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  1. 17 minutes ago, dux said:

    I'm just thinking out loud that if they weren't happy with the demo why let the shaky 3rd party footage be the first real glimpse we get at someone playing? I'm not trying to sound like a knob or anything just seemed a strange choice to me. But what do I know :v 

    EDIT : I also thought this was the Alyx thread my bad

    You’re right, the tested video was so bad and boring and the footage so poorly presented that although my hype levels are high for Alyx I couldn’t watch it one sitting and it took me two days to get through. But maybe they just didn’t have a solid trailer cut in time and didn’t want to disappoint when expectations were really high and the trailer would be beside a lot of other AAA titles. And I still also doubt they make March, so that’s probably part of it.

  2. 29 minutes ago, blackdog said:

    Oh did you use WallWorm? Is it just for some models or you redid the whole map in it? Or you can edit the original with it?

    Yes, I used WallWorm for every model in the new Cache. It’s an excellent tool that I highly recommend, I don’t even want to know how people managed without it because I’m sure it was painful

  3. 55 minutes ago, fewseb said:

    Hey I was messing around offline and I noticed you changed all the textures that previously had muck as their material to dirt/concrete. I was curious if this was intentional and if so why as I cant find it listed in any of the change notes.

    I also saw this weird brace made out of dust2 crates has its material set to sand for some reason. Again I wasnt sure if that was international or not


    The sand one is probably a mistake, I’ll fix that. Probably related to WallWorm material selection default or something. The mud was indeed deliberate as you slide on mud, not intended and bad for gameplay. Makes a nice sound though.

  4. 3 hours ago, Radu said:

    Might be a bit of a stretch, but I think Black Mesa is a good opportunity to talk about this type of traditional design. Yeah, it doesn't offer much replayability. You can play through it once or twice and can say that you're done with it, whereas an open world game can offer sometimes an entirely different experience with each playthrough. But how many people even manage to get through to the end? This is entirely personal, but when games go over 15-20 hours, they become almost a chore to finish. Sure, there's some exceptions, like Borderlands, you do need a bit of a change every now and then. However, every Far-Cry game, although I've enjoyed, felt like it overstayed it's welcome after 20 hours. I would rather play something more directed that has a proper sequence of events and gets you to the end of the story. Since you mentioned "pc games" I can't really use Naughty Dog's games now can I?  but I would point at those for more recent examples. Hell, take Titanfall 2 for instance. Its short 4 hours sp campaign is regarded as one of the best, which I have to agree with. Doom 2016, even more of a stretch back than Black Mesa or Half-life 2 in its design. And there's plenty of hype around the upcoming Doom: Eternal. As much as companies have shifted to big open world games (which are easier to monetise), there's still a big space to be filled by more traditional linear games.

    Regarding the hype, idk, look at every successful game/film sequel and what they did right. Take what made your game good to begin with, improve on the weaker areas and then add that extra something which might be what I was mentioning earlier - a systemic design or if you're into a more open metroidvania level design - maybe what Metro: Exodus went for.

    The VR might work for the novelty, but it's still gonna be limiting compared to traditional games. That's what kind of sits bad with me. We're taking a step forward when it comes to immersion, but taking one backwards in terms of gameplay. How will it hold out over the years, because HL2 still does even now, as rough around the edges as it may be.

    Ultimately I'm not sure yet another traditional sp campaign would really raise the stakes much. So, let’s say they did do a really nice Titanfall 2 style HL3... I'm not sure that would be that hype or new or different or exciting enough at this point, or even a few years ago. They themselves raised the stakes so much by delaying EP3 on and on, to the extent that they would really have to do something crazy. At least VR is a big enough risk to meet that burden.

  5. 1 hour ago, Radu said:

    For me that's enough, making a good game. Why would that not be enough?

    I think there would need to be a radical re-thinking of the formulas that went into the Half-Life games. Not really on-topic per-se, but if you look at Black Mesa for example, the basic formula is something like 1) enter new area 2) fight 3) locked door has to be unlocked in some puzzle/combat way 4) encounter some vistas, friendly AI 5) move onto the next area. 99% of Black Mesa fits into that groove, and I think it becomes very samey after a while. When the game does mix it up, such as when Gordon Freeman gets "captured" or when some friendly AI stops your railcar and has forced dialogue, that's much more akin to how HL2 would break up the pace by having Alyx or some other AI talk to you. But generally speaking this level of variety is just not much compared to other full-price Single-player games these days.

    What do people think of as amazing, world-class single-player pc games nowadays?

