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  1. Looks like Sigma really adds some interesting stuff to combat https://gfycat.com/denseunawaregoldeneye-highlight-overwatch
  2. that fucking ruled, but how is Capcom not finna sue you??
  3. Yeah; Apple is capitalism at its best and worst. They make fantastic, incredible products that have changed the world. The products also tend to be composed of rare earth minerals from crazy Chinese mines assembled in factories where, despite meager efforts to make life livable for the workers, people still run at fifth floor windows as if they’re on fire and giant vertical heights are like a cold tub of water; to such an extent that they had to install nets below the buildings. It’s not easy to use this technology and be oblivious to the fact that it’s absolutely amazing and insane and of course can only exist through magnificent unseen cruelty. But that’s not an Apple thing, that’s a “life in the modern world” thing. When it all crumbles we can’t be too upset, this wasn’t ever going to be a stable foundation. Might as well rock the Air Pods while life is good, the writing is on the wall. I'm impressed with wireless charging... the technology just gets more and more magical.
  4. I had a pretty good experience with my 6 S plus which I only just now traded in for $80. Honestly can’t complain about Apple. No, I don’t intend on buying the stand for $999
  5. Finally upgraded my phone after many many years to the iPhone XR. It’s the same old shit but it’s sooooo smooth! Faceid feels really futuristic too. Enjoying it so far !
  6. criminally overrated game, don't buy
  7. I actually used the Epic games Store to buy a game. I bought Outer Wilds, it’s very interesting. Its also an EXXXClusive to the Epic Marketplace, or you know damn well I woulda bought that shiz on Steam.

    Peace in Korea.

    In fairness its an invisible line, the North Koreans are probably happy to grant a photo op if it means they don’t have to make any other concessions (who knows if they have.) I’m guessing this mean they can go full steam ahead on doing everything they actually care about such as building nukes. Thus far in human history nukes have preserved peace, but long term the more states (especially unstable states) that acquire nukes, the lower humanity’s long term chances of survival become. Even if the country acquiring nukes is Sweden, it’s never a good sign.
  9. This appeared on my public feedback stream a while back, but otherwise conforms to the rules. No further feedback has happened, nor is it going to happen, but nonetheless I’m going to disqualify myself from judging it. Our other judges can weigh in on this one.
  10. I'm really excited to dig into the rest of the series now! It's not perfect, but when something is truly weird, I love it, because most art can't get made if it crosses a certain weirdness threshold, and boy does this ever cross that threshold. edit: finished it. yeah, that shit will rip your heart out! brutal stuff. looking forward to watching the movies to get a real sense of how it ends.
  11. Ok I’m like 18 episodes in and I regret anything negative I ever said about this show. It is, hands down, the most batshit crazy piece of media I think I’ve ever consumed. Absolutely mind-melting in every way. My brain is liquified and pouring out of my ears at how profoundly stupid this show is and yet I cannot get enough WOW
  12. Gtfo out of here with those spoilers!! If ain’t the real thing it’s nothing but satanic temptation!! Jk. But seriously, can’t wait for the real deal.
  13. Watching Evangelion for the first time on Netflix. Yikes... some parts of this look good (mechs, architecture) but the animation is kind of hit or miss especially the characters. And the writing, not sure if it’s the translation or the dub, this is not a well written show at all. Overall four episodes in this feels like a slog; going to try to drag my way through it because the mechanical designs and the UI design are so cool.
  14. Just saw Child’s Play. It hasn’t been getting good reviews but I left the theatre smiling wide, it’s really really fun. Mark Hamill was having a blast playing Chucky
  15. I remember not liking Trigun but then again it’s probably been 15 years. I’d like to rewatch the original Gundam series, afraid it might suck tho. Never saw Macross
  16. Gorgeous. might need to explore the OST
  17. Maybe but the combat they implemented was overly faithful to HL2, and uncritically reproduces it, warts and all. A dev on twitter said they will work on improving it now. Worth remembering all this stuff is WIP. Also, I was pretty sure that the supply of DOTA spinoffs had radically outstripped demand, but Underlords is having a successful launch. It’ll be interesting to see if they can maintain that momentum.
  18. Re-Watched all of Cowboy Bebop and the movie. The very beginning of the series is the best (first 4-5 eps) and the movie is OK. There were surprisingly few outright cringey scenes for an anime. However there were some really bad episodes (the evil clown assassin one is trash). Overall a pretty enjoyable series that held up quite well. The animation is largely super solid. They hyper-sexualized Faye quittttte a bit, but I guess it was relatively restrained by anime standards. The episode where she remembers her past is really quite touching and profound, it’s genuinely moving. The music was lively and fun. Not holding out too much hope for the Netflix series, but it’s the kind of show I could easily see doing very well in live action. If they could pull it off that would be really awesome. Biggest complaint about the show is just how short the episodes are and how some of them don’t end up making much sense as a result. If they had gone for 1 hour eps instead of 30 minutes everything would have worked soooo much better IMO, so that’s one opportunity for Netflix.
  19. I want to like this but it doesn’t scratch the itch. I really respect the professionalism they bring to this but the sound effects, the graphics, the gameplay, everything kind of falls flat for me and seems like a rough HL2 mod. To make a good HL3 you have to start with the things we don’t currently have good access to, narrative and story beats. The physics is nice but I don’t feel that physics are a big constraint in current HL2 mods, it’s the narrative excitement and polish that is generally lacking in these mods. Are the characters here going to be interesting, are the stories going to be compelling? That’s what I crave from the Half Life universe.
  20. it's not going to be a sustainable industry, I don't see outrage click-baiting being sustainable long term
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