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    -HP- reacted to Bl1tz in RIP Zach Ford (1985-2022)   
    Saw the news today, very sad. He was way too young.
    I remember playtesting his HL2DM map with a bunch of other mapcore folks, and then in the crazy small world of gamedev, randomly hanging out with him and a few other folks on a night out in Seattle maybe 6 or 7 years later. He definitely stood out among that crowd - not the typically quiet shy gamedev type but a big loud hurricane of a dude. Definitely a presence. RIP.
    Also gonna take his passing as a chance to wish well to all the old school folks here and thank those responsible for keeping this place going over the years. Time flies and life's too short.
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    -HP- reacted to kleinluka in RIP Zach Ford (1985-2022)   
    I just learned one of our original members, Zach Ford @Zaford20 aka “von ferret” has passed away unexpectedly at the age of 36.
    For those of you who don’t know him, Zach was one of the original members of Mapcore. Working at Gearbox for most of his career he worked on (among others) Borderlands and more recently PUBG as a Level and Game Designer. 
    I have so many good memories with Zach, wasting fools in BF2 every night while teaming up in the attack helicopter, playing frisbee in a park in Savannah during a thunderstorm, long conversations about life…
    RIP buddy. You will be missed.
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    -HP- got a reaction from kleinluka in Mental health / rant thread   
    If you're 17, you're still in your mid teens. Your brain doesn't stop developing until you're around 25.
    Your body and brain chemistry is booming right now, and it's a complicated age for everyone, you're not a special flower struggling with life. We all go through that. Some people get heavy insomnia, others sleep for 18 hours in that age. It doesn't necessarily mean you're fucked for life... you're just turning into an adult. You'll be alright.
    There's no reason you should listen to me, but what I would do is to revert back to stuff that a 17 year old should do and has been doing for millions of years. Go out and get sun in your skin, exercise and/or do sports, lift weights, eat natural foods and stay away from processed shit, drink water, socialize, find a community, stay away from the fucking news, get laid, be with friends, be a rebel, read books about stuff you like and finally.... Create! Whatever that is, just create something, even if it's just a few lines in your personal journal.
    I sense every teenager nowadays keeps trying to find "happiness", and that's really weird to me. Nature has no concept of happiness, stop! Find something that gives you meaning instead. We're all so addicted to the "likes" we get on social media our brains are flooded by excess dopamine, a natural drug better saved for rewarding hard work and other achievements. Focus on what is within your power.
    Be well!
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    -HP- got a reaction from Zarsky in Unreal Engine 5   
    Yeah, lighting is an art form, more important than ever! Lumens is amazing, but you still need to know how to squeeze it's juice.
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    -HP- reacted to FMPONE in What have you watched recently?   
    I’ve almost watched this movie about 10 times
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    -HP- got a reaction from Mr.Yeah! in Unreal Engine 5   
    Yeah, lighting is an art form, more important than ever! Lumens is amazing, but you still need to know how to squeeze it's juice.
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    -HP- reacted to Castle in How to break in the games industry - an insiders' guide   
    Well, I managed to experience a third option on this front at this point. 
    Triple AAA industry to Indie game dev to decentralized finance / web3 / metaverse content creation.

