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  1. Wow it's horrible, I forget how to use 3Ds Max since I'm working only with Maya for 3 years now and wallworm is on Max. Well well well... icon_scratch_head.gif

  2. I won't look this topic "Star Wars: Episode VII" until I see the movie !! You won't have me !!

  3. crestview-highgrove-med.jpg

    Mmmh this should be a cool reference for some of our doors...

  4. Wow ! I just realized that I was often on two games since the release of GTA V...yeah it was a loooong period of playing GTA V and The Witcher III until now !!
    And I still want to play MGS V, Fallout IV...without forgetting the extensions of The Witcher III...gniiiii  :crazy:

    1. TheOnlyDoubleF


      You want to play to Mad Max too. 

    2. El Moroes

      El Moroes

      Yup, indeed. Too many looooong games to do ! 

    3. Sprony


      We need more hours in a day!

  5. I'm amazed by the world, you CD Projekt, you've built ! It's gorgeous ! 
    I arrived at the Skellig Islands and I immediately fell in love ! Waw, thank you for your work guys, it's amazing ! heart%2Bemoticon.png heart%2Bemoticon.png heart%2Bemoticon.png


  6. Muuuh, always trapped in Los Santos and now in the Northerns Kingdoms. :oops:

  7. I think I'm trapped in Los Santos since its released.

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    2. Vaya


      ElMoroes/kikettes progress on DE_arizona this month = 0% :P

    3. El Moroes

      El Moroes

      Yup ^^ (shaaaame...mmmh no ! ^^)

    4. El_Exodus


      So true. Los Santos won't release ya.

  8. I had a really great time at the playtest of Arizona, thanks you all being so many. Now, let's go to give you another version for another test !! :)

  9. Well, uh...I changed !

  10. After a few weeks of mapping weariness, I really enjoy working on Arizona and of course, I don't forget Highland ! I hope we'll make something good with those maps ! :)

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