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Status Updates posted by FMPONE

  1. The finalist threads have been stickied in the contest forum. Let's give our feedback!

  2. Friendly reminder... our CS:GO mapping contest is halfway over. Time to buckle down!!

    1. jackophant


      Would now be a good time to start a greybox? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    2. blackdog


      Never gunna happen T_T


  3. If you've released a new map recently, don't forget to submit it to our contest!

  4. Remember to up your feedback game guys! Mapcore represent.

  5. Man this new UI is slick. Everybody thank Thrik for this shiz!

    1. Sprony


      Thrik is da man!

  6. uh-oh. Hurg arrested on drug smuggling charges in Indonesia: http://goo.gl/oEibAW

    1. Psy


      There is only one true Hurg.

    2. Seldoon182


      He is on DrHurg !

  7. My Mapcore stuff came today! Murg is solid as hell, sturdy traction on the grip [mug facts]

    1. RaVaGe


      inb4 it breaks for no reason.

  8. Excited for Robert Briscoe: http://t.co/fSBtOZLekJ

    1. Sprony


      That's good news for him!

    2. RaVaGe
    3. leplubodeslapin
  9. That feeling when you expect a compile to end up terrible and it ends up being just what you hoped.

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    2. Thurnip


      how long takes to compile CS go maps? in q2 time, took about hours! but im out of mapping scene for a while, no idea how long takes nowadays :D

    3. FMPONE


      Probably 1.5 hours should be about the maximum

    4. mr.P


      love that feeling! :D

  10. Surf maps are astonishing to me.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Psy


      I'm not even sure where you'd begin when designing this map. Just...wow.

    3. AlexM


      Awww yeah. Aphex Twin on the soundtrack :D

      I've never been able to surf on these maps. So I'm more impressed the guy managed to stay up for more than half a second.

    4. Thurnip


      dude! this is sooooo strange and interesting! never heard about this kind of map before!

  11. Just a reminder that a british guy named Liam Tart posts on our forums. Good Grief

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    2. FMPONE


      Oi u havin a laff mate?? JK Liam is the man. I'm trolling.

    3. Sprony


      Every joke contains some truth ;)

    4. PogoP
  12. They finally made an EOT video game

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    2. Sprony


      Yeah, I posted this in the Rambo thread here. I'm so going to get this for my Playstation 2.

    3. Sprony


      Yeah Buddy, the first Rambo was a serious movie, a drama really. But it's from the early 80's and not long after 80's action went big so the sequels were much more about the killing. Although the original script from Cameron for part 2 was also a more serious movie.

    4. blackdog


      Buddy, you have put a huge doubt in my mind now. Definitely it wasn't an action movie like the sequels, that's crystal.

      In the original novel Rambo kills several people though.

      The main theme still makes me shiver.

      Anyways, DAT moment when you spot Horatio/Caruso in the first scenes...

  13. This is a pretty wonderful creative community and I'm grateful to be part of it. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    1. Sprony
    2. FrieChamp


      ~~~MapCore - LeGaLiZe It~~~~

  14. My newest project, despite looking amazing with a great layout in place, is on the verge of death. If you're a talented artist please hit me up.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Pampers


      What do you need?

    3. Sprony


      Dude, I would pay a freelancer to do any art you need if that would bring us another FMPONE classic!

    4. seir


      I'm hitting you!

  15. I'll just leave this here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QBjj_Czs0A

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    2. D3ads


      Objectophilia is one of many of the world's most batshit crazy mysteries.

    3. DrywallDreams


      The Driveclub guy's come a long way.

    4. TarrySruman


      This week on Top Gear

  16. Making good progress on my SP project. By this summer I should have a ~1 hour experience for folks.

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    2. RaVaGe


      Looks like you have been in touch with Valve :o

    3. Squad


      With "By this summer ...", you mean the summer that's just over, right?!

    4. Sjonsson


      Looking forward to it, you always make pretty stuff! :D

  17. Mapcore only needs a guestbook and a shoutbox to be an official 2002-website

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    2. Thrik


      Holy shit, nice work Marcem! Consider this the new Facebook header.

    3. Thrik



    4. FMPONE


      It's... beautiful

  18. The new purpose of status updates is posting cute animals http://i.imgur.com/WSaoR9x.jpg

  19. If you don't like, retweet, and favorite this, your mom will get Scurvy

  20. Status update: the gerbils are eating my brains.

    1. Sprony


      That doesn't sound very good. Perhaps you should hire an exterminator?

    2. eXnihilo


      Serves you right, putting gerbils in there...

    3. FMPONE


      Richard Gere recommended that I give this stuff a shot, but I wasn't ready to try exactly what he suggested...

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