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  1. Hi and happy new year everybody! This post is to throw light on the mysterious origin of the military models. I downloaded them from a link of another mapping-site, months ago, so they were for a long time on my harddisk. Because of the current discussion about the models i googled for them again. The models are ported from desert combat and available as a download-package for free. Anyway i've forgotten to give the richly deserved credits for it. So i have to thank Illikid for these ported models from desert combat and american army. Thanks a lot for it! Regards, chris
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    Hi everybody! Map Name: de_secretcamp - Autor: chris - Supporters: Metabo and the Meatfactory Community - Status: final - Finishing: 20. Dezember 2006 - Spawn Points: 40 - Nav-File and Overview are included - Credits: i have to thank Illikid for the ported militiary models from desert combat and american army - Story : War has broken out! A small secret camp of the armed forces is targeted to be attacked. Intelligence found out about the terrorists' plans and troops are prepared to defend their outpost. Only luck will decide who is going to win. Link: http://downloads.meatfactory.net/files/ ... mp.bsp.bz2 have fun with it! chris
  3. Thanks, a lot for the mirror
  4. Hi MapCore Community! I'm new at your board, but i want to show you my second and newest map. It's called de_trading. The map has 64 spawnpoints, and all stuff, like the overview, costum content and the nav-file are integrated in a single bsp. I hope you guys like it, here are some pictures of it: http://www.meatfactory.net/pics/maps/de_trading/de_trading0004.jpg http://www.meatfactory.net/pics/maps/de_trading/de_trading0005.jpg And of course, here is the download link: http://downloads.meatfactory.net/files/ ... rading.zip http://www.lanmaniax.com/maps/html/de_trading.htm Greets, chris
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