshark are a pleasant bunch of people, working here features the advantages of a AAA studio(stability, work-life balance and ambition) combined with being independent(variation, creative freedom and great camaraderie). We just finished the FPS game Vermintide not too long ago. Come work with us! Details in the link: http://www.fatsharkgames.com/available-position-level-designer/
  9. I think the mediterranean setting in snow makes it stand out and I think it works well! A sudden snowfall or cold front in the south of Italy or similar. I say keep it, you'd need some snow to be laying on top of the palm trees and bushes to get them looking more natural is all. Venice or some place like Dubrovnik in the winter could be a good reference:
  10. holy shit Philip I pretty much crapped my pants, I REALLY want to walk around it! Love how you keep pushing the envelope on environment art!
  11. Awesome! Bigger screenshots, please!
  12. Awesome stuff Moroes! Is it all stock assets?
  13. Not periscope. Periscoop. periscoop.
  14. Been hanging out on http://www.shorpy.com for the last few years, such an awesome website for old photos in general, the ones with the 'train' tag always rock.
  15. Thanks for all the nice comments. I like it, I usually increase it in post-editing actually I know, I will, I should post edit the desert pictures to get rid of those spots, I'm lazy tho Maybe when I get back from my long vacation in South America that I'm on now, it's gonna be a few months though, hope you can wait
  16. Sure, I just have to gather up some moneys Denoising, no, I just take them with RAW at highest res and then view them in a lower resolution. I also have decently steady hands and always try to keep the ISO as low as possible, and if I have to take it with high ISO, I sometimes makes it monochrome to get rid of the color noise. Without the color crap going on I find the noise quite nice-looking really.
  17. Here's some of my favorite photos, from Jordan, the US, Nepal, Germany, Italy & Monaco: No thumbnails on some either, so I recommend you press f11 and get the full experience... Jordan to start: And then some others: (Mapcore resident oski plummeting towards the sleepy Austrian town of Innsbruck ) Onward to Nepal with some smaller resolutions: ____________ And then Europe, specifically, Italia: Soon done... Onward to the Berlin Zoo: Anndd Monaco: Hope this wasn't too many, enjoy
  18. Bobby B: That looks really really awesome! Very moody scene, and quite delicious! Tried to look for things to fix, but it wasn't easy. Viking funerals always bring a tear to my eye The ravens are a nice touch, perhaps a real path/road next to the house, leading up the mountain, along most of the torches might be a nice addition? Benshee, cool to see torchlight stuff in the works. Looks promising! Terminator: Maybe turn down the contrast a bit? The darks are very dark, and the brights very bright, it's hard to get a sense for the place. Maybe add some subtle fog in as well?
  19. Wow, I think most of these look much better than the stock UT3 levels. Much cleaner design and lines which are a lot easier to read. Nice work everyone!
  20. I hadn't heard of this part of the forum before, so I'll post mine now, feedback to anything would be appreciated. I submit http://www.trisoup.com/details/ as a separate link to my work on Bionic Commando in the mail usually. http://www.trisoup.com Hit it.
  21. Gets a thumbs up from me! Truly a good level! (these women will have you know that the level would be more suitable for something other than Arena.)
  22. Maybe you could render it with some nicer lighting? It's a bit flat and dull at the moment. Don't know what kind of rendering tools you have access too, but some light bounce and softer shadows or so would probably be nice I would guess. I like the buildings a lot though!
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    Nice idea! Very much looking forward to this, been missing nice european old-towns in l4d for sure.
  24. I like the ideas a bit, I'd get rid of the ceiling fluorescents(I find they don't fit the style too well) and rather add some nice bulb lights on the walls, maybe with a direction upwards for some nice lighting, it's a bit bland at the moment. If it gets too dark perhaps add a light in the ceiling along the style of this: . Also the bed-niche I find a bit weird, very dark and small in there, I'd make the niche wider to let in some more light(and make some room for people who want to get into the bed from the side), and make it less deep as well, the middle of the room is very empty, I'd use
  25. Hipshot the crazy motherfucker wouldn't get off the train tracks with only 2 minutes to go until it arrived, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and leap down after him, chase him and throw him up on the tracks Also Henning: REALLY awesome pictures, you really nailed late summer Stockholm, the time I like it best, too bad no one took you out in the archipelago . I like them a lot. PhilipK is sad, I look like The Predator.
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