    Been doing this for awhile now and its a completely different beast. I almost feel like its impossible to really even explain it at this point. I think a defining definition of this space is that its currently out of reach from most people in both concept and practice. Even then I am too frank when I discuss this topic which has a strong tendency to spook people. There are a large number of people in the game industry that have yet to even grasp an NFT at a basic level and the vast majority of the crypto and metaverse space are so extremely cutting edge that its impossible to really predict where things will go next. Overall I know what is going to happen though. We are all going to be in this space eventually and the people who complained, spoke out against it will be railed by online shills who have financial incentives for their crypto and NFTs to hold value. Its a losing battle, don't bother. 
    I have been living a full blown black mirror episode for about 5 years now.
    I am as deep in this as it is humanly possible and I fully see now how its going to change the internet and humanity. There is not really a bullet pointed list I can create like my older post. The post I created before this one was made right before I was fully drawn in. Mind you I was in crypto at around 2014 but had no solitary idea on how this would come together in a "metaverse" scenario. Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and various other corporations are absolutely gung-ho after this space. Most people still have absolutely no idea why, but these companies do and they are fucking serious about it. They are deadset about capturing a chunk of this space and nothing is likely to really stop them. Its remarkable as ultimately speaking web3 is actually a disadvantage for these types of corporations and they will likely end up restructuring as a result to better leverage the space.
    Everything is going to change very soon.
    Virtual reality by itself is a gimmick that will never gain traction by itself. This is also true for NFTs. Are NFTs a scam? They absolutely are at this time. But that wont matter. Crypto, virtual reality and NFTs are just ingredients, separate pieces of a larger puzzle with many moving parts. Alone they come off extremely pointless and almost like a bad joke. The real magic wont happen until you combine these ideas in a specific package. The brutal and honest truth about this is that unless you experience this for yourself and garner some time in the metaverse and gain some actual lasting relationships with others in the space it will be extremely confusing as to what all of this is even about.
    So for this to be on topic regarding getting into the game industry.
    The metaverse is going to create an explosion of development similar to what Id software did to multiplayer online gaming in the 1990s. You will experience two types of platforms in this space. The most common is likely to be the standard non-proprietary development environment. Unreal 5 or unity based platforms will likely function this way. These environment will eventually mold themselves into the proprietary development environment. This transition from standard older development environments to fully in engine environments will occur for a host of reasons. Metaverses have a tendency to act like a black hole where the the survival of the platform will be predicated on forcing content creation to utilize proprietary toolsets making it harder to bring content outside of that metaverse. A metaverse is going to include visual scripting / logic systems similar to unreal blueprints and the nodes will be 3d objects. There is going to be an explosion of new metaverse platforms as well. You are going to see a strong push for open source platforms because decentralized finance has extremely strong ties to trustless environments. Most development will be done in virtual reality. But it wont be done the way you might be thinking.

    The basic idea will be that everything is built on top of these platforms. Everything comes to the metaverse and stays in the metaverse. You have a social environment then on top of that people will build larger projects on top of it. Even single player games will likely be playable while in a social VR environment. The metaverse is the platform and all games and content are built inside and on top of the core platform.
    The most important and difficult piece of the puzzle to grasp is that these are going to be hyper social environments. You need to get this otherwise you will not understand the core function of how this all comes together. Mark Zuckerberg describes this as the "feeling of presence". Your experience in virtual reality with other people is almost identical to your experiences in real life. You can know someone only in virtual reality for multiple years and then meet them in real life and the experience is completely organic with literally zero downtime. The feeling of presence is extremely important. The feeling of presence you gain in virtual reality in a social platform is the glue that binds every single facet of the experience as a whole. Without it, none of this stuff will make sense.
    Without the feeling of presence then NFTs make literally zero sense. Corporations attempting to  push this idea are absolutely flubbing the entire concept by trying to make NFT collectibles. Its a complete waste of time. Nobody is going to care about NFTs unless its part of a popular metaverse. The moment you own something that has real world value and its tied to your online persona in some way in an environment with a true feeling of presence is the moment it all clicks. Konami releasing some Castlevania nfts makes literally zero sense. Most people are absolutely clueless about how or why any of this works. Its tonedeaf as hell for Square to release FFXIV NFT collectibles. It does not make sense! Nobody is going to know or even care about you owning these things if its not part of a highly social environment!
    Shoutouts to people who have experienced the following.

