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  1. On 8/15/2019 at 4:53 PM, El_Exodus said:

    5 year old thread? No worries, i got this.

    There are currently 2 merch stores:

    The old one: https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/mapcore/
    and the new one: https://teespring.com/stores/mapcore

    1. The old one should be nuked to avoid confusion. Also: Old logo.

    2. The new one got cut down for some reason. Can't buy a mug no more? GUYS! MURGS - WE NEED THEM MURGS!!

    3. The store isn't really linked to around here. Gotta fix that.


    Edit: Tagging some cause otherwise nobody will find this comment ever. @FMPONE @Thrik @Yanzl


    Bump for exposure! :)

  2. I am indeed, saw your nick on some of the older posts, didn't know if you still hang around here :) Long time no see!

    In fact PayneReactor.com is still up and running, but I handed it over to the guy that used to write some news for it many years ago :)

    Yeah, not only up and running but still very much alive, I follow it on twitter and it always amazes me how it still gets news updates up to this date. Well, it's good seeing you man, I hope you hang around here, mapcore's a badass community.

  3. I think it's simply a matter of time. I remember taking a course with a game environment designer from Naughty Dog, and he said like 10 times, make your project small. Smaller than you think, and smaller than you think. 75% of didn't get how small it needed to be and wasn't even near finishing our environments :D 

    It just takes so much time. I mean considering just the time I've spent on the blocks on my map... 

    sorry for the OT, but are you the same biXen from back in the Max Payne mods days? :o

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