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  1. Thanks PONE good to be back. Appreciate the feedback still lots of detail work to be done on this for sure,
  2. Hello folks, haven't posted in almost 9 years, some familiar names still around I see which is great. Quit mapping and gaming in 2010 when our second child was born, kids are getting older now thought I would fire up Hammer for shits and giggles, de_cassels was a map I started long ago for CS source, it got put on the back burner and never got finished, thought I would dig it out for CSGO, even though I don't play (4 hours playtime since the release lol). Anyway good to be back, good to see some of the original gang having some success as well.
  3. propaganda


    Well I am throwing this up for people to try it out. I have worked on and off this project for over a year. It's 90% custom content including lots of props and pretty much a full texture set. Has a custom HDR sky (thanks source maps for tutorial) and a highly tweaked nav file done by chizbone at fps banana. I suppose I could write some big thing here about it but nothing says anything more than screens and actually playing the map, so here it is. My wife is having contractions intermittently so I expect our new baby anytime now and I am also starting a new business, won't have any time to map, could be my last one. Hope someone enjoys it. Tools used to create this. Hammer Paintshop Pro 7 HDR Shop Tree[d] Khed Softimage XSI Vue 8 Download http://www.torontodarkly.ca/prop/de_desolate_rc1.zip
  4. propaganda


    Really nice piece of work. I would only suggest dirty it up a little, maybe some stain decals, some trash, few trash props. But yeah decent stuff.
  5. It's all what you're used to, I never modeled for years last stuff I did was in BIS Oxygen, very weird app all in Czech used for making Operation Flashpoint. I picked up Softimage couple weeks ago to make some simple props and seems to work fine, learning it quickly. It's like anything though, depends what you pick up I suppose.
  6. propaganda


    -1 to any of the elitist fruitcakes here, many of whom have done nothing productive for years, I won't name names, everyone knows who they are. That being said SWATY you came in here like an ass, that killed your support for this map like most are saying it's substandard compared to outback. You are killing yourself trying to make it something it will never be, forget about pleasing people with it, move on to something else, stick a fork in it.
  7. The x format imports directly to softimage, including the animation. The only thing is you would have to re-texture the model with a proper UV map I suppose.
  8. propaganda


    Standard pool table playing surface is 4' x 8', a regulation snooker table is 6' x 12' (English size). Pool tables are 2:1 ratio. 4x8 (playing surface of 48 by 96 units) 5x10 etc 6x12 etc
  9. It's not too bad Insta. The mapping is top notch.
  10. propaganda


    Decent stuff, nice piece of work.
  11. propaganda


    Holy fuckski this place is a morgue. Whats going on here?
  12. propaganda


    de_outlaws This is a old west style map for CSS. It’s a defuse map with 2 bombsites, one at the train station and one at an old mine entrance. It’s similar to inferno in size. There are a fair bit of custom textures in the map and custom sounds as well. The nav was done by chizbone and is tweaked for efficient game play if someone wanted to play it with bots. The map is good for 40 players but I would recommend 24. It is HDR ready and has a radar overview as well. It should play fairly fast and tight, most the buildings are not enterable but the saloon and the sheriffs office are. Some features: -custom textures -custom sounds -HDR -cactus generating skybox -highly optimized with hint and portal brushes -custom models -custom files in bsp Thanks to Pedroleum for the crop and scarecrow models. Thanks to Ranson for the trough and milk can props. Thanks to chizbone for doing the nav. You can download the map at http://www.3dfavela.com/maps/cs/de_outlaws.zip Enjoy
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