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  1. Cuphead

    Oh man!!! Thanks so much HP. Will watch these tomorrow. <3
  2. Cuphead

    I'm playing Cuphead right now, it's wicked. Love the music in that game.
  3. Goals for 2018?

    Thanks mah dudes! <3 Pampers, good luck! Houdini is awesome. Not tried it myself but seen lots of others try it out. Amazing stuff is possible with that piece of software!
  4. Goals for 2018?

    Gonna learn some new modelling software. I'm actually starting this year, with Modo. Really gonna push myself out of my comfort zone with the art I'm creating. Also, I'm marrying my girlfriend, I proposed last weekend And... buying a house. And mayyyyyyyybe might have a kid on the way at the end of the year too. Mental.
  5. The random model thread!

    I've sorta dropped off the face of the earth recently. Decided to practice some Zbrush and Substance to keep my skillset 'sharp'! Did this over a few nights this week, it was good fun. Just an exercise in sculpting and creating nice fabric materials in Substance. Nothing groundbreaking More images and a Marmoset Viewer scene on my Artstation linked down the bottom. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/EoZ84
  6. Black Mirror

    Really looking forward to the new series. Seems their budget gets higher with each new series too, which only makes em better Lovely visuals on some of the eps.
  7. LawBreakers

    Fucking hell that trailer was annoying.
  8. Now playing - 2017

    Every time somebody mentions they've just picked up KSP, I have to jump back into it. That game is the fucking shiz.
  9. Battlefront 2

    I thought people were more pissed off with the fact that gameplay changing items are found in lootboxes? Ie, extra damage etc. Maybe I'm wrong. Is it just visual stuff in lootboxes? I don't mind that so much. I'm really interested in this game but I'm going to wait for the dust to settle on all this before I think about buying. My mates are going to do the same I think.
  10. Battlefront 2

    I loved the bit in the original Star Wars trilogy where Luke Skywalker has to grind for credits to unlock his Jedi powers.
  11. Blade Runner 2049

    Hopefully going to see it again on Monday. Can't fuckin wait. Movie of the year without a doubt.
  12. Scorn

    Amazing environment art... Shitty gun sounds. Seriously, why does the gun sound like a regular gun you'd find on earth? That was really disappointing and underwhelming. I also hope the gameplay develops into something a bit more fresh. From what I saw, it just seems like your run of the mill 'creepy' shooter game. I wish they'd push the gameplay as much as they have done the environment art. Gameplay is the same as the original Doom...
  13. Shenmue 3

    Holy shit that trailer is hilarious.
  14. A Game of Thrones

    Watched it. No spoilers... All I can say is, that me and my brother predicted something that happens in this ep.
  15. What's going on with your life?

    Bit of a mixed bag of emotions today. On a positive note, got the keys to our new house (renting still for another year or so then gonna buy), on the other hand, my mom had a mini stroke. So err, that wasn't fun. My dad didn't tell me because he didn't want us to worry on our big day... She's fine now but gotta be on drugs for the rest of her life to thin her blood etc. Scary stuff. Makes me realise that my parents are getting older and won't be around forever. That shit terrifies me.