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  1. I love how they're taking certain liberties. Also love that it's over the shoulder a-la RE4.
  2. [HP]

    Black Mirror

    Fuck that, I'll go in blind. Hope they went back to the rawness of the first couple seasons. As long as Brooker is involved tho, the writing should be good.
  3. [HP]

    John Wick

    Fuck end game. John Wick ftw, it's my bday on monday, we'll get a sitter and go watch this fucking thing.
  4. [HP]

    Rage 2

    I also agree with Jim that the top left HUD info should not be on the screen, my OCD would explode.
  5. [HP]

    Rage 2

    I've watched a couple playthrough videos, the screen VFX are a bit annoying, and man there is a lot of asset popping everywhere, specially when you're flying around with a drone. Gonna be honest here, this game did not capture my interest. I might pick it up later when it's half price or so.
  6. [HP]

    Rage 2

    And online publications are suffering from it. VICE shutting down many of their branches, buzzfeed closing, Gizmodo (Kotaku) getting sold, etc. They followed the metrics that told them that a certain type of click bait content performs the best and what we're seeing now, is a reflection of that mistake. As with many things in life, this is a pendulum. It will re-balance itself.
  7. Oh yeah, I forgot we had a thread about this already and posted that video on the Walking Dead the series thread, my bad. Watched it this morning and dude, after working in this industry for more than a decade now, all of this is just history repeating itself, way too familiar. Ultimately this is the nature of business, any business. Shit like this happens for a plethora of reasons, one of the bigger reasons being bad management and prioritizing growth over quality products. Also, I see a lot of talk about unionization and I think I've said it before in here, I have no informed opinion on the matter, but if people think layoffs will end if unions rein over the industry, they're delusional.
  8. [HP]

    The Walking Dead

    Finally a zombies TV series! ;D http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1520211/
  9. So... this is out it seems like, and it's not getting reviewed very well. I could swear this game was still at least a year out, to see it out all of a sudden feels a bit weird. I think as a whole, gamers are getting very tired of grindy games, specifically Destiny-esque grind games, where the game design is very transparent about the fact that it wants you to play it for hours and hours by having you do menial stuff like to open the loot you just picked up, it forces you to go back to the hub. You can tell a lot of really good talent worked on this, so it's a bit of a shame to see it tainted and ruined by questionable game design choices that is very reflective of the current times we live in.
  10. [HP]

    Red Dead Redemption 2

  11. [HP]

    Rage 2

  12. https://www.wired.com/story/exclusive-sony-next-gen-console/
  13. Seems like we'll be getting a new trailer for e3! Hype train, all aboard!
  14. [HP]

    PlayStation 5 Reveal

    Don't get me wrong, I respect the heritage of FF7, I beat it back in the day. It's just turn based games..... eeeeh. lmao What they briefly show of the combat in the remake looks really good tho man, hope this will be good.
  15. [HP]

    Borderlands 3

    I mean, it's ok to talk about it, I trust Mapcore to keep it civil and respectful, it's the reason I'm here, to discuss the industry and the games at large. It's just, it's ALL people fucking talk about nowadays, go on nearly any online games publication, forum, fb or twitter thread, someone's getting outraged at what someone else said or did, I think we're above that here and can discourse about things with a certain level of detachment and be rational about things. Anyway, it's disappointing and It's why I pretty much stopped following any games media coverage, their bias is palpable at this point. I still sporadically check the games Easy Allies review as I know and trust the editorial staff over there, they never did clickbait and their podcast is always on topic, and I also take a peak at my YT recommended page, although even that is usually a mess.
  16. [HP]

    Borderlands 3

    Dude, some people spend more hours of their day discussing and bitching about games and the industry, than they do actually playing games. Wtf? Industry drama became a video game, a very dangerous for your sanity video game that bounders on politics and insanity. Fuck all of that shit, people need to go back to get laid and worry less about what others "tweet" and "outrage" about. Lmao
  17. [HP]

    PlayStation 5 Reveal

    I never got into FF. Even back in the day when everyone was raving about FF7 I always found the turn based combat really monotonous and boring af, really. But the cinematics and art style overall are some of the best shit out there.
  18. [HP]

    Borderlands 3

    Lol, every game brings on a new drama.