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  1. Unbelievable work, absolutely fantastic.
  2. Thread updated with final release information.
  3. I really love this map I'm quite impressed by the architecture, keep it up man
  4. Everything else aside the map is released and I hope you will take a look, thats all I'm concerned with Final version is on the way as well.

    Aim_Skyline for CS:S

    Excellent mapping, very good sense of scale. Goodluck with the contest
  6. Check out b2 spine http://www.dayofdefeat.net/forums/showt ... adid=68137 dl: http://www.dod-federation.com/media/map ... mia_b2.zip
  7. Wasn't blown away by the map, to be perfectly honest. I enjoyed the story behind it though, and the video's production values and voice over were absolutely... phenominal. Overall pretty impressive stuff, FF looks like tons of fun as well
  8. Yes they do "taken" It isn't. Don't know what to say other than this map has no decompiled materials. Any original models/textures is not my own due to time reasons, thats about it.
  9. The whole skybox seems to be taken straight from official dod maps. Wow why don't you download it and see for yourself instead of spouting off complete bullshit :roll: And for the record, skdr, it isn't.
  10. Brand New Images Mini-Map http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/5705/minimapcopyfw7.jpg Old Images http://imagesocket.com/view/DoD_Anemia_OC_copyc93.jpg http://imagesocket.com/images/DoD_Anemia_OC2_copy6f4.jpg http://imagesocket.com/images/DoD_Anemia_1_copy7c8.jpg http://imagesocket.com/images/DoD_Anemia_2_copy6c6.jpg http://imagesocket.com/images/DoD_Anemia_3_copy909.jpg http://imagesocket.com/images/DoD_Anemia_4_copy5d3.jpg http://imagesocket.com/images/DoD_Anemia_5_copy191.jpg http://imagesocket.com/images/DoD_Anemia_6_copycb6.jpg http://imagesocket.com/view/DoD_Ane...INC_copy28c.jpg http://imagesocket.com/view/DoD_Ane...INC_copyab4.jpg http://imagesocket.com/view/DoD_Ane...INC_copy116.jpg http://imagesocket.com/view/DoD_Ane...INC_copya95.jpg Download http://files.filefront.com/dod_anemia_finalrar/;5974233;;/fileinfo.html Changelog -Added a second route for axis, and a ladder on allied side of the bridge (keep your eyes out when below the bridge for ladders!) -Changed flags around, should be much more balanced, the map is still difficult for both teams in its very nature. -Mini-map added, much thanks to Dustin Diamond for being a consistent partner in the process of polishing and releasing all of Anemia's versions. -Innumerable visual, auditory and gameplay fixes. Anemia has never looked better. Features -FULLY BSPZIPPED -HDR -final compiled (excellent HDR ambience on the map) -Even more optimized (this was neccessary as the map has been visually upgraded, your performance might not see much change from b2) By Shawn Snelling AKA FMPONE e-mail: [email protected] MSN: [email protected] Much thanks to: Dustin Diamond James "Talon" O'Hare SpineRoyal TheSurgeon AkFuttySeben --------------------------
  11. Its like a hyper polished oblivion missing alot of the great functionality and gameplay RPG type stuff. The sword combat feels INCREDIBLY solid though, I will reluctantly buy this because the combat is glorious. It crashed on me before I tweaked its settings, which was annoying though.
  12. I assume you mean one side, but can you delete sides without creating a displacement? And if you have a displacement you'll have sealing problems if you just treat it like a normal brush. For every flat face you'd have to have a whole nother nodraw brush for sealing. Unless you can make a one sided brush without it being a displacement, which I've never heard of.
  13. yeah I wont buy a 360 just to play games that belong on the PC. And not releasing a demo isn't that big a deal, just wait for the reviews. Releasing on the PS3 launch date seems like another stupid move (not to mention a bit childish), the game may be great but it will never have the mainstream appeal of a Halo that has had years to build up a fanbase and name for itself. I doubt very many people will turn down buying a PS3 just because of this game... If Microsoft was smart and really wanted to hinder the PS3's release they would have just had these guys work on Halo 3 a long time ago.
  14. FMPONE


    Its all very by the book tbqh, I would mix it up. Add some different shapes atleast. Some circular areas, vertical combat. Anything to set the map apart, even if its a single room.
  15. website possibly down: http://imagesocket.com/images/BeachMap1_s_b35.jpg http://imagesocket.com/images/BeachMap2_s_6bb.jpg fantasy portfolio stuff placeholder skybox
  16. FMPONE

    DOD_Anemia by FMPONE

    Three possible areas from the bottom of the bridge: axis side via ladder (on the far side of the bridge, where you're probably talking about), axis side via slope, or allied side via tunnel (the bridge area favors the axis a bit). Basically all that I did was reversed the spawns from Sturm, clipped an allied route, moved the allied spawn up and removed the sewer since I was never a big fan. I wasn't planning on keeping the layout in-tact as much as I did, it was kind of unintentional.
  17. FMPONE

    DOD_Anemia by FMPONE

    Preview Video http://files.filefront.com/DoD_Anemia___by_FMPONEzip/;5341596;;/fileinfo.html sorry for the muddy compression guys :/
  18. As bad as some areas look, its a trade-off I am willing to take for flying helicopters to the top of buildings and jumping off with a jetpack.
  19. FMPONE

    BG2 map

    Hmm even for a mod? Valve should really fix that >: (
  20. Brick Odd little movie that serves as an homage to old film noir while in a high-school setting, the detective movie dialogue and plot are completely out of place in the location its set which makes it feel very surreal and almost Shakespear (and occassionally hilarious imo).
  21. I just hope we can see some more original stuff from you mabufo, I don't mean to be confrontational HL2 stuff nice, but I think most people look forward to different types of maps, especially when their ARE plenty of people who just take from the SDK. Those maps are already out there.
  22. FMPONE

    BG2 map

    Looks great, love the waterfall. I've seen you making these BG2 maps for quite a while so I'm sure you've experimented with grass sprites, I think they might help the map especially on those long grassy portions.
  23. It looks like in some areas you couldn't decide wether you wanted it to be lit with a green, a yellow, a red or a blue color scheme. Not that multiple colors is a bad thing but I don't think these work well together. Then again it might just be a goldsource thing. Other than that it looks like a good NS map.
  24. Good difference between opening an SDK map and fooling around with it, and opening an SDK map and putting your name on it as a multiplayer map in my opinion. http://www.mapcore.net/forums/viewtopic ... ght=#94466
  25. FMPONE

    [CSS] de_dyspnoe_b2

    Looks very well built, dunno if I dig all the decals but its not really a big deal.
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