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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to Brightness in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Another UE4 scene
    Inspired by Season 1 of True Detective.

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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to ElectroSheep in [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)   
    Hello guys
    Well I wanted to wait a bit longer to have more to show but as it's progressing very slowly, here are some shots from almost finished areas. I spent last month to update the art with better texture work and detail, and also optimisation (if combine props works...) hope you will like it.
    Before :

    Now :

    Before :

    Now :

    Before :

    Now : (woops a nodraw wall)

    And some other stuff

    I will be able to show more soon !
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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to grapen in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Some more FC5.

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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to NikiOo in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Not really a level, but a small UE4 scene I wanted to make for my portfolio. First time doing something like this.
    There's still some work to do on the materials but I wanted to get the right mood first with the lighting.
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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to grapen in [CS:GO] Chalice (Wingman)   
    I just published 'Chalice' to the workshop, a small Wingman map inspired by a fortification in northen Italy, and a spin-off to my earlier map Scepter. Assets from 7 different maps came together to make this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1362837520

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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to GrillusRetardus in [Gmod] rp_wildwest   
    I just released an RP map that I've been working on since late November.
    Steam workshop link
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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to Jonny Phive in [CS:GO] DE-VENOM   
    UPDATE April 15 2018: Here is the workshop link
    In the works for three and a half years, with the help of Rabbid Monkey (Spencer Rose), looking to release this passion project of mine very soon ™ ! 
    Hidden deep within the jungle, a once-abandoned military base originally intent on destroying the world has been resurrected...
    Check out these snapshots into the new world of VENOM.
    Still WIP/Aplha & looking for feedback.
    Thanks to my brother for helping me make a badge/logo for the map 




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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to hoistenize in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Finished work on a remake of an old map, which itself is a remake of my very first map.
    I think I've improved quite a lot since the beginning.

    Original V1:

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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to marnamai in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Made a little arena combat map for one of the 72 hour RTSL experimental mapping challenges.

    It ended up pretty fun, try and unlock the secret wave, it gets pretty crazy.

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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to GrillusRetardus in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I've been working on an old western Gmod RP map for over a month now.
    I've only just started detailing, still very much WIP though.
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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to The Horse Strangler in [VR] From Other Suns   
    Hey guys, been working on this over at gunfire games for a while and we recently released it last year in november. (#recently)
    We're now allowed to post stuff about it, so I thought it be cool to do a little art dump on it. I didn't specifically make any assets for this game, but did a lot of level design, art passing, lighting, and general composition. FOS is a game shipped on the Oculus, and was my first serious VR title. It was certainly a challenge working with considerably lower budgets (our target frame time is under 9ms I believe per eye).
    FOS is a hybrid rogue like with fps and loot based mechanics. It sees you piloting a ship across the galaxy, and running into random threats and encounters, including being able to board other ships that all are randomly generated and unique. As a result our job was to make a lot of puzzle piece type sections that could fit together, and seem continuous and whole.

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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to Corvus in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Been working on a city scene with interiors for a few days 

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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to MikeGon in Opal   
    Hey guys, just wanted to share some updates I've made on the de_Opal, thanks to the community's feedback  :

    -Fixed an issue where a brush surface would be invisible, at CPA (Thanks @K'nuckles)
    -Blocked a spot where we could boost up and shot onto BSA from mid (Thanks @Bungalow)
    -Fixed an issue where a large part of the sky box was being shadowed, in the environment near TS
    -Added windows on a few skybox houses
    -Replaced police barriers with Italian text by news ones with English text
    -Added decals and small props in the tunnels near TS
    -Player models for Ts are now "Leet Crew"
    -Player models for CTs are now "Seal"
    -Added fog (very subtle, to create a blue atmosphere)
    -Decals pass, especially in mid and in the underground areas (Thanks @z0ro4rk)
    -Added decorative a door at CPB
    -Added small patches of grass on the streets
    -Added more details to some house facades
    -Significant art pass in CPB connector (the industrial room with the metal staircase)
    -Added new props (clay pots, shop signs and animated Greek flag) in the streets
    -Fixed an issue where a large part of the skybox near TS would be fully shadowed
    -Updated position of small rectangular hole in wall on BSA (it gave CTs and exploitable LOS)
    There's more on the way! Here are the main tasks I'm tackling for the next update:
    -Add more details to the sky box (small houses still don't have windows...)
    -Fix the shadow flickering bug on the ground at CT spawn
    -Fix the issue where some small brush faces appear as completely black even with final compile
    -Fix issue where the bones on "Greek flag" model don't move the way they're supposed to
    -Improve performance (size of some lightmaps could still be reduced, etc.)
    ...and Here's a couple more screenshots:

    Happy Holidays everybody,  I hope 2018 will be your most productive year ever! 
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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to Harry Poster in [CS:GO]Endless Hours   
    Custom survival mode for CS:GO.
    While i have a little rest from competitive map (de_Tangerine) i've made an early concept for this map.
    In this version included 
    - Day/Night dynamic cycle (Made half year ago and still improving (credits to flyguy for skybox model))
    - Dynamic fill world with snow
    - Bed (To skip the night, in multplayer will work like in minecraft)
    In plans:
    - Inventory
    - Player status (hunger, temperature)
    - Big world
    - Storyline with cutscenes (I can make animations for CSGO)
    Ideas and feedback required.
    For now thats all. Usually i gave up on most projects (That's why i'm paused with tangerine, to not give up it) and i hope that topic in mapcore will motivate me.
    (Sorry for long waiting while sleep)
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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to Radu in [DOI] El Guettar   
    You have no idea, man.
    I had hoped to release it by now, but there's been a lot of issues to resolve. I'll spare everyone the details and just post some screenshots from a recent test.

