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  1. God damn. It's been too fucking long since I stepped foot in this thread. That was probably over 200 pages ago. hi guys. I'll post some screens of the ancient shit fest that I'm working on probably sometime tomorrow. Cheers.
  2. I wish I could make those episode 2 displacements like valve did. They look so pretty, and mine always come out looking retarded. It's depressing, I'll just have to practice I guess.
  3. mabufo


    Benches, pay phones, garbage decals, garbage cans, locked maintenance doors, pipes (in moderation), Clocks, train schedules, plants, et all. Think of things you might see at a train station and try to add them to your map. I think with this map you should also focus on the lighting after you nail down the prop placement. fluorescent lighting isn't all you'll see in a train station, you know?
  4. Like how the nintendo magazine would always 10/10 nintendo published games ;D Nintendo Power has to be the perfect example of this that there ever has been.
  5. I wish it was up on the system requirements lab page... I didn't see it. I should be mostly fine, just maybe the gig of ram, and 2.4 gig processor could use a boost.
  6. on the subject of gears, does anyone know how it will play on an EVGA 7600GT?
  7. This might be the game that sucks me back into mapping.
  8. Baldur's Gate 2... I, quite literally, rolled a shape shifter druid this time around.
  9. I was never really able to get into RTS games. There was always too much going on at once for me to keep up with.
  10. I think JP is the only HL mapper who knows how to make proper curves.
  11. ...makes me wish I could model. I only have experience with HL's brush system, not this fancy mesh stuff.
  12. I really like the style of those white columns in the last shot. Try and keep that sort of architectural theme going.
  13. I'd throw in some sparking wires hanging from the ceiling here and there.
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