    Something like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Skyrim or GTA5 or The Witcher or soon-to-be Cyberpunk, etc. They are not only mostly open world, but they have a level of replayability inherent in the experience. I think HL3 would need to have moved more in that direction rather than trying to do the Call of Duty route and just do "really polished" short SP campaigns, which aren't replayable and only barely justify their price tag. I think the HL style of games in the traditional format became too formulaic, too linear, and not replayable enough to sit comfortably by the open world games which really push the envelope for singe-player. When people think amazing single-player games these days, that's more what they think of IMO. The days of just a 16 hour linear campaign being enough to justify the HL3-level hype, to me those days are over. Even if those 16 hours were balls-to-the-wall, incredible, super polished... I just don't think that would be enough for all the hype. Again, all of this is slightly off topic, but since you asked, I thought I would elaborate a bit.

    As for why VR changes the calculus more than just more polish/production values, IMO filtering a time-honored formula through a totally novel headset adds enough benefits to be worthwhile. It's a format you're used to, but with all these little new gameplay experiences such as kinetic reloading, immersive presence, etc. Perhaps the most important point of all is, with VR, Valve is at least taking a risk with doing something new and exciting. With a HL3 that was mostly just what EP3 would have been, that's not taking any big particular risk, and it's a lot easier to make a case that's a let-down.

  6. 6 hours ago, JorisCeoen said:

    I haven't played the game a lot (and not yet the beta for Xen), but since Shawn has been working on Black Mesa a lot it would often find its way into our conversations, and at some point I also wondered how the old chunk of the game would compare.

    It turns out this is clearly the case, but it was inevitably going to look outdated in contrast. I think the minimum requirements for the first part of Black Mesa Source are now far too low if you compare it with the Xen chapters. Regardless, it does look like an incredible improvement and I should really get myself to play it asap!

    They could have hired a couple of people to polish the first half of the game. There are stock HL2 assets in there, and custom stuff that’s not much better. Then there are also the rough sound effects (shotgun in particular sounds pretty clippy), and clunky weapon switching. It’s not the super polished feeling experience now that it was a few years back when it first came out, it’s a bit clunky at times.

    As the game is a commercial product I’m just evaluating it on those lines, but the real context is that the first half is a community mod for sale, it’s probably not fair to expect a new Xen and a repolished first half. But having played through Xen which felt a little bloated at times, maybe in hindsight that’s one approach they could have taken instead.

    I did notice some new sprites they were using everywhere that looked pretty nice and helped modernize the old chapters pretty nicely as for lighting. Source aged well in terms of particles/effects IMO, some of those hold up pretty well. The rocket launch in particular looked better now, it looked great.

  7. Just beat Xen. Overall, impressed with the experience.

    I think it was guilty of perhaps trying to do *too* much, it felt a bit overstuffed and repetitive at times in terms of always having three distinct puzzle triggers, always dragging sequences on too long, always wearing the player out. Gonarch Lair felt endless at times. Nihilanth is an OK boss fight, but like a lot of Xen, felt overpacked and over the top. I think if you look at Nintendo boss design for example, it’s a bit more segmented out into digestible chunks, this one just felt like it was slapping you in the face with stuff for the sake of impressing you, not allowing you to breathe. I think Xen was simply too long given how abstract/alienating it felt to be in that kind of environment. It starts out on an incredibly high note, slows down a great deal in the middle and wears you out by the very end.

    Replaying Black Mesa completely probably contributed to these feelings. I disliked Residue Processing, that chapter should have been cut or significantly reduced, it slows the game down to a glacial pace. Blast Pit was far more tedious than it needed to be. And Lambda Labs, while it has some awesome memorable moments, also has some more tedious machine-enabling that you’ve already done enough of by that point. I was completely sick and tired of the Earth environments the game was presenting me with long before Xen, there wasn’t enough editing. The first portion of the game also looks noticeably worse now beside Xen.

    Overall, I think Black Mesa is very good, stunning for a community project. But as a game in and of itself, it just needed much more editing and not continuously try to justify itself by padding the length out so much with trivial tasks. Fans of the original would say this was cutting too much, but it *needed* those cuts, badly. The game could have used a lot more exposition, vistas, and far fewer busy-making tasks. You can really feel the lack of other meaningful characters, and how that dates the game quite a bit.

    It felt great to immerse myself in the Half-Life universe again, but I can see why Valve decided only VR would be suitable to bring Half-Life back. These games consist of novel ways to press the player forward, and I think many of the best ways have already been explored in the traditional game format: Black Mesa includes every single possible permutation of how to unlock a door, climb into a vent, boot up a machine, enter a portal, etc. 

    Playing this game felt really cathartic and reaffirmed that the community is capable of much more than people think, but I doubt a Half-Life 3 following the same pattern would have lived up to the hype — we know the formula to the recipe by now a little too well.

  8. Here’s a straight up version of the trailer


    6 minutes ago, [HP] said:

    PS. That fucking first person section should NOT be in that trailer at all, not only is vomiting inducing, the lighting in it looks very rushed and overall meh presentation. Rest of trailer looks good.

