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  1. Fairly sizeable patch! I haven't been having many problems with the game, aside from FPS dips during combat, I think it fixed it for me. https://www.pcgamer.com/deathloop-update-patch-notes/?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_source=twitter.com
  2. They should just remake f1/f2, but as third person. I'd be ok with turn based combat too. Have it be as hardcore as it was. For sure there's a market for that.
  3. Only a couple hours in, and I already know me and this game will be best friends! Really enjoying it so far. I absolutely love Colt's personality, and the use of "regular" language and profanity in the game's tips, lol. I can feel a lot of people had fun making this game, it oozes personality.
  4. Can't wait to try this out... Will probably pick it up when I'm done with Deathloop. Been playing the latest Wario game with my wife and my kid. If you like silly coop games on the Switch, deffo check it out too. Kinda pricy but you know... Nintendo.
  5. Damn... this actually looks pretty dope! I used to love brawlers when I was a kid, but this genre sort of died out. Double Dragon and Streets of Rage was the shit, yo! Genre never really lend itself to 3D very well, until Yakuza came out. Will deffo be keeping an eye out for this, looks fun af!
  6. Crypto nerds will probably give me shit for this, but I really enjoy Coinbase. It has the best most clean UI of them all, and I tried a bunch. Thing is, lately they've been increasing their fees more and more, specially after they went public. You can offset a bunch of these, by installing Coinbase Pro on your phone, depositing USD, then convert to any crypto you like. A little more work, but no fees. Another one that I've started using recently, mostly because of the really great APY they offer, is Blockfi. I think they offer 5% APY on BTC and a few other cryptos, and 8.25% APY if you put your dollars on GUSD. These stablecoins are not risk free, but that's a hell of a lot better than the 0.01% my bank offers. If you wanna go power user up this bitch, then you have BinanceUS, Kucoin (great for altcoins), Kraken, etc.
  7. Yeap, sound advice. The halvings you mention, is that the 4 year cycle I keep hearing about?
  8. Regulation isn't *always* a bad thing, btw. Regardless, the SEC already said they wont ban crypto. Btw, that "Damn it... I lost the boat, now it's too late." feeling is easily solved with the aforementioned DCA technique. Buying slowly but steadily helps you have some exposure, while mitigating risks. And apparently, 13% of Americans own crypto VS 64% own stocks. So we're not at mass adoption stage yet... but deffo getting there. Apparently crypto adoption curve is the fastest in human nature. Fastest than electricity, phones, the internet, TV, PCs... etc. I had my doubts, part of me still does (due to it being too much of a wild west) but I think this stuff is here to stay, and in the future even our parents will hold crypto.
  9. I Dollar cost average (DCA) in index funds and ETF's that reflect markets that might keep growing. I'd be weary of individual stocks or even crypto... unless you go long on your buys. If you don't know what DCA is, it's basically a technique that entails investing a fixed amount of money in the same fund or stocks every month over a long period of time. That fixed amount is usually a percentage dictated by you, when you analyze your finances. (How much can you invest out of your paycheck every month, the more you put, the more money you'll have working for you.) I wouldn't park money on a savings account, you're loosing money to inflation, your money is literally loosing it's value every year (2%/3% annually on average, more so in 2021) so you need to make sure you're hedging for inflation at the very least. If you don't know what hedging is, say inflation is 3% that year, and you have all your investments on the S&P500, which makes on average 8% a year. You actually made 5%. So you didn't loose money to inflation, you actually made some back since you put your money to work while you slept. That's hedging in a nutshell as I see it. There's other ways, gold, silver, real estate, etc. They're called assets (vs liabilities). That said, it's wise to have some money saved, it's called a emergency fund (usually enough money to survive 6 months without being employed, case anything goes wrong and you need access to cash, fast) to have more money than that pile up on a savings account, is widely regarded as a bad financial decision, since that money isn't being put to work for you, your bank does it for you without you even knowing, and you only see 0.01% back in interest. As for which Index Funds you think are the best, I always revert to index funds that reflect the whole US stock market, and other index funds that reflect the international market, and the S&P500. You're basically investing in thousands of companies at once, it's a big basket, so even if one company does horribly that year, you have all the others affecting the average, these things historically keep going up, decade after decade. If the market is down, you buy. If the market is up, you buy. You don't need that money tomorrow anyway, this is mostly for retirement so forget about daily, or even monthly market fluctuations. In the US there's retirement accounts like the RothIRA where your investments grow tax free, and others like the 401k where you invest your money before it's taxed (usually through your employer), study what options you have in EU / your country for retirement accounts, and look at the expense ratio of the index funds that they offer. The sooner your start DCA'ing, the sooner you can retire. As for crypto... I allocate 5% of my total portfolio to cryptocurrencies. It's a riskier investment, but having some exposure to it, so far has been my best decision in terms of investments, even with such a low percentage. As for which crypto to buy, I simply DCA on BTC, ETH, ADA and leave most shitcoins alone. As thiago said, dedicate some time to read about this shit, you'll be thankful you did when you get old.
  10. So who here already bought their first NFT? Huh? Your 10 bucks investement in BTC on 9/9/2017 is now worth nearly 125. That's a 1148% return.
  11. That was great! I really want to replay B1 one day, one of the best games ever.
  12. Leon hitting on Hunnigan was some of the best parts of the dialogue. The whole game's dialogue is a cringe fest... that's the point. lol
  13. That was awesome, I finally picked this up, will take it for a spin this weekend!
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