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  1. Scorn

    Amazing environment art... Shitty gun sounds. Seriously, why does the gun sound like a regular gun you'd find on earth? That was really disappointing and underwhelming. I also hope the gameplay develops into something a bit more fresh. From what I saw, it just seems like your run of the mill 'creepy' shooter game. I wish they'd push the gameplay as much as they have done the environment art. Gameplay is the same as the original Doom...
  2. Shenmue 3

    Holy shit that trailer is hilarious.
  3. A Game of Thrones

    Watched it. No spoilers... All I can say is, that me and my brother predicted something that happens in this ep.
  4. What's going on with your life?

    Bit of a mixed bag of emotions today. On a positive note, got the keys to our new house (renting still for another year or so then gonna buy), on the other hand, my mom had a mini stroke. So err, that wasn't fun. My dad didn't tell me because he didn't want us to worry on our big day... She's fine now but gotta be on drugs for the rest of her life to thin her blood etc. Scary stuff. Makes me realise that my parents are getting older and won't be around forever. That shit terrifies me.
  5. Heart of the Oak (TF2)

    Nice handwriting m8
  6. What's going on with your life?

    Ah crap man. Really sorry to hear it man :/
  7. Goals for 2017?

    There are downsides to every job, it's just unfortunate that in this case it happens to be a Welsh guy.
  8. Goals for 2017?

    At xmas this year I really wanted to leave my job at Creative Assembly and go back to freelancing so I could move closer to family and friends. I was probably the most fed up I've ever been in my life to be honest, and couldn't give a shit about the game I was working on (Halo Wars 2). However, I can happily say that I've been back with Unknown Worlds freelancing for 2 months or so now and I'm having a great time, and I'm moving house this Saturday. Finally moving back to the West Midlands where the rent is half what it is down here near Brighton, and I can finally start the life I've wanted for ages but felt I couldn't have because there were no jobs in the area I wanted to move to. Really content right now.
  9. What's going on with your life?

    Hah I've found that everybody's just faking it, no matter how confident they seem. Nice though man. Where you thinking of buying?
  10. Strange Brigade

    Hah that looks wicked. Hope it's not as boring as Zombie Army Trilogy tho
  11. StarshipTroopers: Traitors of Mars

    Ah yes.. Starship Troopers is really fresh in people's minds these days. Glad to see they're cashing in on all the hype.
  12. Abbey

    Increase the saturation on the roof tiles too to give it a bit more colour. Overall it looks like it's got some kind of desaturation filter on top of everything. It'd be nicer if the sun was a bit brighter, the sky were bluer, and the grass/foliage much greener. Nice work
  13. Hehe I was amazed at how much that little scene took off. It was really just an easier way of me learning Substance Designer and thinking about integrating it into my workflow. I hope they're cooking up something amazing for HL3!
  14. The random model thread!

    Nice man! The cards ont he right tree look a little odd though. Have you tried averaging the normals across the mesh?
  15. Prey

    Really loved this game, completed it the other day. Got a bit bored of all the running backwards and forwards though, it got a bit convoluted towards the end. Still, really great experience. Did anyone use any of the Mimic powers? I focused all my Neuromods on the 'normal' skills instead.