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  1. Just watched Vampire Hunter D the movie for the first time. Owned
  2. Doom Guy is hot, actually. He’s sexy.
  3. I forgot that this game is a thing, that is going to rock, and now I’m excited about it again
  4. If neither version was publicly released you’re fine.
  5. watched the Ninja Scroll movie. fucking owned, its metal as fuck
  6. I love that we're getting some great space movies. Interstellar and Gravity rocked, hoping this one can get on that level of quality too.
  7. Great idea. I wonder if @Thrik could make that happen?
  8. “Spawns have final details” ...final implies it’s too far along to enter our contest. Not that complicated, we don’t want stuff with art released prior to the announcement. Greyboxes are fine.
  9. I forgot about V for Vendetta. So, that was at least watchable. Surprised to hear Speedracer was any good.
  10. Yeah the first one is an amazing, polished work of art. The second and third were unbelievably stupid, it's crazy they were made by the same people. Sometimes an artist creates an amazing work of art, then creates more art that is so bad you almost swear they must have stolen a wandering gypsy's amazing idea for a project, then killed them to hide the secret forever. The Matrix is a good example of this phenomenon, as is "The Sixth Sense" (although in that case, the gypsy had like, one or two other good ideas that M. Night also stole...) What have the Wachowskis done since the first Matrix to inspire any confidence?
  11. Optimistic for a Matrix sequel? Did you skip all the years since 1999?
  12. I fucking love Playdead. The Last Night looks good but I haven’t heard much there in a while. I was about to buy A Plague Tale but that shit costs $45, lmfao
  13. I mostly remember being excited about indies a few years back with games like Beginner’s Guide, Her Story, Hotline: Miami 1 and 2 (amazing), Undertale (the second one didn’t do much for me), Limbo, Inside (is Playdead still working on anything?), and Campo Santo with Firewatch, that era. I guess the future could still be bright there, we will have to see how the Egypt game they’re making at Valve turns out. Hollow knight was amazing, I guess were lucky to get a sequel there. Cup head was OK, I probably didn’t love it as much as some people did. It felt like we were seeing a really wide variety of new and different types of gameplay releases that was totally different from AAA but that still brought a lot of production values as well.
  14. I remember when indie games were really exciting lamest era I can remember for a long, long time
  15. I want to rewatch the original Gundam from the 70s but I'm afraid it won't hold up. I've seen some animation and it's pretty damn shaky. But I just love the original story...
  16. Played the first few levels, can pretty much confirm it owns hard. It's like the dictionary definition of a good game.
  17. Do we know when the remake is coming out?
  18. Since I now for some reason only watch animez I thought I’d rewatch Akira and Ghost in the Shell. I’d give them both about a 7-8 but what is interesting is how the films mirror each other. Akira was so kinetic and frenetic and smooth like water, whereas GITS felt really restrained and subdued. They both have these moments of insane violence, but it quickly fades into calm. It’s obvious that both cost a gazillion dollars to make (Akira especially just seems preposterously extravagant, every fucking frame and scene is a work of art). I didn’t really think the character designs in either fully worked for me, in Akira everybody looks the same and a little bit like a pig, in GITS everybody has these weirdo eye designs, but that’s actually kinda cool at the same time. I can see myself watching them again and again because there’s so much visual detail in both.
  19. Remember, that post was reacting to a dumb IGN video, not a Call of Duty video. Most of the buzz I’ve seen around this game is actually very positive, people seem excited for it this time around.
  20. trust me, absolutely no one wants to see that, 16-0s are boring to watch
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