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  1. Really great stuff IR, congrats to your gf for the texturing work too !
  2. One that comes to mind is CoD2, the desert mission where you need to radio in the coordinates of the incoming panzers. That's not a "sniper" role but it kinda is at the same time...at least to me You're supposed to be on the roof, and yes you can move but you're bound to lose the mission if you do. That might not help, but I'd still suggest it for ideas
  3. I did update my drivers when Steam invited me to do so. The crashes I did have were always due to Steam recommending settings way too high for my comp (as always), so it kept freezing during loading. Once I downgraded the settings a bit, it was as smooth as can be
  4. Btw, spoilers ahead.... You might wanna check the wikipedia page on Episode II. It has a nice quote from Robin Walker on the upcoming episode: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Half-Life_2:_Episode_Two
  5. yeah I did that, then went back that way to pick the bonuses with the grav gun, then back down and into the right vent
  6. That's extremely good. The coders particularly must have done a remarkable job with the engine
  7. Damn I must be an idiot cause I think I used 3. You're lucky to have that many left though. Some of us aren't
  8. I've been wondering all day if I was the only one to feel the way I do about this game, and I'm glad it's the opposite. Everyone's comments hits the nail right on its head as far as I'm concerned. It's short, brilliant, the interaction, storyline, the overall flow of the game, the new additions to the characters, enemies, etc are exactly what I was hoping for. And on top of that, you get better graphics for a better performance (thx to Steam being fixed somewhat). In short: A great masterpiece. Or as Gabe Newell put it in an interview: "I think we've just made our best SP game yet".
  9. I think these are a little too big to be realistic. They look realistic enough, but are just too big which kills the purpose. Besides (and that's an engine issue, not one with your work), the blood would splatter all around, and not just on one face. Still, somehow I think smaller sprites would make that stand out less.
  10. Very very good for a First phase WIP shot. Keep it up, I'm sure you'll score a hit
  11. There isn't a single reason that legitimates this sort of action, even to "protect your project from former employees". You can do that easily by having a backup server of anything that's being worked on, which is the Ubi way. And yeah, to the best of my knowledge, Austrian laws (as with most EU countries) require some form of notice before being fired (unless you screwed up real bad). What's this alleged title being mentioned? I thought they only worked on xbox ports...
  12. I really dug the kitchen set, with the French textures and magazine. the number of polys makes it nice
  13. Oh.. 'arsed' eh? Does that mean you're an English lass possibly? Ok I'll stop now You think?
  14. I'm sharing this at work tomorrow, and I'll be damned if we don't all agree
  15. I got to see the high res stuff during E3 here at work, and wasn't as impressed by the fleet level as I was with the tech demo. It looks mighty fine mind you, but just a bit too dark to notice as much as I would have liked. Still, it really looks like the only engine able to compete with Unreal 3. Now if you guys can get as cool a SDK as Epic, then you'll really have something. The one other impressive game I've seen was Gears of War.
  16. Actually instead of adding faces, you could just as easily use displacement brushes, and with the subdivide tool, obtain perfectly rounded circular shapes. If you're interested in the method and want to see some example of it, let me know
  17. That's a pretty good concept
  18. Emails being admissible proof in a court of law is a US (and other countries) thing, true, but there are other countries in which the law says exactly the opposite (France for one). It's not that the law doesn't exist, it does and claims that emails can too easily be forged and can't be traced well enough to be proof.
  19. Definitely one of the best duo scene in the history of action movies/thrillers
  20. I really like the grain you added to it, and the model looks very cool
  21. Yay for broadband at work: 130 Mb in 1min 15sec... And I've just commented the vid by this big "Wow" at the end with the explosion, which sent 5 colleagues straight to my screen
  22. Nice to be in a growing industry. It has its disadvantages, but the major advantage is knowing there's a better chance of you being hired at the end of the day.
  23. Absolutely fantastic...can't believe this is real time it's so nice.... And to think it actually is real time....
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