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  1. Hm, the moon is.. the moon I think I image-googled it. You used the same font? Well that's funny, I just browsed my installed fonts and this one suited best for nightfever, very stylish and you can hear the Bee Gees singing u know.. I don't know this mod (?) very good, maybe I'll have a look!
  2. Alrighty, the map ist FINAL since yesterday. You can find the FINAL Download here: http://ingame.ingame.de/mapbase/index.p ... 5&fid=1773 Today (Sunday, 10.Sep at 20:30 CET) we have an opening playtest at our german server - you are welcome
  3. Haha ... well maybe, but it really depends on the point of view I guess
  4. Thanks for the feedback about the aquarium, I bet StarD00d will work a bit more on this ...
  5. Yes that sums up our intention pretty good If you have any comments regarding the beta, please let me know, hope we can improve it a bit more with the final
  6. Map Name: de_nightfever *beta* Author: StarD00d & Magikus (d00ds.com) Release Date: 09 July 2006 Number of Spawn Points: 40 Info: This is the BETA version of de_nightfever, the 3rd map of d00ds.com following de_losttemple and de_cpl_fire. de_nightfever is taking place in a modern office complex right after midnight. The idea was (in contrast to most hl2- and cs-maps) to create a clean and hyper-modern atmosphere with strong use of lighting and shadows. There are 39 custom models and 95 custom materials. Terrorists have to disable the electricity by placing C4 on bombsite A or on the internet-connection area on bombsite B to hinder the transmission of important data. Counter-Terrorists have to neutralize all terrorist forces or disarm the C4. Of course a lot of effort was spend into layouting the map. There are 4 main routes in the map: to the left using the streets to enter B, using the bridge to enter B, through the middle entering A or B and over the right roof to enter A: Overview including routes: http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_overview_ani.gif Screenshots: 01 The main hall in the center (T side): - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta01.jpg 02 The main hall in the center (CT side): - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta02.jpg 03 Above the main hall: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta03.jpg 04 Above the main hall shooting through the glass: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta04.jpg 05 Outside on the street: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta05.jpg 06 Bombspot A: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta06.jpg 07 Bombspot B: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta07.jpg 08 Leaving the main hall to the street: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta08.jpg 09 Corridor to B: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta09.jpg 10 Corridor to A: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta10.jpg 11 The library besides bombsite B: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta11.jpg 12 CT Rushing the bridge: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta12.jpg 13 T sniping over the bridge: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta13.jpg 14 Garage at T-Spawn: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta14.jpg 15 Looking into the garage: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta15.jpg 16 On the roof: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta16.jpg 17 The roof from above: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta17.jpg 18 Securing A: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta18.jpg 19 CT-Spawn: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta19.jpg 20 Jumping up on the outside: - http://halflife.ingame.de/gfx/maps/de_nightfever_beta20.jpg Download: Map incl. Nav-File: http://ingame.de/mapbase/index.php?action=file&cid=5&fid=1773 List of servers running the map: Currently the map runs on the following servers: - (GER) ingame.de #1 at - feel free to name your servers running the map!
  7. I played the map a bit, most of the important things have been mentioned, but I also like to suggest you optimize the map more. Especially if you start CT spawn running above to the T-side, I had mayor FPS-losses. I think it is very important to have stable FPS to be a successful custom map
  8. Magikus

    de_cpl_strike beta 2

    Uh strange, I made de_cpl_fire and it worked quite nicely with CAL. Will there be another strike or why is it canceled?
  9. Magikus


    curman I disagree. I think sound is the most underestimated feature in cs:s. I believe the thing ist, that you recognize it on a rather unconscious way. If you step into an area and you get the right ambient sounds and some sounds from birds, generators etc. then the the whole scene is a lot better than a scene without sounds. You feel it, but you don't really know it Of course it doesn't really matter if you are fighting with your biggest enemy, but the prettiest graphics don't matter either then
  10. Looks really promising. I also like the 3D-skybox which fits in well and adds to the atmosphere. Maybe you have to have a look at some darker spots, since darkness could be a problem in games like CS:S... Do you have a layout overview?
  11. Hehe yeah Well I can promise you an in-depth review of the map, maybe this gives you some motivation
  12. Hey this looks really interesting and unique. I'd like to encourage you to go on and release a beta at least
  13. Sure, your call. I understand you here, working nearly a year on one map would have driven me crazy already You can read a review on it here: http://www.ingame.de/mapbase/index.php? ... 5&fid=1658
  14. I checked it out. Amazing. There may be a problem with sounds!? I hear no sound after the first round, regardless I'm on my local server or on a gameserver. Have you used ambient_generic or soundscapes? If you have used ambient_generic and it looks like this, there is a known bug with them playing only the first round.
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