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  1. I hate being constantly being under or over matched. The new matchmaking system is garbage. I'm done.
  2. I haven't been active here in years, but I gotta find a place to vent. So... I got back into this game about a year ago and last I played I was ranked MG1. I have been busy for several months and had a break in play. When I came back my rank was gone... I ended up losing my first to matches and wound up with a rank of silver 1. 2 weeks later i've eeked my way up to silver 3. What the hell has happened? Surely my skill level hasn't decreased this much? I honestly wouldn't care if it wasn't the fact that with low rank brings low IQ's. I'm consistently dealing with griefers, children, and
  3. Hah, just sketchup -> VRay Default settings on the render, but I bumped some of the AO settings down a bit and upped the subdivs.
  4. This was something I did at work the other day. I probably won't get to finish it. It was mainly so the artist could get a better sense of the space. He is doing that sculpture, a few paintings, and a mural that will span 360 deg. inbetween the 2 crown moulds up above. If I ever get some spare time i'd like to finish it, but figured I'd throw it up here.
  5. Dumb weathermen are always entertaining. I'm surprised the death toll was as high as it was for a cat 1. Shit was weak in terms of sustained windspeed and such, it must've been the floods that did most of the damage.
  6. I got mine (intuos 3 12x8) about 4 years ago w/ a student discount... I would recommend buying used. It has held up pretty well, I use it at work, but only for PS. Just make sure you get a size that is proportionate to your monitor. I have a 4:3 at work and a 16:10 at home, on the 16:10 it is a bitch because the x-y axis doesn't correspond exactly.
  7. Some sesame street game for the C64 or Super Mario Bros. on NES. I don't know which came before the other, I was around 3 or 4.
  8. Yeah, that never happened. We can only hope one of the SEALs was wearing a helmet cam and the vid gets leaked. I am sure the UAV feeds and radio transmissions will be released sooner or later, though. Not really sure how this will affect things in terms of OEF/GWOT, only time will tell I guess. As for the human shield part, from my understanding, she may have jumped in front of him at her own will... but like I said time will tell, I am looking forward to the AAR.
  9. The facial animation is incredible, but it just looks odd the way it is stuck on the rest of the model. Didn't Avatar basically do this, except they were able to do the mo-cap simultaneously? This characters just look weird because the head just seems disconnected from the body.... I dunno, it's hard to explain.
  10. Gameplay looks suprisingly..... faithful. That kitt like character needs to cease to be, however. sorry, i tried to embed, didn't quite work.
  11. grim fandango mafia deus ex metal gear solid half-life 1/2/episodes final fantasy 7/8 space quest 6 Those are the ones that first come to mind, most have already been said... but I think it's because they are damn good games.
  12. Ha, I like it. Your palette reminds me of Q1. What's with the autodesk advert?
  13. Read mine Also, apple and adobe's relationship has been cooling over the past year or so. From the looks of it.... it isn't going to get better.
  14. In regards to this video, this situation sucks all-around. I don't think these WO's legally broke ROE, but if they had a brain they would've known better. I'm sure they where fresh out of rucker and were looking to 'play metal gear for real'... Having said that, this doesn't necessarily fall on their shoulders, as an officer cleared them to fire... What I would like to know is if he was in the air/had a visual feed or if he was just relying on verbal confirmation of a threat.
  15. Adobe doesn't even make 64 bit versions of their software for mac, not to mention by buying a $3000 mac pro you still end up with an $150 nvidia gt120 card. This is especially important since cs now supports parallel processing. I'm really tired of the "macs are better for graphics!" touted by mac evangelists. I still can't wait to get my hands on this... I'm so tired of GIMP.
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