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  1. I think it shouldn't be entirely open, thats all. People whose work is already respected and appreciated should take precedence over people strolling in with regard to voting etc. I say that to protect kind of the integrity of the "spotlight status". Theres sooo many good maps being released and more people mappin all the time, gonna be alot of spotlights if stuff thats moderately impressive still gets spotlight and just one or two maps like me so I think rather than being a badge of merit for a work or two it should be more about being nominated by your peers for being super helpful like hessi etc my dumb opinion ah ok well im in favor of w/e gets hessi spotlight direct or indirect XD
  2. yus, as for the hole the model is just old (from evert's time :wink: ) and I'd like to replace it entirely eventually. I'll tweak the lighting as well for some blue and work on the spotlights. ty peepz
  3. Hmm, technically I think you've really accomplished something. Artistically though I think it is too similiar to stock HL2 or CS brick city maps that are so common nowadays. The one big recommendation I would give is to make your lighting much more vivid, because of the bland skybox light the buildings appear flat and boring. Currently you're drifting between too light and too dark, and there is no interesting mid level lighting going on like streetlights or sprites and no interesting daylight elements. I hate to be cliched and just recommend going fully night for a zombie mod, but there is a reason certain trends are developed and thats because happy mediums don't look anywhere near as good. Also I would get some custom content in to make the map more identifiable.
  4. with random assistance by ins team and ooghimixkasjdlfkjasldfjlksajdf
  5. A ALWAYS B BE C CLOSING <3 I just bought a new 360 controller because they suck and break easilly
  6. Hey nothing but the best man, looks promising as hell so far
  7. You should really listen to hessi.
  8. bastard yes I FOUND THAT AS WELL THANKS FOR NOTHING MIN0 your map is cool though so I guess thats something :3 edit: oh mamus its like the scene from the shaq genie movie where it rains candeeeeee
  9. The map kicks ass and I shall claim my candy one hour after you posted: the rat is explosive please god
  10. Just a reminder guys, you have to download: http://www.leveldesign.com.br/minotauro ... ontest.wad to get the maps working If that could be edited into the OP as well :wink: Looking forward to checking out all the entries!
  11. I think we've got a few more down the pike, Slim Z Kabelen and others ~
  12. The exact same happens to me, but with dm_hookup. Flashback loads just fine for me
  13. FMPONE

    Brits hit by FF

    At the end of the day they asked if there were friendlies around and the answer was given clearly no, the blame lies with the people responsible for providing them with adequate intel. Its pretty terribly simple then, certainly no fault of the pilots.
  14. FMPONE

    Brits hit by FF

    I think the hardest part of watching the video this morning was hearing the guy said "I think I'm going to be sick" when they told him it was friendlies, as easy as it is to throw around blame I can't help but sympathize as this will probably plague him for the rest of his life
  15. Source Panorama technology tutorial: http://blog.johnsto.co.uk/?action=view&id=57. other random wisdom from DaveJ: http://blog.johnsto.co.uk/ the best map directory on the web as far as I'm concerned (perhaps this could go under PR category or something): http://lanmaniax.com/
  16. I wouldn't worry too much about looking like dm_drift, no offense to Dux of course but its been an established map style for ages. Of course the lighting etc you may want to tweak not to give anyone the wrong idea, but on the whole the map looks very promising One final thing I would recommend is getting a theme going (sorry if this sounds patronizing or stupid) but if I were you I would work on adding something interesting (rain, fog, snow, technology, color, you name it) to set the map apart and give it a unique twist.
  17. Ah yes this is an excellent point. Looking like a nice start citric
  18. No, not at all. The news made my day. Its just that Stalker is notable for being one of the two big name european developed games coming down the pike (Crysis being the other) and I don't know alot about the site so I'm not ready to entirely discount bias. Apparently as you say they're well respected, in all honesty, I really hope you're 100% right and its as good as they say :3 An FPS based around exploring the Chernobyl region... fuck yes this game could be the greatest thing ever
  19. oh thank god but eurogamer, I guess time will tell..
  20. Being king of the internet requires you to make some sacrifices~
  21. Any more on this? I love it :3
  22. Not to say I don't think you deserve it, but its probably best not to worry about it. Its something other people may mention but so far as I know its kind of a decision by a few people judging popular opinion and is decided totally without your involvement (other than making the map ) It just kind of comes as consensus. In other words, we'll wait and see Now as for the map itself...I have put it in the mapsfolder but I hosting my own game only gives me standard RO maps as options, how can I start up a server and run around in this beauty? Should include that stuff for an RO customs newb in the readme
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