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  1. Fucking incredible. Spotlighted
  2. “A third said they and their partner stopped talking about having kids because they knew they wouldn’t be able to afford it.” Stuff like this really bums me out. Having to choose between the reason many people feel we are really put on Earth, or chasing your own personal creative dreams. Dark stuff.

    [CSGO] Engage

    My favorite map ever thus far by @catfood, and congrats to the rest of the crew as well! @BubkeZ and @'RZL You guys should be proud, the map is really great.
  4. Really sorry to hear that my dude. stay strong!
  5. Yeah it’s true that some of the character models are barely used, Gordon and Alyx in particular, and those don’t look that great imo, so maybe it was just wasn’t worth pouring time into. on the other hand, people are making a lot of memes with those models on Twitter now, so we do see them a lot
  6. I agree the HL2 version is a bit better. Overall a lot of the character designs feel weird, Alyx looks really strange compared to her HL2 counterpart imo. Eli looks better in Alyx tho
  7. Can't wait to attend, got my flight and hotel all ready
  8. don't you put that evil on me, Stalker 2 will be the best game and sequel ever!

    [CS:GO] Cusco

    I think your criticism is spot on. In terms of why we see this lighting pattern, I chalk it up to designing custom skyboxes in Source is kind of brutal. I can sympathize with just saying it “fuck it, it’s blue.” And if you do mix it up, I would say don’t take it too far... keep in mind most people will complain and wish it was just a better lit level if not on the basis of visibility, then on the basis of mood/psychology. I could go on a long rant about how Source 2 opens a lot of doors here, but I’ll spare everyone.
  10. FMPONE

    [CS:GO] Cusco

    I hate when I wake up and see a blue sky. It’s like, hello dumbass sky, can’t you think of another color to be today?
  11. Giancarlo Esposito has me interested in this franchise for the first time since... Far Cry 1 His work on Breaking Bad elevated an already very good show into the fucking stratosphere
  12. Nexus is still working on that apartment complex level from 15 years ago ...it’s going to be so good when it finally hits
  13. The index is heavy enough to be slightly uncomfortable. I don’t regret buying it, but there is no reason to lie. It’s not comfortable as a device. There is real room for improvement on the weight side of things. And the sooner we yeet the goddamn wire into the sun, the better. That shit has GOT. TO. GO!
  14. On a serious note, most people I respect do seem to have positive things to say about this game. It must be annoying to release a huge game and for the rubes to set its “reputation” before its even released, based mostly on leaks and/or politics, and then turn that itself into a meme. But I have a feeling the sales have been very good...
  15. The original Jumanji is a stone cold classic!
  16. It’s a game about a global pandemic and rampant conspiracy theories. While it would be fun to remake it, I’m just not sure it’s *relevant* to our times
  17. People like remakes tho I think it would be easy to market
  18. This makes me think, why don’t they just remake this game? It’s got awesome design still, they could keep all of that complexity 1:1, all they would have to do is update the graphics and remake the soundtrack. Sounds a lot better than a sequel...
  19. It’s really moddable. I didn’t play it originally but installed a bunch of mods that made it look way better. It was pretty dope and I got why people liked it Thing is, the shit graphics are exactly why no one has made a game like this since. It’s too complex, and it’s not really possible with modern game budgets to all the little intricate bullshit they did, not to mention the length of this game. For those same reasons you can expect a remake to cut corners heavily and almost certainly suck. If you want to experience this one, I would load it up with visual and bug fixing mods and expect something dated in some ways. The cliche about this game is that your choices matter, but it’s true, they took that idea further than any other linear FPS ever has.
  20. Lmao, nothing like knocking pictures off the wall because you can’t see shit
  21. don't think i'm gonna click that shit, i've seen enough
  22. I don't use my VR kit much but I enjoy having an excuse to boot it up. Alyx was a good one. Hoping this thread can help!
  23. FMPONE

    Corona Virus

    Lmao. We’re so fucked
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