    Yeah, hopefully it’s typical trailer non-gameplay shit

  9. 11 minutes ago, Zarsky said:

    Any idea if Source 2 has improved in this regard?

    I haven’t spent much time in Source 2 yet.

    I’m very curious about:

    -Animating character models in Source 2 (Source Film Maker style?)

    -PBR materials in Source 2

    -How accurate editor lighting is (are there compiles to finalize?)

    -Scripting/coding stuff

    Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

  10. 4 hours ago, dux said:

    Never played Reach, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo 5, Halo 76 or any of that. Only Halo Combat Evolved when it came on PC all those years ago before Microsoft decided to be cocks. Bought the Collection, played Reach a bit - it's ok. Not really getting the hype that surrounded it but I'm only two missions in. Feel like I've watched more cutscenes than actually played the game so far. :v 

    Halo 3 is the best Halo.

  11. I really doubt they will notice $10 million. Small price to pay to get this out of the headlines.

    15 hours ago, blackdog said:

    How is it still an “allegation” once you settle (and seemingly admitting to the accusations)?

    Maybe @FMPONE the lawyer can enlighten me.

    I mean, afaik/what Suits teaches me is that you could settle and not admit to fault but is pretty shit for victims to accept without a real win.

    Also at the same time these people won “Esports studio of the year” because their tournaments are well organised, basically spoil the critics and you’ll be on the bright side, as basically admitted by Thorin in his latest video in the Esport Awards.

    Most cases settle for a bunch of reasons, courts encourage it. Less risk, losing outright can be devastating even if you appeal. You don't want to find yourself at the mercy of a jury/judge.

  12. 1 hour ago, dux said:

    I feel others have said what I have to say but I want to chime in anyway :v Start small, be realistic, don't go in expecting the world. When I was 17/18 I'd always dream big and go into making a map with the intention of it being the greatest thing created since the statue of David's ballsack or something. The further in I got with my projects the more I realised I sucked and got super frustrated at what I was making because I was just biting off more than I could chew. My vision outmatched my abilities and I refused to accept that. So if I could go back and give my aspiring idiot ass some tips, downsize and get rid of that ego and just release it. Small maps or whatever, and level up as you go.

    A good example of my younger thinking was Half-life Nightwatch was all the rage back then in the HL1 modding community, It was the Duke Nukem Forever of mods and everytime they released screenshots I got really disheartened with my own work and just binned it and started over. I was always comparing myself to people with far more experience and ability at the time. What I should of done is ignored all that and focus on my own creations and work on my skills rather than looking at what the best at the time were doing. I even remember applying to Nightwatch at one point as an LD, I sent in shit tonnes of my work hoping they'd take me on but they ultimately rejected me citing I wasn't quite up to the standards they required. That really stung as I thought I had the abilities to match their amazing work, but alas no. That was the spark that ignited me to really drive myself and improve my skills as an LD. 

    So yeah, moral of story, finish what you start. Don't be afraid of negative feedback. Don't get distracted by what others are producing. Don't bite off more than you can chew and be realistic with yourself. :) 

    Yes, this is another lesson from Source modding also. People straight up faked screenshots, Nuclear Dawn posed models to make it look like they were in game and animated.

    When the mod got leaked, a lot of the stunningly beautiful levels weren’t complete at all. Some were, such as Briscoe’s nice Russia level. But there was a lot of bluffing too.

    Don’t get too hung up on what other people are doing until you’re in-game and playing it, not all that glitters is gold. Even if it looks amazing the mod still probably won’t release.

    It’s really hard to hold a team together, and the more talented the team the harder it becomes unless everyone is getting a nice paycheck they’re happy with. It’s OK to take inspiration from the most amazing bonkers AAA quality mods but they’re probably doomed.

  13. On 11/25/2019 at 9:28 AM, blackdog said:

    I’m mostly amazed by the incredible step up amazon has had in production… seemingly in the last two years.

    I mean they signed/secured shows with movie icons like Julia Roberts and now Al Pacino, they are doing LOTR and going straight to two season; Jack Ryan as well important lead and a good show. There’s other stuff I totally don't care for like the Orlando Bloom/Delavigne show, but still impressive in the overall picture.

    It’s amazing what *checks notes* endless billions of dollars can achieve ;)

  14. If you want to build something, do it yourself.

    Don't get me wrong! Teams are great. Teams are better than individuals... but the problem with Source modding is that people team hopped to the most exciting new projects they could find (this was me) and would leave when the mod looked dead from inactivity. Or life would get in the way. Or people would get hired for professional work.

    One way or another, if you want to build something, do it, don’t expect to spread the workload effectively because this generally didn’t work well from what I saw

    This should also help you scope better. If you have a team of 26 people, all the sudden you’re overestimating what you can achieve 

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