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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to Freyja in [TF2] Shoreleave   
    Hey all,
    Just wanted to show off this new map I worked on with a friend. It's been in development for nearly two years with ups and downs but we finally got to a point we're happy to release it!
    You can check out a neat little trailer we made up or the screenshots below. Thanks for taking a look! 
    Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1238849347

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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to Corvus in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Added a station building and made a better snow shader 

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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to Serialmapper in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I'm refurbishing another old map of mine de_aurelia, 

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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to 'RZL in [CS:GO] De_Grind   
    Our buddy Paranormal made a trailer for DE_Grind and he did a mighty fine job, give it a look!
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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to Eric_Chocholacek in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Still a long ways to go, but I wanted to share some screenies I gathered from my horror game. (Apologies for the incredibly dark/poor lighting, it was quickly thrown in while I was placing assets so I could get a feel for the environment and is nowhere near final quality) Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! :]

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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to FreeSir in de_somnio   
    Hey there, this is de_somnio, my first attempt at a defuse map and its placed inside a dream! 
    So I will just be using the excuse of it being a dream to justify pretty much every criticism!
    I build almost everything out of intuition without references, and even though it took me a really long time and the gameplay and aesthetics might not be top notch, it has been a small little journey and now I'm almost at the end of the road. Workshop link will follow soon.
    Feedback is welcome anyways  
    EDIT: Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1214738719
     New Screenshots
    Old Screenshots

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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to grapen in Offtime   
    So they will go even faster? PogChamp
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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to Noodle King in Aerospace (Alpha)   
    Well it's been a little while, sorry for the wait! GZ and I have been busy with school and procrastinating, so it's taken us a while to get another update out. Over the last month or so we've been hard at work detailing and sorting out game play issues. I think we can both agree that we are narrowing down on our final layout. 
    No new update is live on the steam workshop just yet, but expect one in the coming days!
    New screenshots and descriptions of our changes:

    A-site after the first art pass. While it may not be super super realistic to a plane, we wanted it to feel open and not feel crowded. In the context of a massive luxury airliner, I think a room this big would be very possible. 

    I guess you can call this "dark." It's a room off to the side of A site that acts as a good spot for CT's to defend from, and a valuable post plant position for the T's. Also, the normal mapping on the carpet texture makes the light gradient look pretty cool

    Opposite to "dark" on A site is the bar area. To the left is where the T's enter from this area. To the right is the small drop down into the main site. Pretty much everything you see in this screenshot is custom content, with the exception of a couple models. Smaller details are still in the works, such as bottles on the bar shelves and clutter around the empty spaces.
    Behind this screenshot is the doorway to the bar area in the picture above. This area is themed to be an "employees only" sort of room. The cooking for the bar is done back here and that sort of stuff. The doorway on the left leads to mid. Id say that this area is pretty much done visually.

    The biggest and probably most important change is that there are now two entries to mid for T's. My hope is that this change balances out the fight for mid a bit, without making it too messy. If this configuration does turn out to be too chaotic, we may need to ditch one of the extra angles that CT's get from mid. 
    It's also very worth mentioning that this layout change required me to shift the whole t spawn area to the left (if you look at it on the radar.) This actually makes the plane more realistic, since the cargo hold and cockpit were previously not lined up. Not really sure how that happened in the first place, but its all good now. Also, the hallway leading down to B from T-spawn has been altered from this change. In my opinion, it looks much better. 

    I'm no expert modeler, but here is the cockpit. I probably scrapped and restarted this 20 times in blender, but the end result looks pretty good in my opinion. It could be way better, but it gets the job done. Note that most of everything featured in this update isn't done visually. This cockpit area will need some work, but the basic idea is there. 
    Finally, I'll show you our progress on B-site. We're still experimenting with textures and such, but the main idea is starting to take shape. Ya know, dingy cargo hold and all. 
    Sorry that none of this is in a spoiler, I couldn't find them in the edit menus. (Were they removed?) Anyways, hope you like the progress we're making and take comfort in the fact that were actually aren't dead, just lazy  Once again, expect to see these changes get pushed to the workshop version in the next couple of days. Tell us what you think, and thanks for reading!
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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to dimes2dope in [CS:GO] Moving Highway Map - de_rats_highway   
    So this is a first time release for me on Mapcore - some of you may have seen this map elsewhere, but I figured I'd share it here as well.
    This map takes place on a Moving Highway (infinite scrolling) - to accommodate the entire layout onto a Single Vehicle, all the props have been Scaled around 12x larger than normal, which makes the players about 6 inches tall compared to regular maps for CS:GO. Everything takes place on the back of a flatbed semi-trailer where the T's goal is to destroy the Radioactive Waste container.
    *Note: The layout for this map is extremely free/open and probably wont play like a typical defuse comp map. It's mostly meant for fun and messing around, but I'm open to suggestions for future updates*










    Hard to get an Idea of the "Moving" part without some videos, so here are a few.
    HD Gfycat Videos:
    (no embed I guess - sorry)
    Gifs (same as videos above):



    I hope you guys enjoy the map, please Like and Favorite if you do!
    Download - CS:GO Workshop:
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    the0rthopaedicsurgeon reacted to Roald in Avalanche   
    I am working on it...  (Decals from Thrill are just placeholders)

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