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    What I'm Working On

    I have another Source map that's 60% done, so probably done with Source after that. Wrong, I only like red blooded American adult cartoons, such as the Flintstones. Mature stuff like that.

    What I'm Working On

    working on an Evangelion ue4 scene
  3. Most games =/= HL:A Most games are developed by a studio that has sunk their future into a gamble on the success of the game. Most games depend on hype and buzz and a hot take economy for the first few weeks after launch. HL:A is pretty evidently a future-looking endeavor by a studio that isn’t relying on it to do anything financially, that is going to be re-released every single time VR hardware improves (which it will do a lot over the next few years). There is just no point trying to apply traditional game sensibilities to what is pretty obviously an industry outlier product that is basically 10 years ahead of its time. HL:A did well enough with critics that Valve likely achieved everything they wanted to do with it and more. I intend on completing it soon, it’s just hard to play VR games right now because the hardware still feels stiflingly primitive, even the Index. Ironically, it feels a lot like trying to play a video game with a headcrab attached to your face.
  4. I'm a little bummed about this game, as someone who hasn't played it yet. They took a game that was already at maximum capacity "anime to cool" limit ratio, and took it into toxic anime levels. You never go full anime.
  5. The Conversation by Francis Ford Coppola. Awesome movie. Harrison Ford is such an underrated villain!
  6. I’ve been playing Half-Life: Alyx... slowly. It’s a bit of an undertaking in terms of a grueling, intense, sensory overwhelming and challenging campaign and also a slog to get all the VR stuff set up and running. Not exactly a relaxing plug and play experience. A great game tho. Really spectacular once you’re in the rhythm of playing it.

    What I'm Working On

    I’m not currently in quarantine, just social distancing, but do look forward to Source 2. Stay safe everybody

    What I'm Working On

    tbh I think he handled that more maturely than 99% of players. CS is a hard game and Cache is a hard map to play
  9. Renamed this thread.
  10. I know we’re fucking around here but this is the only viable gaming option for those with seventeen AA batteries
  11. Just curious where everyone stands on PlayStation 5 vs the Xbox Series X. I’ve heard that the Series X has more powerful system specs? Unspoken of course is the fact that Nintendo consoles are almost always the best consoles. Here is a thread to discuss the ongoing Console Battles for supremacy. I thought it would be interesting to see everyone break down the Pros and Cons of each. I don’t really care about Halo anymore and have consistently delayed buying a PlayStation, to my regret, so will be purchasing a PS5 upon release.
  12. We just need to go back to Gameboy cartridges, then.
  13. Yes, even if there was wireless VR on offer, I don't think early adoption would be worth the huge risks. Anything beaming signal near your brain (or lack thereof in my case) is just not worth playing games with, pardon the pun. It's already a bit alarming to consider any potential long-term effects of VR on your eyeballs. I would love a wireless VR that was self-contained, but we're probably a long way from that tech-wise. Anyways, sorry if this has been a bit of a digression from Half-Life
  14. Wireless sounds amazing, but live transmission right next to my brain sounds pretty shite
  15. This is where quick turning comes in handy. I don't have any problems with the cable when I use it, except for how heavy the damn thing is Also, this game proves that VR basketball would suck terribly.
  16. This article cleared up a question I had https://kotaku.com/why-you-cant-use-a-crowbar-in-half-life-alyx-1842491319
  17. It just occurred to me that the chapter names don’t type out on the screen like they did in both prior Half-Life games. Sadface
  18. I have a Valve Index. Pros: The Index is a pretty heavy fucker, my neck gets a good workout from it... but I think that might be a feature rather than a bug, because I think it will probably give posture benefits in the long term building up those neck muscles. The knuckles are excellent to hold, very light, very comfortable, superb in that regard. Set-up was easy. I agree with Oli that the sound is incredible. I love the way the speakers hang, amazing work there. Cons: I agree that the Index is surprisingly blurry. I wear glasses with a very, very mild prescription, but I feel like a 90 year old man looking at my Index screen sometimes. Because my prescription is so mild I just take the glasses off, because I don’t notice an improvement with them on, and because it hurts to wear them. Perhaps we just aren’t there with resolutions yet to make things feel appropriately sharp and defined. For instance, in HL:A I took an old rotted apple out of a cupboard and held it up to my face to inspect it, and I started to hallucinate because it just felt so fucking blurry and weird. It’s like, good enough to give presence, not good enough to withstand close scrutiny. The cable is annoying, but since I have limited space I use the quick turn function and therefore don’t have too many issues with it. I agree that VR needs to go wireless ASAP. I also agree that the button layouts on the knuckles are pretty bad. The track pad is garbage, throw it into the trash. Who the fuck thought that was a good idea? The placement of the “start/select” type button is also terrible, makes no sense and is incredibly hard to reach with your finger tip. There are two perfectly good buttons on the controllers, but I think Valve doesn’t want people to use them because then it would just feel like you’re in a video game. Instead they want you to use the trigger or the bizarre track pad. I lose tracking sometimes, mostly when I get close to one of the base stations.
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