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  1. On 9/9/2017 at 8:06 AM, MegaKosan said:

    Great article!

    I love the Argent Tower and I think it's one of the better chapters in the game.

    The only thing that really bugs me about it is how it "closes the door" behind you sometimes. It makes secret hunting that much more annoying.

    I didn't look for secrets. Not sure how that would change my interpretation of the level, but it would be interesting!

  2. 42 minutes ago, nikkoship said:

    Cool read! DOOM was such a great blast from the past. Just raw level to level gameplay, pure experience. Can't wait for what they work on next!

    Yeah, really enjoyed playing this one. It's funny, I kept saying to myself "they still make games like this??" It's kind of special.

    It felt like a throwback with enough modern twists to be fresh. IMO it got a bit repetitive towards the very end, but definitely a really exciting experience.

  3. Was expecting some stats, are we posting more dogs or cats? :D

    So much great content, it's good to see the community grow like this.
    I should make the resolution of trying to get featured for the next review :v

    Apparently cat and dog postings actually went down in 2015. So let's start 2016 off right:



  4. I have a question, I see alot of people that participate with maps that are not even close to being finished ( WIP), what chance could such a map really have? I have a WIP but I don't even see the point in attending if it would stand no chance, that is just a waste of time for me and the judges. 

    There is little harm in publishing your map to the workshop for feedback, if you feel that's something you're ready for and interested in. You can always republish later if you want, and you never know, someone might contact you with helpful feedback in the mean time. Plus updating is very easy.

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