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  1. This has been on my top 3 most anticipated game list for nearly a year.
  2. I don't defend the cover, I defend the decision. The other covers are fantastic Every single bit of marketing will dispute that. Do you think we did not make this decision after having done our research? I guess that's what he means Francois, why are you protecting it so much dude? research will always boil down to one thing: the stuff that sells the most, the stuff that appeals the most to the masses, the stuff that gets the biggest attention, etc, etc. That was the problem here, "over-research". Since we all here know that Bioshock infinite wont just be a shooter, it won
  3. Every single bit of marketing will dispute that. Do you think we did not make this decision after having done our research?
  4. Ken has discussed the choice of the cover to death. There will be alternate covers for everyone to download so you gamers that already love the game and want an art piece for the cover get exactly that. This generic one is a marketing oriented one so more people are even interested in picking it up.
  5. Many of our level artists already are active members of Polycount. If they can do something like this, I'm sure they will
  6. It was their last chance to ever bounce back. Let's hope they do so now that they have a buyer.
  7. If you want actual sales data, you're going to need to subscribe to NPD (and yes their methods for totalling sales has increasingly been under fire with the rise of digital sales). Vgchartz is doing estimates, and are not necessarily far off from the actual numbers, but it's only going to give you a ballpark figure. Publishers ultimately are the only ones who know exactly how many units their games sold. Ubisoft would also let its employees know internally, on the intranet, what the actual numbers were. Others don't
  8. Finished it 4 times now. I can now do time attack runs in 3-4 hours tops (which fwiw, you actually need to go to get some of the achievements like shadow and ghost)
  9. Just picked up Mark of the Ninja yesterday. An excellent, truly great game. Very well refined mechanics, so much better than their first opus. Get it now
  10. So Square Enix just announced the next Hitman game will be made in Montreal.....you guys moving on to a new thing in Copenhagen?
  11. World class art meets great tech meets dudebro fest storytelling. Also, a LOT of it is straight out of C2 (anims, hud, some weapons and their sounds, ledge grab) Great showcase for the tech, once again.
  12. Glad to see you're finally able to show all your great work since we last saw each other That's truly magnificent work from you guys down in POA
  13. Haven't felt as psyched about GTA since Vice City. Truly love the sarcastic humor and true hollywood action movie style they went for. I'm going to spend so much time playing this.
  14. Welcome to Mapcore! Feel free to apply at Irrational Games (our recruiter is a member of Mapcore, fcherbak) as we are currently looking for environment artists.
  15. Andrew, I already extended my help to you personally, but if anyone you know who is affected is interested in Irrational Games, please send them my way.
  16. Furyo

    Politics forum?

    Never gonna happen.
  17. Salut Marc La forme avec la petite famille a Paris?
  18. Every (good) recruiter I've talked to have always refuted the "CV should be 1 page" rule. And designers should know this, the proper length of your resume is when taking something away clearly undermines you.
  19. Hey Carlos, thanks for stopping by I haven't tried BMS yet, I'm swamped in (crunch time) work, but I'm keeping a warm seat for it for the upcoming winter Can't wait to play Half life again
  20. They are entirely the same. What's expected is a clear drive to get better, buckle down and do all the work requested, and follow directions.
  21. Mixed skillsets are a good thing, as long as you are proficient in this mix. It increases your chances to get an offer for one of your skills of course. If you're looking for 2d art positions, I'd honestly look into the mobile and browser market for offers in Europe, before jumping across the pond. You will absolutely need a portfolio though. Testers don't have them, but breaking out of QA is often a perilous adventure (yes, it's a highway for a lot of people, but guess what, crashes happen) With the skillset you seem to have (you have made games before), a 2d artist portfolio shouldn't
  22. Furyo

    Breaking Bad

    To the contrary, I feel pity for him. He's blinded by his illusions of grandeur, partly disguised as greed, and can't see the huge brick wall he's running towards. The series just turned to the instant classic villain confronting the time he should know better and get out of the game.
  23. Never ever make the recipient of your application have to ask for more details. The drop out rate is enormous. More is better.
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