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  1. I totally saw the acquisition by a third party coming. Gaikai was the most successful at getting to that stage, and that was always the end game for all these cloud gaming companies. They don't have anything substantial to keep on going as single entities, they're just tech providers with limited added value from a commercial perspective. So every single one of them will get bought or perish. Now that Sony has Gaikai, Onlive was going to get picked up. I suspect the clean slate is only part of the acquisition process as the interested party had no interest in keeping the employees around.
  2. Picked up Walking Dead and Saints Row The Third (community vote makes it 75% off at 8 bucks for the next 7 hours)
  3. Relic is owned by THQ, which is not exactly doing great. They just cancelled a project which saw Relic lose one of their two teams. EA Sports? Love to use contractors and fire 500 people each year when they're done with the latest EA sports games.
  4. Caveat, what's crazy isn't that it needs to sell 2 million to break even, that's just logical for any AAA game. What's crazy is that we as an industry have shifted from 2 million copies (ca 80 million dollars in revenue after taking in consideration the price tag, return of unsold copies to the publisher) is good, we can have sequels; to HOLY SHIT WE DIDN'T MAKE 150 million PROFIT, let's cut this shit out. Kotick said it best, they're not interested in licenses that can't generate 100 million dollars or more of PROFIT EVERY YEAR. And he's not the only one, EA and Riccitiello could easily
  5. My demo of AC2 almost went wrong live on the Sony stage in 2009...not a good feeling. I'm sure you'll do just fine with C3 Chris
  6. The business plan for this company sounds (from the reports) like the worst business plan I've heard of in our industry. Just plain wow. Building a 400 strong dev army to make a MMO...as the company's first game. Wow. Simply brilliant. And this debacle of a collapse was just baffling and infuriating. Irrational is looking to hire a few of the 38 guys.
  7. Been playing TF2 again for a week. Got the bug again. And now I need to make a PL map. My life is ruined.
  8. I understand the appeal of turning the WORLD of Elder Scrolls into an MMO, but the GAME, the EXPERIENCE of Elder Scrolls is deep down a lone journey to be taken by oneself. Beyond the "it's too late, me-too doesn't cut it" business concerns, I just have a hard time believing they can pull off that same experience in an MMO.
  9. I asked someone at Valve over Steam Friends who confirmed there were no plans (he knew of) to convert this tool to any other game. You guys have to realize that instances are the only reason this thing even works. You could not create levels without this.
  10. The limit to the size of the map is that of the Hammer Grid and the engine behind it (number of faces, number of vis leafs etc) and co-op entities are also instances, so I don't imagine this editor should have any issues making those levels too.
  11. Lighting in Portal 2 is (mostly, as in almost always) a single projected texture and some self illum materials on the side. I'm told Valve doesn't have plans to release this new editor for their other games and I can seriously see why from a purely technical standpoint. Working with instances and a projected texture is one thing, making a TF2 level with this editor is another thing entirely. Also, no one in their right mind would ship a level with this new editor, which uses apparently a constant 64 units grid. You simply need to get lower than that if you're going to art up your portal 2 l
  12. Furyo

    I'm a dad

    This picture would suggest you are comparing your daughter to a pig... Either way she seems positively scared by the prospect of that red bird hitting her... Congrats again Arttu
  13. I love the trailer for what it does. Just great narration without falling in the usual pit of self righteousness and taking itself too serious. Good stuff. As for the whole in engine recording, fine, Valve does that too. Show me these are game assets then I'll be properly impressed
  14. Dude, I've seen the amount of hair that grows on you. there is no way in hell chemo will get the best of that. You are a bear, and chemo is going to run away scared.
  15. Just added my name to the mix...joining twitter tonight for the first time, be kind if I spit some crap your way
  16. I'm more interested in the theme this time around, all I want to see is a game where the environment influences the gameplay (Crysis 1) which was too rare in Crysis 2. So this time around, color me interested in this version of NY. And the bow. I hope it can be a signature weapon that's fun to shoot, and provide another great tool on the same level as the nanosuit.
  17. It was great to come to the booth and talk to your team about the game. I was thoroughly impressed by the game and how well it seemed to play. People were just going on for hours, well beyond the initial points target. Good stuff.
  18. Anyone who finished the third could never have thought they would leave it at that. And if that's a prequel, it only means another game could still pick up where 3 left off.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68Nak18nIiU Nice to see Kratos making a comeback a second time this generation
  20. I have had the Panasonic Lumix TZ5, and it did wonders for me. I just recently bought a 550D, but I'll continue to use it.
  21. Interestingly, his website does not mention any work on Dishonored at all. Last video game mention is that of The Crossing
  22. Knowing first hand how much work went into this, congrats to all my former colleagues on this announcement. Anything else, let's wait until the game comes out.
  23. I'm sure the PC version will get made, but Microsoft must have helped these guys out and got a timed exclusive. Either that, or they literally chose to go XNA only at first. Either way, they'll make other versions soon enough. And damn, I want this game.
  24. wait what? Irrational employees got all 2k, Rockstar and Valve games on Steam.
  25. Thanks 2K and Rockstar for the free collection of games on Steam.
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