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  1. If you only want to level design, it might be easier to pick a game you like, and mod that game. Some games still release with modding tools, like Fallout 4. For MP, CS:GO still has a very active and thriving mapping community. Reason this is probably better for a beginner, rather than starting out with UE4 or Unity is that these games already come preloaded with loads of content you can play around and reverse engineer. As a beginner, it can be a little daunting to start out with an engine, since you pretty much need to do everything, even with all the marketplace stuff. Unde
  2. Amazing video game. It only gets better.
  3. ┌HP┘

    Corona Virus

    We're slowly becoming a god dammed cyberpunk irl. Anyone here ever read Brave New World? People love to say we're at the cusp of becoming an Orwellian society, but tbh from what I'm seeing Huxley was closer. (Curious fact, he was Orwell's teacher.)
  4. ┌HP┘

    Corona Virus

    What's bonkers? The fact that tech nerds with bad posture up in Palo alto are dictating what doctors and scientists worldwide can or can't say? Just another day on the interwebs... not bonkers at all.
  5. I see you guys both point of views, and they're both valid. Mine was more what they can still do at this late stage, before they release this thing. Going back and changing level design and architecture design at this point, is pretty much an impossibility for them. And btw, i don't think simple boxy like levels can't be interesting, I mean that's what the first Doom and Quake games, or others like Heretic were based on, and they still felt good, i'd actually argue it helped them feel "otherworldly", it's part of the appeal that the architecture looks kinda out there. SS1 is just a bit samey,
  6. Dunno if you noticed, but there's heavy use of screen motion blur in this game, for these kind of environments you can afford to stick to object motion blur man. Also the look of the game goes from blurry to overly contrasty sharp look in less than a second as you play, that doesn't help either and it's head ache inducing. Specially where there's so much strong red and green, one trick I often use to get away from deep red is to just slightly hue it back towards deep orange, your mind still registers as red and it has a much softer and natural read to it. I've noticed they slowly starte
  7. Everyone goes to Youtubers/podcasts for video game news these days. Video game websites are suffering the same death that video game magazines did, good riddance since it became a corporate fest.
  8. Graphically, it definitely is impressive, great lighting. great sound quality as well and I'm surprised by how good the facial animation is. If the AI is decent, and the game is relatively low on bugs, it could be a good sequel.
  9. I think that's sort of what the reference is, those flatter cartoons like Tin Tin merged with Moebius art style. I like it, pretty original.
  10. Ha, possible, yeah... I played it on release. It also wouldn't surprised me if the game actually ran worse on the PS4 pro, as they could have tonned back a lot of graphical stuff on the base PS4 to run better, and maybe punched it up too much on the pro, but yeah I remember It got pretty bad. I wanna play this again, the DLC they release is a good excuse to give it another run. I gotta get my hands on a RTX card first, and the odds of that happening aren't very high.
  11. Did you play on the pro? I can't for the life of me remember if I already had my ps4pro or not, but I do remember crazy drops during heavy combat, so it could be I was still on the base ps4?
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