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  1. Judging by the trailer, this seems like it's gonna be a nice title: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/22800.html Lets see if it follows up, RE4 guidelines, which honestly, I hope not! I totally disliked RE4.
  2. ┌HP┘

    Mapping - A Process

    Yeh, go fishing or smomethin' to inspire ya!
  3. It's a good technique starting up taking as reference already made maps, I started this way as well! You got a long road ahead mate, keep up!
  4. ┌HP┘


    Nice stuff for HL1, I guess!
  5. True that, It's like an universal code that works on all the platforms!
  6. Well, ID's engines has almost always been the first ones including new stuff. Like Doom3 engine for example, or (Id Tech 4) it was the first engine having normals maps with dynamic lightning, correct me if I'm wrong. But yeah, I'm a self proclaimed ID fanboy!
  7. ahah, i just came to mapcore to post this! xD The engine looks superb! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Id_Tech_5 : The demonstration with which the new game engine was shown had 20 GB of texture data (using a more advanced MegaTexture approach using textures with up to 128000x128000 pixel resolution) and a completely dynamically changeable world. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! omfg, this is next-next-gen, lol! ID has always been my Top1 fav gamedev company! Guys, just take a look at the editor: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/23179.html
  8. That Alien Ship Environment rocks man, congrats! You should be realy proud of yourself working on this great companie, CryTek!
  9. http://www.gamespot.com/news/6176010.ht ... ks;title;2 Fixed Anybody else wanna chicken out? Halo 3 maybe? Hm? Btw, Cof... "GTA IV delayed until 2008" http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=27296 lol
  10. ┌HP┘


    I like this new screenshots, the lighting is looking alot better, gotta love those hightlights, nice taste! Keep on
  11. How do you guys know It's going to use CE1?!
  12. Unfortunately they didn't released MGS3 for PC, so I didn't played it, yet. And prolly, they wont release MGS4 for PC neither, so I'll prolly buy a PS3
  13. Hourences, this book looks very promising. I'm going to order it sometime next month, I'm realy looking forward to read it!
  14. Well, I haven't sent any applications just yet, I wanna have something more games related on my portfolio, before I start sending out applications!
  15. Hey guys! I wanna thank everyone who contacted me by mail, and also those who replied here, of course. I choose to join the Recall to Hell mod, for Doom3. For those who don't know it yet, take a look at the media section in they'r webpage, http://recalltohell.d3files.com/media.htm. Some realy impressive stuff there, from maps, to 3D models, even the concept art! I realy like this sci-fi/high-tech environments, so... Cheers
  16. I'm already working in a 3D architectural visualization company, unfortunately the games industry is near to none here in Portugal. That's why I wanna keep on practice Level Design, and as soon as I have some more serious stuff, I'll apply to a GameDev companie outside my country. Anyways, I already got some contacts from Mod teams, I'm running though them all right now. Thanks guys Edit :: Oh, btw all those renders are vray.
  17. Hey man, thanks for you'r feedback. Yeah, some people already told me the exact same thing, the gallery is a tad bit complicated to navigate at first, I'm reconsidering in changing it for something more friendly, we shall see when I have some free time!
  18. Nice site zaphod, just registered my self! congrats
  19. Hey guys... Well, the topic says it all, as an "environmental artist" ( or a "level artist"), and 3D modeler, I'm seeking to join a Mod team. I'm looking forward to develop even further my modeling and level design capabilities, so I can continue training to blow into the games industry in the future. For that end, I'm searching for a well organized team, working on a Mod or TC for Unreal engine, or Source Engine. I'd like to work on such skills as Modeling (props, buildings, etc) and/or as an Environmental Artist, as mentioned above. Feel free to check out some of my past works inv
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