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  1. That breakdown with the guitar
  2. Yeah, I tried it too on the gamepass. For such a tiny team, this game is no short of a miracle. Been following it since even before it was announced, and the team really killed it. Some things could have been a little better, the characters for instance look really rubbery, lighting can be busy at times and the map / ui a little confusing at the start. But, killing monsters feel really snappy and gameplay fluid enough to carry the experience. I'll boot it up again soon to play a couple more hours, but I'm not the biggest fan of isometric action games so I doubt I'll put in the 50 hours to finish it. But it's worth checking it out for the universe alone, specially if you're into industrial scifi art directions.
  3. Still holding out hope for a orgy scene.
  4. I meant the tech, the driving felt stiff as fuck, and I kept wanting to get off the car to look into every corner of the map for those damned book pages. Still fun sections, they offered something fresh to do.
  5. Alan Wake was a really big venture for Remedy, for a long time it was a open world game, then they rebooted the project internally. That's why they have the large driving sections, they had to try and salvage some of the tech for large open environments on there. It worked really well too, fortunately.
  6. Really enjoyed gow4, even tho in terms of gameplay it's not as satisfying as the first 3, the story was fairly interesting and the graphics were top notch! This looks a little more of the same, which is absolutely fine by me, i wanna see where they take the story with loki.
  7. you should watch it if you haven't yet, some of those shorts are really damn good. I think the new Netflix show "Love Death + Robots" deffo takes a page out of Animatrix book. I think the fact that Keanu is the stoic, dull and monotone actor is one of the reasons he was so perfect in the original Matrix, it's way easier for the viewer to identify and even project himself to him.
  8. Actual badass idea from kojimasan
  9. They're indeed a far cry from the original game.
  10. Pretty much! Amazing game, I'll totally play it again specially if they spent the time polishing a few edges and modernized a few things. I think I only played AW once and I still remember vividly most of the game, specially the story and characters. Fuck man, no one can top Remedy when it comes to storytelling!
  11. I'm not jelly, you're jelly!! Fuckin miners and scalpers can go fuck themselves, honestly. Let gamers have their fun at an affordable price again, pl0x?!
  12. I'm surprised you made it to end game... the last avengers I've watched was the first one. I'm officially too old for this super hero bullshit.
  13. Grats on getting this out there, it looks amazing!! I can't wait to play it, Arkane ftw!! You guys rock!
  14. Fuck, yes! I've got this in Vinyl too!
  15. I want you to create a thread, and post daily progress on either DX1 or MGS3. They're widely regarded as some of the best games of their era, so it could be fun for you and ourselves to document your journey with these old but epic games.
  16. This is all a ploy by Cooper and Norman to get you all addicted to the platform, reaping the benefits by selling all your personal data to Amazon and Google so they can target ad you exactly the sort of dildos you enjoy
  17. Them serotonin receptors sure are getting lit tho
  18. Online life is now an RPG
  19. I also agree that it's rare
  20. wtf... lol Do you even play games bro? xD
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