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  1. We have lots of new art positions now available that we are looking to fill urgently, especially the following: Lead Weapons Artist Weapons Artists Lead Vehicle Artist Vehicle Artist Tech Artists Env Artists Associate Art Director https://cloudimperiumgames.com/jobs
  2. Semi interested, but not sure I have the time to go back and re-learn Source Engine on top of the day job.
  3. Source 2 SDK Closed Beta testing for Ricochet 2 maps to iron out bugs, Mapcore exclusive maps and free HL3 preorder.
  4. Getting our house valued today in prep for moving up closer to work. Hopefully a tidy profit when we sell it. So much stuff to pack....
  5. Also a level designer role available! https://cloudimperiumgames.com/jobs/228-Level-Designer Responsibilities: • Designing and creating fun, exciting, beautiful gameplay environments from paper designs/concepts to final quality using given tools of the engine • Working close with the Design Director and the design team to craft new gameplay experiences for environmental playgrounds and AI encounters • Working close with Environment Art to ensure a perfect balance between gameplay setup and visual direction • Working close with narrative design to ensure the story is carried well throughout the level • Contribute to design discussions and help solving complex design challenges within the games’ setting Requirements: • 3+ years professional game production experience • Previous experience creating high quality Levels for AAA games • Thorough knowledge of the game development process • Shipped (from pre-production to release) 1, large scale, 3D title (PC, current/next-gen consoles) • Excellent sense for design and creating outstanding user experiences • Focused, motivated and effective on all tasks through completion • Keep a positive team-oriented attitude • Be proactive and self-motivated, work without direct supervision • Ability to complete tasks within given time constraints • Excellent English communication and written skills
  6. [Updated 8th June, more positions in third post!] Hi all, Come work with me and Vilham! Looking for someone to help expand the Tech Design team here at Foundry 42, see below for the full spec: https://cloudimperiumgames.com/jobs/227-Technical-Designer Responsibilities: • Designing and prototyping game systems and gameplay features from concept phase to final quality. • Implement, balance and refine mechanics and art assets for use in Star Citizen. • Work to establish and maintain a Technical Design pipeline and keep clear documentation. • Be a role model within the department for cleanly implementing content with our design tools and scripting language. • Develop prototypes that clearly articulate the vision of the features for which you are responsible. • Pitch concepts, designs and full-proposals to project leads. • Partner with cross-disciplinary teams to execute game systems. • Review work at various stages of implementation to ensure the execution matches the vision, goals and quality requirements. Requirements: • Minimum of 2 years of game industry experience. • Knowledge and experience with a scripting language such as XML or Lua. • Ability to collaborate well with other team members. • Strong time management skills, with the ability to prioritize and meet deadlines. • Strong communicator, both oral and written. • Strong documentation skills. • A passion for playing games. • Experience using industry standard design tools such as CryEngine Sandbox, UDK or Hammer. Either apply though the website or contact me via PM for my work email and I'll pass it on
  7. You've always been able to do this and tbh its better for content creators that way as they'd get 100% of your donation rather than whatever small percentage was on offer. Working on Ham and Jam for years cost myself and Jed a good couple thousand pounds in various fee's for hosting, svn repros, servers etc and we were very luckily to have a few followers donate a couple quid consistently every month to cover this for years without getting anything back for many years. We'd never have charged for the mod anyway, its a mod and was a hobby and requesting payment for it puts you in a weird position where people expect a hell of a lot more and continued support.
  8. It's a great engine but there's a lot of tribal knowledge that without direct help from Crytek or ex-Crytek staff you'll struggle to achieve what the engine can produce. It's certainly harder than other engines to get to grips with (lack of documentation/support hinders a lot) but its a kind of self dependent circle. If more people used it, there'd be more documentation to help get more people in.
  9. Can I get my £50 retroactively now I no longer work there
  10. Go for the internship, all experience is valuable. When I first tried to get into the industry I applied for every junior design position in the UK and some abroad, I even sent speculative applications to pretty much every studio trying to get a foot in. I mustve sent 100+ applications over 18 months and I got 2 official responses. One was a firm no because for their junior level design position they required a degree in Computer Science (....) and the other was for an interview for Black Rock which I passed but never got to start because Disney started shuttering them. When I called up places trying to get answers the general gist of the response was "Oh for Junior positions we require industry experience" which is kind of hard to get without being a Junior or getting super rare internships.
  11. Meh, I took a punt and bought a house 3 years ago. Difference between its value and whats left to pay on the mortgage is £40k+ now and slowly getting round to selling. Paid about half what it would've cost to rent a similar house in that time. If you've got the initial deposit then go for it, do the research and make key improvements to increase value if you want to sell on. We changed the boiler in ours, new double glazing and insulation and the value of the house went up by double the amount spent. I know plenty of friends who just do this, buy a house, make some changes and sell on after 12 months.
  12. Mansfield is my closest town.....shieeeeet. Village I'm in is like 1k people tops, probably actually only see about 20 a day though Its cheaper for me to have my mortgage on my 3 bed house here (£350pm) and drive the 65 miles to work each day in a 4x4 than it is to rent a 1/2 bed flat near work!
  13. Moving away from doom and gloom, was going over wedding planning stuff (fun..) and my best man asked me to be his best man. Bit of a shock as I expected him to ask one of his 3 brothers instead. ...now I have to think of a good speech. Wonder if I can recycle his one for mine....
  14. 1000 of these 12G cartridges ready to see me through many a pigeon till somepoint next year. Need a few hundred in #5 for some pheasants and ducks too.
  15. I shot 15 pigeons on Saturday and had a tasty pigeon based meal in the evening. #countryliving
  16. Hope everyone gets sorted out soon, regardless of where or how. Dragged on for far too long.
  17. Last week at Crytek for me Packing my bags for a trip to space next though....
  18. Oh we got another dog too...a Fox Red Lab to go with our two Springer Spaniels. 8 Weeks. 20 Weeks and now bigger than all the rest, top two Springers are the outlaws dogs.
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