    - Experienced a job interview while at a concert.
    - Experienced a job interview at a bar or nightclub.
    - Experienced and landed a job interview while drunk. (The interviewer was also drinking)
    - developed content entirely in VR and only understand less than half of how it works because everyone who helped were persistent about doing it for you.
    - People talking about 2nd Life like it was the Roman empire.
    - Has been to a public pug.
    - "Is there a mirror I need to calibrate"
    - Communicate with hundreds of people in a single night and remember who most of them are.
    - Fell asleep while in VR.
    - Literally un-phased by partying 5 days a week and it still feels like a job.
    - Sometimes prefers to sleep in VR.
    - Your right arm is slightly sore from constantly holding up a 3d camera while streaming or recording videos.
    - Full body tracking.
    - Dancing while in full body.
    - Facial tracking.
    - Cant properly experience a night without trackstrap plus.
    - Know or have met ThrillSeeker.
    - You know who ThrillSeeker even is.
    - "Maybe I should open up my own night club"
    - Know someone who became crypto rich off of an absolute shitcoin.
    - Absolutely un-phased by male voices from female avatars.
    - Absolutely un-phased by furry avatars.
    - Absolutely un-phased by some of the weirdest shit on the internet.
    - "Metaverse is ruined, the real term is Virtual underground or The Nexus"
    - A large proportion of your friends communicate in a special VR only ASL.
    - Have said "I might have a drinking problem." while talking about game development.
    - Refer to some of your friends as "mutes"
    - "Furniture just clutters up my play space"
    - "I knocked a wall down in my apartment to increase my play space"
    - Has ever flexed your play space by walking from one side of it to the other in full body.
    - Experienced a job interview while inside of your portfolio that is also housing 40+ people. 
    - Modded clients, everyone has one nobody wants to openly admit it.
    - Movie worlds silently begin dominating your time watching movies.
    - "X other virtual reality platform is going to take over" (it never does)
    - More than half your friends are trans.
    - More than half your friends are DJs.
    - "There is only 20 people here, where is everyone?"
    - "Oh shit one of the devs is at the party."
    - Knows someone or has personally received a full body lap dance.
    - "CHEERS!"
    - Has ever suggested someone swig water as a "water shot"
    - Experienced someone getting upset when you tell them you are only drinking water tonight.
    - Has ever felt sad when someone is only in "desktop" mode.
    - A well known streamer or content creator has ever passed out and is snoring in your world.
    - Has done at least one IRL meetup.
    - It literally takes a half hour to scroll through your friends list.
    - Has met the same person multiple times but both of you were blackout drunk at the time. You commence to meet them again while blackout drunk.
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    -HP- got a reaction from FMPONE in Unreal Engine 5   
    Yeah, lighting is an art form, more important than ever! Lumens is amazing, but you still need to know how to squeeze it's juice.
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    -HP- reacted to Buddy in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2   
    Give me them likes... 
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    -HP- got a reaction from El Moroes in Hitman 3   
    This game's level design and environmental art is absolutely top notch.
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    -HP- reacted to FMPONE in Unreal Engine 5   
    I think the little light scattering across the incredibly detailed geometry is what seems really promising from a photorealism standpoint. The fucking scary thing is, to be photorealistic, it still seems about half as detailed as it would need to be.
    Photorealism feels *close* in 2022, like. We're almost there...
    Looking at this shot for example, parts feel photoreal

    and other parts feel like a phony mess

    asset quality almost seems to differ in the shots, I find this whole rock set pretty unconvincing

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    -HP- reacted to blackdog in Hitman 3   
    Nice to see an Italian working on the core tech of the engine ☺️
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    -HP- got a reaction from blackdog in What are you playing now?   
    Boy... I remenber those fucking black bars and the insanely low fov. I still played it back in the day, found it to be rather innovative in many aspects. If you like survival horror where every bullet matter, this is for you. The latter stages of the game are downright psychedelic, amazing environmental art.
    The sequel fixes a lot of the problems that the first one had, but funny enough I didn't find the presentation as good as the first. But I also really enjoyed playing through it. 
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    -HP- got a reaction from blackdog in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2   
    Noooo? Really? Nobody could have predicted this.
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    -HP- got a reaction from Zarsky in Titanfall 2   
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    -HP- got a reaction from Zarsky in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2   
    Noooo? Really? Nobody could have predicted this.
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    -HP- got a reaction from El Moroes in Titanfall 2   
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    -HP- reacted to FMPONE in What are you playing now?   
    Picked up Hades

    thus far it reminds me a *LOT* of Dead Cells. I eventually got bored of that one, but I can see myself returning to this when I'm feeling like chilling and killing stuff
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    -HP- got a reaction from FMPONE in Half-Life: Alyx LEVITATION   
    You do you boo! Just do what you think it's right. 
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    -HP- reacted to will2k in I love me some Quake!   
    Ah, the good old Quake mapping days where you could start the map on January 9, 1996 and finish it on January 17, 1996.
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    -HP- got a reaction from FMPONE in Half-Life: Alyx LEVITATION   
    I think if you do do it in advance, do it within enough time that youtubers, gaming social media accounts and even gaming press can talk about it and maybe even hype it up before release. Maybe finish the trailer with a release date at the end and that's that, gives you a window of some extra time for last minute touch ups.
    I think personally, looking up to a release is sort of a good feeling. I like that feeling of knowing in a few weeks I'll be playing something I'm really looking forward to. 
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    -HP- reacted to Bunglo in Metro: Exodus   
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    -HP- reacted to FMPONE in Half-Life: Alyx LEVITATION   
    thank you m8. I think given the length we are going for, a lot of people would.
    But I could also prank everyone by having faked all these screenshots and playtests and release meatspin.gif. we need to have a solid workshop release first, I think that's only fair personally and I expect nothing else.
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