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    Maya, Max or XSI ???

    Maya it is then Thx
  2. Furyo

    Maya, Max or XSI ???

    I'm in exactly the same boat as cdxx, though I don't want to import any brushes, I want to pick up whatever skills I have from basic modelling at work and expand that knowledge. After talking to some of my colleagues, it would seem that Maya and of course 3dsMax still are the most used software in the industry, and therefore should be my primary concern. Supposedly Maya should be my first pick, as it has more options/is more user friendly. I have no idea what you guys started with or if that'd be your assessment of the situation too. Thoughts?
  3. Kojima gets once again as close to perfection as a video trailer can be....but as was previously stated, there's no way in hell I'm buying the console it's for with its stupid price. I'll wait till 2010 to play this one I'm sure
  4. Rumors say it'll be a 150-200 $ launch price.
  5. I was extremely impressed by the Wii controller the first time I actually played with it at work, on Rayman 4. Red Steel also seems to be a very enjoyable experience http://media.revolution.ign.com/media/8 ... ids_1.html
  6. Yeah very good if that's in game. Looks believable to me to be an ingame video though.
  7. And finally Arjan comes back to DoD with a vengeance !!!! Hail King IR ! About time if I might add
  8. Furyo

    hessi's tree thread

    Long live Hessi !
  9. Sponsoring is a kind of advertising. And it can also be a way to pay less taxes.
  10. I'm confident this will be the new "thing to get" in about a year as next gen comes around, much like the new sound cards from Creative that have their own CPU to lessen the load on yours, but the first generation of any technology really is only for the "early adopters" (there's a reason they're called that way you know) and I'm not gonna fork that much money on those just yet. And to answer Izuno's question, I think they'll just allow for better performance by lessening the load on your main hardware. I don't think their existence will allow for new things. Now games developers may very w
  11. Because ratings are so outdated they're not even funny. There's this part of me that always takes over in these debates, and it's the "any attempt against any form of art is punishable". So I don't exactly blame the ratings system only, I also blame the editors for pushing the devs to get rid of this or that just to get a better rating. I find things like this arsehole or the alleged 4*4 tits texture of GTA Hot Coffee mod extremely stupid.
  12. I read somewhere that a patch had to include a change to the horse's skin so its arsehole wouldn't show....I don' t have the game so I don't know if it's true, but nothing would surprise me anymore.... After all it's possible to have a topless Lara Croft in the last TR as well (and perfectly modelled as well with tits and all, not just a texture)
  13. Furyo

    [WIP] dod_omaha v2

    I'll give you that though, either you're a different person than the one who made the current omaha_v1, or you got a hell of a lot better already. And yes I say that based on this 10m*10m piece Because the omaha I know is a rip off of HL2's last level before entering Nova Prospekt, on which dod entities were added. And your screen by itself is already better than that
  14. Furyo

    [WIP] dod_omaha v2

    You really were the mapper for the first omaha? I hope you really do take into account the critics of the first, because it needed a lot of work.
  15. 20 is very young, it's actually too young to have a degree in game design, so don't feel bad. I'm 25 (was interviewed on my bday) and at your age I was doing a semester in Berlin for my business school, following economy classes at Humbolt University and writing essays on the economic power of the Potzdamer Platz. So really, take your time and work some more. I now wish I was 5 years younger and could start my studies all over again....
  16. I'll buy it, but only on the 31st or 30th. No need in putting this on April's paycheck when it can be done on May's
  17. yep that's a very good find. It doesn't have them all for sure but it's a very good start. And same thing for the age span of people at Montpellier: 20 to 45, with people in their 30s considered the experienced guys.
  18. the map is dod_dijon, it's in the spotlight gallery. First map ever, no 3D experience prior to that, and over 2000 hours spent on it to learn the tools. Just to put this into perspective, there was no way in hell I actually thought I could land a job in the industry. It was fun, and that's why I was doing it. I had never thought about this as a degree, and went to a business school and studied marketing. But as time went on, I realized by doing it that I had a lot more fun making it than I ever had studying marketing, or that I had while working for Apple. And after 15 months of unem
  19. yeah, and Gaz look at the bright side, there are far more companies in the UK than there are in the rest of Europe (each country individually)
  20. From what I see, your paycheck is indexed on your experience, not necessarily on your expertise. Meaning X number of years of experience will get you X dollars and not a dollar less. Then if you're actually good, you have the power because you're likely to have offers from more than just one company, in which case you can start to hold auctions But that's just the way it goes absolutely everywhere, I'm sure you know that. As for putting ourselves above the guys that don't care, it's easy enough, show that you do care more. Take every opportunity you have to show your interest in things, wa
  21. Yes triplets of Belleville is an animated movie, made in France in one of our remaining studios (we've lost quite a few lately, the most famous of which was Disney's last "hand drawn" studio, now that they moved everything to CG).
  22. Absolutely, coming from Mapcore or any other community is more likely than not a sign of general interest and motivation. I didn't take it personally at all, but my point is that I'd rather work with extremely motivated people with no experience than experienced people who don't care about the game and want to do their 9-5. The team here has just seen a lot of new comers. I wasn't the only one, as 3 other guys started within a week of my own start. We are 10 total, with only 2 with permanent position. The first one has 10 years experience (lead) and the other 8. The rest of us have never wo
  23. I really dig the style too. Nice work
  24. Well that reminds me of an article posted here some days ago, that basically said the average career span in the game industry was 5 years, after which people move on to other things. If that's true at all, that would explain the need for a lot more people, and when you want low costs, you're gonna take all the newbies like me and pay them less than any experienced guy. Yes you need to start somewhere, and yes you won't always find great level designers. But it's just like any job where one is hired because of his motivation, and one needs to work his way up the ladder. It's all about th
  25. If my own story bares any sign of similarity with whatever other studios are doing right now, then yes it sure is true.
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