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  1. Hello, level designer on the Listening Post gameplay segment here. The main motivation for me is to work on a free time project in modern middleware like UE4, which I use in my day job. This allows me to perhaps flex and learn in areas that my day job perhaps won't allow for due to time/scope/seniority/project/etc. It's good practice. It also gives a good opportunity for others to join and learn too, so that they may be better prepared for say - full time work in games. Like the way it used to be I wouldn't say that building a known framework to allow this is stupid. It gives a good base with some known mechanics for people to work to and given the age of the source material, ideally improve upon.
  2. Some words about it... http://noonan.design/devlogs/mapcore-door-challenge-timelapse-pearly/ And the video:
  3. I timelapsed my entry (Pearly) - in the middle of rendering a full video, but here's a little montage from the end of the video:
  4. Name: Sean Noonan Website: noonan.designStory: Whilst waiting for your commute to reach it's terminus, you reflect on the news of the day. Relief washes over you in an awesome wave. Engine: UE4Download Link: https://sean-noonan.itch.io/pearly or http://sean-noonan.com/games/mapcore/Pearly_v1.zip Screenshots: Video Walkthrough:
  5. I won't have a tonne of time to dedicate to this, but count me in!
  6. Now that my wee runner, Jack B. Nimble is finished (should be live soon - I'll post here when it is), I've been working on something else. Here's some early progress: ...if anyone was interested, the shooter I was posting about a couple months back is kinda on hold for now. Making something a little more achievable with my limited time
  7. Been porting my iOS game to Steam. Here's a video where I talk about that (I'll be back on my walking sim or FPS soon enough)...
  8. Continued work on this...
  9. I started working on something as part of #Blocktober. It's early days, but it could turn into something. Not sure yet. Also, hello, I'm a long time lurker, but haven't posted before!
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