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  1. 11mil might sound like a lot of ruppies for you and me, but that's a drop in the bucket for a big corpo. Gotta hand it to Epic, they're playing the long game to win.
  2. Unless that petition hits a couple million, there's no way this will change anything. It's a business, open world games are hard to make and take a long time, ROI dictates decisions in these cases. It is a shame, I quite liked the game, specially after a couple patches. I think what ruins games like these is the "Looks cool, it really looks interesting, I'll buy it later on." Very much like the movie industry, these blockbuster titles rely on the success of the launch window, where people buy the game full price, lifetime sales means jack shit, particularly if the game has no extra buil
  3. Aye, this is still a very impressive read, really well put together.
  4. A man of taste. Fantastic video game, with a even better development story behind it
  5. You can now look up Ashley's skirt in VR. ahah
  6. Oddworld Soulstorm is impressing me in many ways! I was a bit skeptical at first, none of the Oddworld sequels we got in the past even got close to the majestic feeling of the original on the PSX, but this one really gets it. It seems like the director of the original also directed this one, and it shows. Story is actually pretty engaging, you really empathize with the Mudokins, and Abe too the flawed hero. Gameplay is pretty smooth, but very reminiscent of the feeling of the old ones, they modernized what they should have, but no more than that. There's a new crafting system in th
  7. I wanted to document my lighting process, so I recorded myself doing that night scene. It's sorta long (3.5 hours) but I hope it helps someone. Plus, it's free so you can't say uncle HP has never done anything for you I actually learned a lot making this. One thing is to never narrate these things at 1am, I was a bit too whispery.
  8. Oh... so it'll be out on PC too? Okay then. lol
  9. This is out in may right? I really want to play it, but it's impossible to find a PS5 right now. This sucks. Is there any word on how long this will remain platform exclusive?
  10. Posted the WIPs on our discord, never on the actual forum though. I did this during those weird months of hard lockdown last year, thank god I had a new toy to distract me during those times man. I wanted to wait until I had time to write up a breakdown before putting it here.
  11. Hey guys, Finally got around to make a short breakdown of the Source 2 scene I made a while ago. I made sure I took a few WIP screenshots as I worked on it, so I could do a thorough breakdown later on, so here you have it. This engine is really fun to work with, you can model nearly everything in editor, just like you could back in the BSP era, I really hope to see more engines (specifically Unity/Unreal) follow suit, as removing the need to use so many third party apps from your workflow really makes making maps a lot more fun. (Had to divide it into two parts, as ArtStatio
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