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  1. “A third said they and their partner stopped talking about having kids because they knew they wouldn’t be able to afford it.”

    Stuff like this really bums me out. Having to choose between the reason many people feel we are really put on Earth, or chasing your own personal creative dreams. Dark stuff.

  2. 2 hours ago, blackdog said:

    2020 is really looking like those catastrophic memes that have been going round.

    • Two losses in the family, grand uncle and aunt;
    • my mom has been diagnosed with spleen lymphoma, she was in the hospital all last week and they already done the first chemo cycle;
    • on friday they notified me they would make me redundant (i was expecting it but still sucks, considering colleagues keep saying they need more help and because it feels they made their choice based on my work email address -- I was assigned to a company in the group that doesn't need much design work, for accounting purposes, but I was working for all companies and brands of the group).

    If it wasn't for the baby I would have more time to feel sad and sorry. She's been doing so many new things recently, just finally started to pull herself up in the last two days as well... shame she's being a pain in going to sleep but hey.

    Really sorry to hear that my dude. stay strong!

  3. 2 hours ago, Lizard said:

    I think this comparison does not do the justice since Alyx models is taken from model viewer without any lighting. Also  I think it was used for few seconds near the end when she hugged Eli? That might explain why its not up to the quality of others.

    I think y'all have this hl2 fetish and are too attached to the previous installment :D

    Yeah it’s true that some of the character models are barely used, Gordon and Alyx in particular, and those don’t look that great imo, so maybe it was just wasn’t worth pouring time into.

    on the other hand, people are making a lot of memes with those models on Twitter now, so we do see them a lot :D

  4. I think your criticism is spot on.

    In terms of why we see this lighting pattern, I chalk it up to designing custom skyboxes in Source is kind of brutal. I can sympathize with just saying it “fuck it, it’s blue.” And if you do mix it up, I would say don’t take it too far... keep in mind most people will complain and wish it was just a better lit level if not on the basis of visibility, then on the basis of mood/psychology. 

    I could go on a long rant about how Source 2 opens a lot of doors here, but I’ll spare everyone.

  5. The index is heavy enough to be slightly uncomfortable. I don’t regret buying it, but there is no reason to lie. It’s not comfortable as a device. There is real room for improvement on the weight side of things. And the sooner we yeet the goddamn wire into the sun, the better. That shit has GOT. TO. GO!

  6. 1DF596F2-D0A2-426F-964A-5FBD419CA573.jpeg.ea95290b66de4c897b81e02df59cfde4.jpeg

    On a serious note, most people I respect do seem to have positive things to say about this game. It must be annoying to release a huge game and for the rubes to set its “reputation” before its even released, based mostly on leaks and/or politics, and then turn that itself into a meme. But I have a feeling the sales have been very good...

  7. 11 minutes ago, [HP] said:

    After the sales of Dishonored2 and Prey (I still can't believe they called this game Prey, and not System Shock 3...) I doubt anyone wants to invest in "immersive sims" for the foreseeable future. I'm sure those games broke even, or maybe even made a decent profit. But Multiplayer and Microtransactions is where the real money's at, and publishers know it.
    The latter is way more dangerous than the former though, as it's a pandora's box that once open, you can't ever close it back up, not without some serious changes to the way you monetize your games, that is.

    People like remakes tho :) I think it would be easy to market

  8. 38 minutes ago, [HP] said:

    There's this moment in the game where your fucking brother dies... on my, 3rd or 4th playthrough back in the day, I realize that you can save him after all, and the game changes massively as he talks to you and helps you via the infolink throughout the rest of the game, pretty much. Just an example of how far they really took the "choices matter" with this game, it's tangible

    This makes me think, why don’t they just remake this game? It’s got awesome design still, they could keep all of that complexity 1:1, all they would have to do is update the graphics and remake the soundtrack. Sounds a lot better than a sequel...

  9. 11 hours ago, PogoP said:

    I've tried so many times to get into Deus Ex (the original), but I've never been able. I think it's one of those games you had to experience when it came out. I never played it as a kid, for whatever reason, so missed out :( 

    Kinda reminds me of old movies that people say are great. You go to watch them, and are left feeling underwhelmed, sometimes. Probably because other movies have taken what made them great, and taken them in different directions, or to the next level, but either way you feel like you've already watched them you know? I think it's likely the same with Deus Ex. Other games took that formula and expanded on it.

    I might try it again sometime, and see if I can break through that barrier.

    It’s really moddable. I didn’t play it originally but installed a bunch of mods that made it look way better. It was pretty dope and I got why people liked it

    Thing is, the shit graphics are exactly why no one has made a game like this since. It’s too complex, and it’s not really possible with modern game budgets to all the little intricate bullshit they did, not to mention the length of this game.

    For those same reasons you can expect a remake to cut corners heavily and almost certainly suck. If you want to experience this one, I would load it up with visual and bug fixing mods and expect something dated in some ways.

    The cliche about this game is that your choices matter, but it’s true, they took that idea further than any other linear FPS ever has. 

  10. 4 minutes ago, blackdog said:

    Are they thinking crazy measures elsewhere too? I heard some idiotic propositions from Italy, like have a separator through the table… to distance the person you came in with??

    Lmao. We’re so fucked

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