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  1. im not really into the whole wrestling culture thingy, but every now and then having friends over with a wrestling game is a lot of fun, and creating content for the game is just as fun. im pretty happy with the game im working on
  2. lost planet, decided to finally check it out
  3. a foot in the door in the industry my friend, whats wrong with that?
  4. check out this months issue of "Tips & Tricks" and theres an interview with my producer and a few screeners in there, The Game is Pro Wrestling X
  5. yeah yeah i know it looks cheesy, but its coming along nicely the end product is gonna be a pretty bloody mess of a wrestling game, indie style, so im making weapons like baseball bats with barbed wire and flourescent light bulbs, beer bottles ect ect
  6. finally scored myself an internship! so far im a part timer at wishbone X creations workin on weapon models for a wrestling game, as soon as i finish school in sept i will be a full time intern check out the game at http://www.prowrestlingx.com
  7. some dude released a lot of the models from the wii zelda in 3Ds format i believe, some people are already throwing them in garrys mod check it out on http://www.thelastboss.com/ scroll down until you find it
  8. well....that was a disaster! i vote for dark becuase he was the only one to actually complete it
  9. bah thanks i need a good tut on compiling
  10. blackdahlia

    Model compilers

    anyone know of any good compilers to get my stuff into hammer?
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