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  1. Just played it, and while I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, this second part feels a little bit like a "deja vu". Of course not in the mapping sense, but in terms of history and gameplay. Like GL said, the finding a button far away is nice for a while, then it gets boring because it gets predictable. And while the idea of going to the same place multiple times and having different things happen is always a welcome addition to a level, I don't like the feeling of going in circles trying to find some obscure switch, which already was a sensation I had playing the first level, though not on the
  2. He really is impressive with the immersion he manages to pull in his levels. Let's do this
  3. hehe, there's too few of us these days...
  4. ah right, I always get them confused....
  5. Random fact about 24: In Season 3, Lynne Kresge (spelling?), personal advisor to president Palmer, is played by the same actress that played the voice of Dr Judith Mossman in HL2 (Michelle Forbes). What made me think of that you ask? Well she also stars in Prison Break.
  6. Not that I want to go OT, but since we're talking about other series, you might wanna check Prison Break, the new Fox show. It's currently on a break until March 20th (iirc) and it's rather well done.
  7. Any idea where I could read the story without having to play the game?
  8. The only way it can be entertaining to me is if it bridges the gaps between say seasons 4 and 5. Then again I don't have a PS2 so the point is moot. I generally try and stay away from movie/tv series games, as they are almost always very pale ripoffs meant to sell only by their names. Anyone remembers Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza?
  9. That's a very nice European setting indeed. One of my pet peeves with the Source engine is how models can only receive light from one source, as in your example the street light is fully lit though it should be half lit half dark (from the shadow reflecting on the building). Maybe you can try changing the source point though, to make it take its lighting at its base, making the model a bit darker. Right now the difference is really striking.
  10. Furyo


    someone's been using the cs_office textures It looks nice, I need to start learning modelling myself...
  11. Lol back when I was working for Apple, we'd always have a nice chuckle at those thinksecret revelations The best part of it was they always knew stuff before us (not surprised really) but then we'd get to see the stuff for real before them anyway...
  12. In case it comes back again, check this stuck thread in the support section of steampowered: http://support.steampowered.com/cgi-bin ... _topview=1 This kinda error is known to happen for multiple and very different reasons, so it's very possible to see it pop up again
  13. Aren't those weapons contained in a font actually? Knowing nothing about coding, I'd start looking for any mention of a ttf file in the code.
  14. Thx for the feedback I think this feeling the two of you have is due largely to textures, and the fact there's close to no color matching, so it feels like buildings put together from different maps, as opposed to say dod_salerno, which is the exact opposite. But in the end, the real city feels that way too, and though you may just have to take my word for it, it's pretty close to the real city. Of course, the debate of whether or not mapping real life locations is better than mapping imaginary ones is for another topic I'm just glad to have pushed this one out of the door, after over 200
  15. Yeah I didn't include a short description of the map, but it's based on the actual layout of Dijon's downtown, which was preserved unscathed throughout WWII (no bombing). That's the reason why it doesn't look torn. The city itself was liberated by the French army and the resistance movement in the early days of Sept. 44. So the map is not historically accurate, but as it happens to be where I live, I liked the idea of having as good reference material as I'd ever get
  16. Here it is, final version of dijon. I spent the last two weeks gathering all sorts of feedback and working on minor details after rc3 was tested among CoJ testers. Among these changes, the most important ones are the modifications to the wineshop and the garden house, but here's a full list: Changelist: Fixed various models drawing distance Improved architecture => better FPS in the main street area. Fixed front entrance arches of church Improved texturing Fixed entire wine shop flag cap zone -> ground floor only to cap flag Reworked wineshop to prevent allies spawn camp
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