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  1. It's mighty impressive, though I showed some of the screens at work and gfx artists were picking on every little bit they could, claiming it was most likely BiA 2 assets that hadn't been reworked yet. If what they're saying holds any water, I just can't wait to see the final product.
  2. While on the subject of UnreadEd, I was thinking of starting with 2, thinking it would prepare me for 3. How right is my assumption?
  3. People have asked me if I'd stop modding, but Ubisoft never even mentioned it
  4. I'm thinking it's a new title. After all the xbox Hl2 sales weren't all that great, so I can't see how they would decide to work on Episode I for the 360 now. CSS maybe?
  5. Isn't a mapcorian starting at that company very soon? (sorry I forgot your name). Hopefully you can give us some more info. EDIT: Right, it was Reno indeed Reno enlighten us pretty please
  6. Was hired a little over a month ago, and coming from a 15 months unemployment streak and with a marketing background, I'm quite grateful for the opportunity more than I could find the words to describe it. If I ever was lucky, this is it. My take on things is that I'm as beginner as they come, and that I only want to get better and be a sponge, learning from everyone. What happens next is unforeseeable, and I already found myself stressed out thinking about the future in the industry for someone like me, and found that there really wasn't anything I could do about it right now, besides cont
  7. I was surprised you hadn't replied that before in the thread Magnar Then again, we're in the same boat
  8. Not surprised, and not unhappy. Those hours were paid. But (I know that sounds tacky), paid or not, I would have done those hours regardless. Crunch time only feels like crunch time when you're not having fun with your colleagues, and we were. Note that my view on this may change after repeated days like this. That was a one time thing (so far that is) and I didn't mind it at all
  9. Speaking of experience Klein? Just spent a 15 hours day this week myself
  10. Well thanks for pointing it out cause I was in the same boat I think that'd look rather good uncompressed (or not as much). You should try to make an animated gif with the mapcore text, or possibly a flash animation.... Just so we know how well it can be used as a header
  11. yep that's the very first thing that came to mind
  12. Good call, that should make things easier to discern
  13. Ok everyone went with their little explanation as to what could be better for her face, so here's mine: The eyes. She's all brown except for her eyes, and guess what that's what will stand out and what people will see. Right now, your character to me is a lot like the Black and White creatures. Except she doesn't have nearly their size. So I'd say the whole head could be scaled down, and the eyes made a little smaller, and things could be a lot better already.
  14. Furyo


    Of course I'm the same... There can only be one
  15. Furyo


    Welcome Propaganda, and very nice map
  16. I like that a lot. It has a early HL2 concept art feel to it too
  17. Very nice Reno ! I must say I know the feeling, having experienced it first hand a month ago, and I know you must feel very proud right now !
  18. Yep, Unreal 3 for sure. I just hope valve can hold their own with whatever they work on next. I mean Unreal and Epic are great and all but I'd rather not see the entire Industry end up using the same engine, no matter how promising it looks now. If you haven't seen the GDC Crysis footage, you should watch that. Even if Valve can't hold their own in the next gen war, it's pretty certain now we'll have at least 2 engines to work with, and not just one. Crysis imho beats Unreal 3
  19. I've seen another HRES screen in my inbox at work, I'll try and dig it up tomorrow (that was like a month ago)
  20. Wal-Mart will have a hard time convincing Rockstar that they can't make GTA because "it's baaaad" when the game will sell a million copies in its first week. And I think they'll kiss their smiley goodbye when they see their competitors cranking up the cash on the GTA copies and they missed out on it because, again "it's baaad"
  21. They're in Lyon. I guess that's halfway there already (in comparison to Paris)
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